Kumar On – Why nobody address this?

40 millions of Americans living on food stamps today.
20 millions of them ditched by local corporations, outsourcing companies, desi consultancies and few stem students according to American reports.
Why nobody address this? But we always say this;
1. American doesn’t know IT, so America needs More IT skills by a statement of Infosys, Cognizant etc.
2. Do you know majority  delivery managers of these companies take $10 per hour under the table (corruption and crime) from contractors of F1 OPT,CPT,H1Bs,H4 EADs?
3. Why do you need to work more than 8 hours a day in countries like USA? Is your aim is to degrade American work culture to Asian level? Where 24*7=8 hours pay with $2 an hour or day.
4. Why no one speaks about Master (H1B Indian employer) vs Slave (H1B employees ) crime here?
Those who are doing crime here projecting Trump President elect as villain instead of admit their crime.
5. Crime by Indians here is endless.
6. One of two GC holders formed Indian Incs to abuse local laws.
If they become CEOS here suddenly, why cannot they in India? No talent, no answers.
7. One of 10 h1bs, do felony, proxy here both male and female too.
8. If Mexicans entered through Texas boarder and doing crime, many Indians legally entering through JFK, Chicago airports and doing crime here. No much difference.
9. Not all but majority are doing this crime without fear,shame, respect to India or USA.
10. Just dollars, but not more or less.
H1B is an employment program started by America 25 years ago for talent, creatively in all domains. Today it becomes pimping business by Indian H1B folks only to restricted to Information technology.
This is truth.
First of all, America doesn’t recognize Indian education so before you write anything here, first get recognition for our education by India.
Thanks for reading this.

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