Our Hero of the day is facebook co-founder Chris Hughes

While speaking about the topic of universal basic income on CNBC, Facebook co-Founder Chris Hughes discussed how the digital economy is affecting the American workforce. Hughes recently published a book titled “Fair Shot: Rethinking Inequality and How We Earn” which suggests that American workers who make less than $50,000 per year should receive a government payment of $500 per month. In order to do this, Hughes suggests taxes on the wealthy be raised by 1 percent.

Hughes said during the interview, “I don’t have a crystal ball on exactly where technology is headed. But I do think that it’s going to continue to destroy work.” He continued to discuss the digital economy that has been produced via companies such as Uber, “So we talk a lot about Uber drivers, Lyft drivers, Postmates, the ‘gig economy,’ that is up and to the right” in terms of expansion, said Hughes. But Hughes argues that the workers in these “alternative work arrangements,” suffer from “deeply unstable,” incomes. As more jobs become automated and performed my computer programs or robots, Hughes said  “The future is already here. Work is already changing in America.”



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