Letters, we get Letters – End the #H1B yesterday

maybe Trump got gun-shy…cause if he bans H1B there will be a BIG ruckus…

I think he is getting scared of the heat.

For me..well…I am in Los Angeles. I first started seeing indians get off the boat for Y2K project…they got off…then never left…the company where I used to work..and have worked off and on…Countrywide…now BofA after the subprime crash..well…the IT department I swear must be 90% indian.

If you look at the address book of the email…there are literally thousands of indian names.

The office building I worked…same….95% indian…the workers and the offices(they worked their way up to managers now)….and new guys and girls coming all the time.

Nice enough people, but you know…I guess they really think like…it’s either you or me…and they choose themselves. The projects not only have H1B or former H1B’s on it, but also there are 3 or 4 guys OFFSHORE for every one here doing the work over night.

I have been out of work for half of the last 6 years or so….I know for a fact if those indians were not here…I would have been working…all i can manage is a contract now and then.

Anyway….I am kind of losing a bit of hope….what do you think….how come Trump and Co. are not doing anything…

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