Is Keep America At Work still for sale?

I’ve noticed a lot of people looking for that page, so I have decided to recreate it.

Here is the story.

I founded Keep America At Work in 2007

I’ve been working a lot of hours for free since then and I agreed to pay myself a reasonable salary starting at $15 per hour in 2007 with a dollar per year increase every year.

As of now, this is what I am owed in back wages.

I really don’t want to sell it as these stories need to be told, but I do need money to take it to the next level and even put a roof over my head, so while I would love to find somebody that is willing to invest that much in Keep America At Work, I would sell it if offered cash as I need money to take my work to the next level.

If you have that money, I can be reached at

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