Obama Brought Silicon Valley to Washington and destroyed American Tech workers doing so by selling #h1b Hunting Licenses…

Since 1990 washington dc has been selling hunting licenses to hunt and destroy the future of American Tech workers in America.

This includes:

 George H. W. Bush

William J. Clinton

George W. Bush

Barack H. Obama

Each and every one of them has destroyed American lives to make business men and women like Romney, Fiorina, Whitmann and the Wall Street and Banker executives rich at the expense of Americans in America.

This is wrong for the leader of any country and I consider it Treason for what they did to me and others.

Most are scared to speak up because they may never work again if they do so.

Myself, I realize that our silence enables what is happening here, so I yell from the roof tops.

Slowly, more and more Americans are realizing that our silence enables what is happening here.

South by South Lawn presented an image of America as a start-up and technology as a small-batch industry, full of dreamers and inventors. I was invited to moderate a panel, “How Do We Fix Real Problems With Technology?” As much as I enjoyed our conversation, the premise felt flawed. “Fixing” problems with technology often just creates more problems, largely because technology is never developed in a neutral way: It embodies the values and biases of the people who create it. Crime-predicting software, celebrated when it was introduced in police departments around the country, turned out to reinforce discriminatory policing. Facebook was recently accused of suppressing conservative news from its trending topics. (The company denied a bias, but announced plans to train employees to neutralize political, racial, gender and age biases that could influence what it shows its user base.) Several studies have found that Airbnb has worsened the housing crises in some cities where it operates. In January, a report from the World Bank declared that tech companies were widening income inequality and wealth disparities, not improving them.




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