My Dream Job #h1b

My dream job would be to use my skills to help homeless/nearly homeless vets like myself in any occupational group to be able to provide a roof over their head – I currently do for free the following, and if I could find a benefactor to make it happen, I would focus on the following 24 x 7 for the rest of my life –
and some others I want to bring on line

To do so means I need the ability to know that my land payment of $625 per month is paid, and that I can afford a payment of about $150 per month for five years for a cargo container and about 150 per month for fast internet/voip phone and about 100 per week for vittles (yep, beer and bbq/chili)

Basically a hunting cabin type lifestyle

Then I could hunt those using the internet who are purchasing H-1B Hunting Licenses to force Americans from the middle class to the dalit class and trust me, those that know me know I will leave no stone unturned

And if a big benefactor were to turn up, I would hunt them in the nations media where they deserve to be exposed for the varmints that they are

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