Kumar on – They don’t hire American or local and they hire only Indians illegally to pay less and work more.

The darkside of Indians business in a foreign country;
Not all but a majority.
1. They earn huge money without much investments.
2. They don’t know what to do with that money.
3. They throw money to caste, regional and religious events.
4. They do multiple businesses with shell companies.
5. They violate all local laws, immigration laws.
6. There were instances their external auditors get shocked for their illegal illicit and unlawful activities.
They earn huge profits because they collect h1b visa fees from employees  $10,000.
They earn huge profits because they collect  $25,000 for green cards but never returned.
They earn huge profits because they do illegal vendors business and take $45 a cut from their own employees.
They earn huge profits because they pay only $3000 salary instead of  $5000.
Nobody has guts to complain.
If complain they fire or molest or murder.
Even if complain, the local DOL won’t take any action.
Government wants money so ……..
They don’t hire American or local and they hire only Indians illegally to pay less and work more.
They evade taxes too.
Indians running IRS scam call centers in India and each center earns 2CR INR a month. They poach money of Indians and American living in USA.
Few people of Gujarat origin also doing here in USA.
Indian h1b employers, not all but a majority are running similar centers in USA and these are for proxy call centers to take technical interviews of others for a price $500 to $1000+.
They are advertising for dubbing artists on Skype calls.
These interviews are not restricted only to F1 students but anyone who seeks job in short cut way.
This is how Indians getting jobs just like that by replacing locals.
The very sad part is, people who are unfit to beg in India are preaching crime to International students and completely ruined their career hence both victims and accused are now unfit to beg in India.
Another tragedy is, Indians though educated act as assholes and scold Kumar for writing truth. That is the level of knowledge we have today.
Now, who will curb this?
Because of these crimes, 1990 on words Indians doing h1b business becoming super rich at the cost of ignorant Indians, locals displaced about 20 millions plus, locals are not hired by Indians. This is another violation of EEOC.
This is the just tip of the iceberg.
Thanks, Kumar.
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