IBM laments the destruction of guest workers lives on H-1B visas, yet shows no remorse for American lives

An interesting article written by Julie Andrews, a Senior Consultant at IBM Global Process Services.

I say interesting because it discusses everything about how we are destroying these guest workers lives here in America by denying them the opportunity to be all that they can be.

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister had said something in his lifetime that has come true in the oldest and the most powerful democracy in the world… more than half a century after it was said. And it has to do with the extermination of H1B migrants on American soil, just as the Nazi party was carrying out the extermination of Jews from German territory. The only difference is that the loss of lives has been replaced by the loss of livelihood, careers, dreams and the lofty ideal that “America is a country where anyone can come from any background, and make it big, so long as he/she has talent, and the determination to sweat it out”.

Yet she says nothing about how IBM has been destroying the lives of its workers here in America so that they can import these guest workers.

Why is that?

What is IBM hiding?

Could it be things like this?

IBM’s layoffs: it’s been a frustrating story to cover—and I’ve been trying since 2015. So I was thrilled today when ProPublica and Mother Jones jointly released the results of their own investigation of IBM layoffs.

That investigation showed that IBM has systematically used layoffs to reduce the age of its workforce, targeting “people with layoffs and firings with techniques that tilted against older workers” and attempting to “sharply increase hiring of people born after 1980.”

The report also indicated that IBM laid off U.S. workers as part of an effort to move jobs overseas and that it “told some older employees being laid off that their skills were out of date, but then brought them back as contract workers, often for the same work at lower pay and fewer benefits.”

Yes, yes, and yes. In my 2015 story, I reported that IBM was reportedly wielding a massive ax through its workforce, with older employees hit the hardest. The evidence was anecdotal—long-time employees, typically in their 50s, suddenly found themselves without a job, and with minimal severance benefits.


1 comment for “IBM laments the destruction of guest workers lives on H-1B visas, yet shows no remorse for American lives

  1. Nutella
    April 8, 2018 at 5:27 pm

    You reap what you sow, I say.

    India and IBM have been destroying the lives of US citizens who built her for decades. Besides, H-1B workers are TEMPORARY.

    Plus it is illegal to even employ them under Title 8 if Americans are unemployed.

    Besides, India has been killing IBM for a long time.

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