Lets replace our attorneys and political representatives with H-1B guest workers

A comment on facebook that pretty well sums up what is happening in the STEM industry

We need guest worker visas for lawyers, then maybe that @$$ would change his tune. Just take some dude from India, give them a few weeks of training so they can spout some legalese, and then have that new Indian “lawyer” compete with this guy on price. I can hear him saying “LoL, you can’t replace me that easily.” Uh huh, that’s what we all thought. Here’s the news – they don’t have to be anywhere near your level of competence to take your work. If the people making decisions don’t know enough to tell the difference between competency levels, have fun trying to explain why you are worth more in a world where decisions on your value are made in 10 seconds or less. When you start complaining that newly-minted paralegals from India shouldn’t be compared to you on a dollar-per-hour basis, we’ll call you a racist. When you say that your x years of experience should matter, we’ll say that the world changes so fast that your experience only makes you obsolete. When you try to complain about the sub-par results being produced by your replacement, less than 1% of people in the world will even understand what you are talking about and the only ones listening who understand will be other out of work lawyers.


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