I knew it was illegal and I did it anyway

How many people are taking proxy interviews to get jobs doing what they are not qualified to do and then do stuff like this?

According to MCSO, Desai told detectives that he was tinkering with Apple’s programs so the company might pay for information about bugs and viruses and give him credit for the discovery. Desai allegedly said he “had no intention of pushing [the bug] out to the public because he knew it was illegal and people would ‘freak out.’”

MCSO also alleges that Desai said he might have accidentally released the bug through Twitter when he meant to release a “lesser annoying bug that only caused pop-ups and dialing to make people’s devices freeze up and reboot.”


For those not knowing what proxy interviews are.

In its simplest form, somebody that is not qualified, falsifies their resume, and if they get selected for an interview, they do it via skype or some other means and they pay somebody else with skills to take the interview for them so that they can get the job.

Tip of the Hat to Walter for this tip.


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