Infosys, Cognizant – You don’t seem to comprehend that Americans do not have to have a college degree to be great programmers and STEM Workers

Amid growing rhetoric against outsourcing of jobs from the United States by President-elect Donald Trump, two IT firms — Infosys and Cognizant — have said that there is a shortage of talent to man operations in the country as only a few graduates are coming out of colleges with the intended skill sets.

During his election rallies, Trump had targeted IBM, which has a significant presence in India, for outsourcing jobs. Domestic IT firms TCS and HCL Technologies had also come under his attack.

This has raised fears among Indian IT firms of possible reduction in H1B visa numbers going forward, which will impact their ability to send Indian IT engineers to foreign locations for serving a client.

“There is a talent shortage; that is something that has to be balanced. It is not that the H1B visa employees are coming in to displace jobs. If you look at many other high-tech companies, they all hire H1B visa workers because there is an inherent shortage,” Infosys chief executive officer Vishal Sikka was quoted as saying by the Business Standard.

US-headquartered Cognizant also echoed similar sentiment. “The reality is that there are not enough graduates coming out of the universities. We are working with many universities all over the US, both graduates and undergraduates. We struggle,” Cognizant President Rajeev Mehta said.

When you filter candidates by college vs non-college, and age, you get young candidates that are considered to be “freshers” in India.

A fresher is somebody that has no experience and basic theoretical experience.

You put that kid alongside somebody like me with over 30 years experience and we will laugh as they try everything under the sun to fix the problem while we older people will use something like a six step troubleshooting process that we were taught in the navy electronics training we took and Pareto analysis like we were taught by Juran to isolate the real problem.

Tell you what I will do Infosys and Cognizant.

You subcontract the work out to American Made Software and I will hire and train experienced people and we will deliver.

Can you say the same for your own processes?

And we will do it in every location you work at in America, including government contracts.

We will NOT treat people like cheap, compliant labor with no rights.

We will treat them as Americans and we will hire Veterans and Displaced Americans first and we will deliver your projects successfully.

Oh yes, Infosys, here is your Christmas song that I send to you on an annual basis for at least six years now.



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