Once again the State of Texas pisses on the line drawn by the defenders of the Alamo like William B. Travis and Jim Bowie

These great folks did not die so that the State of Texas could make it so that the people of Texas who have the skills cannot work in Texas.

They did not draw that line in the sand for the hell of it.

So how do we pay their memory back?

Infosys Public Services and Texas Department of Family & Protective Services to Modernize State’s Child Welfare Information System

Austin, Texas – March 08, 2017: Infosys Public Services Inc., a US-based subsidiary of global consulting, technology and next-generation services company Infosys, today announced its partnership with the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services (DFPS) to modernize the agency’s IMPACT (Information Management Protecting Adults and Children of Texas) system. IMPACT is the primary case management and administrative system used by DFPS to deliver child welfare related services. It is the core system used by over 10,500 employees working across 250 different locations to service over 12 million children, the elderly, and the differently-abled.

In Phase 2 of IMPACT Modernization, the IMPACT system will be modernized into a modular, mobile-enabled application with automated workflows and self-service capabilities for Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services, Child Care Licensing, and Prevention and Early Intervention program areas. This will improve efficiency and effectiveness of caseworkers, streamline operations, and reduce their administrative burden, enabling them to spend more time with their clients.

Once the modernization program is operational, IMPACT will continue to comply with the federal Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS) standards, including the State’s business, data security, and technical requirements.


Let me show you what Infosys thinks about America and its people.

Infosys management routinely disparaged Americans, including Mrs. Awasthi, as not having “family values,” and stated that layoffs in America are good because the jobs will be outsourced.

Infosys management ridiculed Mrs. Awasthi for celebrating the American holiday of Thanksgiving, telling her that she should not celebrate Thanksgiving because she is Indian, and that therefore she must work on Thanksgiving Day.

Infosys management ridiculed Mrs. Awasthi’s children for celebrating Thanksgiving, and called them “ABCD” short for “American-Born Confused Desi,” and “IBCD” short for “Indian-Born Confused Desi,” insulting terms used to criticize people of Indian ancestry who are Americanized.

Infosys management ridiculed Mrs. Awasthi for celebrating Christmas, saying that “we” do not celebrate Christmas, and that she should not celebrate Christmas. Infosys management repeatedly discussed the quality of Mrs. Awasthi`s work by explicitly commenting on their expectations for “a woman your age.”


I am a Texan.

I joined the Navy in 76 where I did six years as a Radioman and taught myself electronics.

After that I did six years of electronic repair and then from 88 till 03 I wore every hat in the software industry, yet I can’t buy an interview in software anymore because firms like Infosys and Accenture will not hire Americans in America.

So tell me, how is something like this good for the great State of Texas?

And if you want to see that this is NOT a one time occurrence, read about the adventures of Accenture, the Texas Attorney Generals Office and Martha Fitzwater Pigott by clicking here.

Lets do a little experiment.

My resume is on one of the menu links at the top of this page.

Submit me for it so I can prove that they will not hire American Project Managers to run this project.

And don’t say I don’t have the skills to do so because myself and a fellow from India did a reverse engineering of their case management system several years ago in 60 days which is damn near impossible.

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  1. Art
    March 10, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    Haven’t a lot of people moved from California to Texas? Obviously there is a great deal of liberalism infecting Texas. I don’t understand the idea that we have to help others before we help ourselves. The body does not say, “Oh! Those poor germs! Perhaps I will lower my defenses and allow them to infect me, so that they will be stronger.” And yet that is exactly what the liberals espouse, those who care about Mexicans, or anyone else besides Americans first. I think, because they were probably forced to conform to some mind-numbing liberal thought process, that they were forced to abandon their own ego desires, and that anger they have against themselves for conforming is now directed against who they really are, that being Americans first, and then educated, and perhaps even their culture which gave them so much. They are mad at themselves and by attacking that which is like themselves, they are venting their own anger at their own submissiveness. Maybe I’m wrong. But maybe I am not 100 percent wrong.

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