Nirmala Sitharaman, What market does India have that will benefit Americans in America?

“I would continue to have the same approach of talking to the US because India is a very big market. They can’t ignore us. They shouldn’t ignore us in the sense that we are the only economy with the growth potential that we have.

Seems to me that I read somewhere that India would not let Apple open its stores in India?
Oh Yes, here we go:
Apple’s plan to open three Apple Store locations in India may fall through following a ruling from the Indian finance ministry that says Apple must sell locally sourced goods if it wants to open stores in the country, reports Reuters.

In India, 30 percent of goods sold by foreign companies must be manufactured or produced in the country, a requirement Apple does not meet as its products are largely made in China. India last year exempted retailers selling state-of-the-art goods from the rule, prompting Apple to file a new application with the Indian government.

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