March 7, 2018 Protect US Workers Telephone Conference Call Summary

March 7, 2018 Protect US Workers Telephone Conference Call Summary
There was a very interesting and useful telephone conference discussing methods and options to
educate and create change against the outsourcing/offshoring business model which harms American
Workers, American security and foreigners. From that call the following ideas were discussed:
1. Frontier Communications recently announced outsourcing/offshoring plans to its employees.
The company had a union for their employees. Because of the power of numbers, the
employees were able to speak out and strike together as a group without the fear of
blackballing that American workers typically have.
2. Immigration Voice is a group of millions of Indians fighting for green cards. They have power of
numbers. They are able to speak out without fear that the fears for which they typically have of
speaking out because of the large number of them speaking out together.
3. We should start contacting White House staffers, congressional staffers and others who care
about our issue and encourage them to help us with education and opportunities.
4. People who have personal stories or have information should contact Julie Kirschner,
Department of Homeland Security Ombudsman, who has regular contact with the USCIS
Director. Her contact is 202-357-8100,
5. We all agreed we needed to organize and lobby.
6. We should consider gathering together as a group in the same manner as the screen actors guild
or the actors guild of America.
7. A “Wall of Shame” should be created which exposes members of Congress who vote against
American workers.
8. It has been almost a year since the adoption of Buy American, Hire American and it is almost
time for the H1B application filing to begin. We should use those events to gain momentum for
our cause.
9. We need to create a hashtag and everyone should use that hashtag in their tweets.
10. We need to post more on social media. We should make comments on the twitter pages of the
companies who use the offshoring/outsourcing business model.
11. Protect US Workers has a twitter page and a Facebook page. We will start a Linkedin Protect US
Workers page.
12. We need better structure for brain storming and meeting together.
13. We should consider having actual members of Protect US Workers so we can have more
14. We should send someone to lobby in DC every month. Each month someone who lobby for
American Workers. We can schedule the meetings with people of Congress when someone
15. We need chapters in different areas of the country. The chapter head would organize rallies
and events in their area with coordination of Protect US Workers.
16. Funding and having willing members are going to be a challenge but we have to take this issue
seriously and do all we can to make a real difference.

posted for protect us workers to help them get the word out.


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