India, America will call your bluff and raise you jobs

But while US businesses are heavily reliant on IT services from Indian suppliers, including the use of Indian staff in the US, US companies, including some of the tech giants, have made huge investments in Indian operations, which are vital to their competitiveness and future growth. Trade is a two-way flow and the same goes for trade barriers. If the US implements trade barriers on Indian imports, India can do the same.

At a recent event in India, the country’s commerce minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, is reported to have said: “It is not just that Indian companies are in the US; several big US companies are in India too. They are earning their margins, they are earning their profits, which go to the US economy. It is a situation which is not where only the Indian companies have to face the US executive order. There are many US companies in India which have been doing business for some years now. If this debate has to be expanded, it has to be expanded to include all these aspects. We shall ensure that all these factors are kept in mind.”

Life is a poker game India, and America is holding all of the cards.

You naively believe that we can’t do the work without the indentured servants that you supply.

Problem is, we were doing the work long before 1990 when India and America conceived the H-1B scam.

So you say you will react to our protectionism by taxing the companies who have built businesses in India from America.


Keep their buildings.

But we are going to find a way to force them to work from America or if they want to work from India, we will find a way to make it so that they can not sell their products and, or services in America or Europe or Australia.

Which will leave your people without work because for some reason, your country does not feel the need to provide jobs for your citizens which they desperately need.

And just think.

All your companies like infosys, tata, accenture, ibm india, etc. had to do was to provide jobs for Americans so that they could provide for their families.

Instead, you forced us into extreme poverty by using caste in the selection process which is illegal as hell in America.

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