3 thoughts on “India, you need to create jobs in India

  1. I saw cheatings from Indians in lot of ways and here is the list. I am looking for opportunity how I can take this to Law firms or Agencies for filing cases against these

    1) Lot of Indian consulting companies are saying that their associates are having Green card even though they are on Green card.

    2) All the OPT associates are showing 8 Yrs of IT experience even though they have no experience

    3) 3rd party people are taking interviews on behalf of OPTs and they are charging $500 to $800 dollars for this

    4) Almost all H4 associates are fake associates and they don;t have any experience

    5) There is unwritten rule in Indian companies. Don’t consider outsiders except the Indians. Even if they take Americans, they are shown the door after sometime

    6) Indians are bringing Indian Politics into American offices and spoiling the work culture in the name of professionalism

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