If Ammar Campa-Najjar and the DOL would work to put Americans to work, maybe I wouldn’t be freezing

But instead of doing what they can do to Keep America At Work, they allow him to write articles to try and influence the future of our country.

How about forcing him and the Department of Labor to count the long term unemployed so that we can force them to do more to see that EVERY American that wants a job has a job?

I want a job.

So does art.

So does the rest I hear from that can’t buy a damn interview even though they have decades of experience in software development and the related fields.

Everyone has their own bones to pick with the new administration depending on the issue they care about most, but nothing requires our undivided attention more than this. If Trump triggers an arms race with Russia, Muslims and undocumented immigrants will face an existential threat far greater than registries and mass deportation, we all will. Pakistan and India would enter the race, as would North Korea and Iran — which unlike the UN resolution or President Obama’s Iran deal, actually puts Israel in real and immediate danger. We all need to be united and stay vigilant on how president-elect Trump deals with Putin.



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