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IBM hired my wife in India and send her to the client location in MN, USA via H1b visa. They made her sign an agreement that if she leaves she will have to serve 3 months notice or pay $10,000 to train her replacement. This ensure that she cannot apply to a different job because no company will wait for 3 months of notice period as the norm is generally two weeks.
Additionally, after working for the client for 3.5 years continuously, she requested to go back to India, IBM bosses said that they will not pay for her return trip and since the project is ongoing if she wants to go back she should pay for her return airfare to her home country.
This is unfair as my wife is not an immigrant but a non-immigrant who temporarily came to USA on assignment and company doesn’t want to pay for her return ticket.
As of the project, they have a long engagement with their client with multi year contracts and projects are 1-6 months in duration. This means that if she does not pay for her return fare, she will be in USA forever as long as IBM wants her without ever meeting her family in India. (New form of IT slavery).
One of her colleague in a similar situation resigned to go back to India and he had to pay for himself and his family return air ticket.
So, it is not just Indian outsourcing companies but American IT companies (giants like IBM) who are also abusing the H1b visa system.

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