One million dollars could buy somebody like Nick Hanauer some valuable website names to help Keep America At Work

Think about it.

I’ve been trying to do this with no money.

You would have the following domains:

  • Keep America At Work –
  • I Have The Skills –
  • Guest Worker Tips –
  • Concerned STEM Workers –
  • H-1B Hunting Licenses –

With enough money, you could use keep america at work as your blog, you could list all of the displaced workers at I Have The Skills, you could use Guest Worker Tips to showcase the abuses being conducted, and you could have a dedicated section to deal with STEM Workers.

And you could outperform My Visa Jobs using Displaced American Software Developers.

And even though I would like to get back to making six figures, you could hire me for a reasonable salary to use your money to focus these sites on those subjects IF you didn’t have a plan to use them yourself.


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