I only need a half million bucks to kick corporate America in the balls, if it saves your job, would you help?

they won’t listen to me, but here is how I would do it.

In each of these cities, I would place a ad, full page preferrably.
I would state that your data (insert company name here) and its security is being violated by the corporate executives.
I would also post a list of the workers being imported in each specific city.
Enter (enter company name here) in that box and you will only see 4 h-1b visas being imported, which tells me that they are going through a contractor, so you would need to enter the contractor name in that box.
What I can’t get folks to realize is, the jobs being replaced only hold 42,034,730 of the working population.
93,093,580 of the working population are oblivious to what is happening.
Which means you need to wake them up and help them realize that it is THEIR data, and eventually THEIR jobs that are going to be taken

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Figure 5,000 bucks times 100 cities for one wake up call.
That is only 1/2 million bucks.
Pocket change in the overall scheme of things and it would send the tech industry, and all corporations in America a very large peer pressure wake up call.
Feel free to share.
This is how I would do it.
They will not listen to me so it doesn’t get done.

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