Is it time to publicly hang corporate executives for Treason for destroying the future of American workers?

I ask that question in all seriousness.

We look to our leaders, whether they be in government, academia, non profits or business for leadership that will help America be the best damn country in the world.

And they do this to the people of America.

UC systems is firing Americans and hiring foreigners, to do the jobs American can do.  Disney has done this, now PG&E has been caught using the H-1B visa scam to fire Americans and hirer cheap foreign labor—by lying on the application that this is work no American can do.  Hopefully, Trump will put a moratorium on the fraud—or have the Department of Justice file criminal indictments against the big corporations killing American jobs.

“PG&E workers are training their replacements, some of whom are here in the U.S. on H-1B work visas. Hertzog says the jobs are related to older IT applications that PG&E wants to phase out. The H-1B workers are going to learn the ropes for the IT jobs and then send those tasks to workers in India who are far cheaper.

“It’s knowledge transfer,” said Paul Almeida, president of the AFL-CIO’s Department for Professional Employees, and a critic of the practice. “They’re just transferring the knowledge of the business to these foreign countries through these outsourcing firms.”


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