46 percent of job gains since 2007 have gone to Foreign Born Temporary Workers on Temporary NON IMMIGRANT VISAS

If you will click on the following link, you can retrieve the “Employed” data for both “Foreign Born” and “Native Born”


To save you those steps, I will put the totals here:

Foreign Born

  • 24,816,000 June 2015
  • 22,356,000 January 2007
  • Gain of 2,460,000 Jobs

Native Born

  • 124,830,000 June 2015
  • 121,919,000 January 2007
  • Gain of 2,911,000 Jobs

This works out to:

  • 46 % – Foreign Born
  • 54% – Native Born

Folks, this means that 46% of Americans did not get jobs and were displaced by people who are not even immigrants and I say that because the temporary workers are here on temporary NON IMMIGRANT VISAS



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And 55% of the growth in America has come from Foreign Born

If you haven’t read my last article showing how “Foreign Born” received 31% of all jobs gained when comparing 2014 against 2015, you really ought to read it.

This time I decided to compare Civilian Noninstitutional Population using the same method.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that we were letting in an additional 55% as compared to the natural population increase of 45%.

If we didn’t have so many temporary workers on temporary NON IMMIGRANT VISAS, we might have more jobs available for our own American Citizens.

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I could understand our government bringing in 10% of the best and brightest if there really are any better than Americans in America.

But 55% as compared to our 45%?

Our Government should be fired immediately because evidently they do not understand the part about protecting America from enemies, both foreign and domestic and right this very minute, they need to close the damned border so that Americans in America can get back to work.


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31 percent of jobs gained when you compare 2014 to 2015 went to Temporary Workers on Temporary Nonimmigrant Visas

I am always looking for a way to do more to Keep America At Work by making sure that Americans in America are getting hired so that they can take care of their families.

If we look at table A-7, we find that we had a gain of 777,000 jobs for “Foreign Born Employed” when we compare June 2015 and June 2014:

  • 24,816,000 June 2015
  • 24,039,000 June 2014

If we look at table A-7, we find that we had a gain of 1,765,000 jobs for “Native Born Employed” when we compare June 2015 and June 2014:

  • 124,830,000 June 2015
  • 123,065,000 June 2014


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While you may not realize the significance of this, Hank Williams Jr. apparently does.

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Everybody but a government paid for by tech lobbyists realizes that we have more supply than we do demand in the Technology Industry or STEM jobs…

Salaries in STEM careers are on the decline, according to a report by compensation software provider PayScale’s PayScale Index.

PayScale tracks wages across industries, showing change over time and in which industries wages have fallen or risen. Wages in STEM jobs have fallen in both Q1 and Q2 of this year, according to the Q2 report. Jobs in science and biotechnology tied with legal jobs for the worst quarterly growth, with wages falling by 1.1 percent. IT jobs also suffered, with wages falling by 0.4 percent.

Engineering wages fell by 0.1 percent. For comparison, the national 12-month percentage change in the United States was 0.3 percent, with Canada having a national wage change of 0.4 percent.

IT and Engineering jobs still lag just behind health care for top wage growth since 2006, with 10.3 and 10.8 percent respectively.

The decrease in wages is affecting metro areas with a high population of STEM workers. Cities such as San Francisco, Boston, and Seattle saw smaller-than-usual upticks in average wages – 0.2 percent in those particular cities. San Diego, which a large number of biotech workers call home, saw a decrease of -0.6 percent in the second quarter.

The study notes that examining STEM jobs for wage trends can be difficult due to the extreme compartmentalization of some of the specialized careers. “It all comes down to the skills one has and if those specific skills are in demand in today’s labor market, which is fluid and ever-changing. Therefore, when looking at broad trends for IT jobs, for example, you aren’t getting at the nuances that a C# developer is less in demand than developers fluent in more in-demand skills (e.g. Hadoop, React, etc.)”


Me, myself, and I do not need to use all that fancy stuff to realize what is happening, simply because this chart says it all.

Click to zoom in
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This chart shows the gain or loss over the prior year in Computer and Mathematical jobs.

As you can see, it hovers around 120,000 jobs per year on average, and we import about a million temporary workers on temporary NONIMMIGRANT visas each year, which is displacing Americans like myself, Art, Gary, J.W., and many, many others.


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Help us form a national support group for those that were displaced by H-1B ‘s or their job was sent to another country

I hear ya.  I suspect that even some family and friends may privately believe that I probably just couldn’t cut it anymore or that I eventually became unacceptable to HT companies as a job candidate because I didn’t have the most recent tools skills or experience anymore (while they completely ignore the fact that almost all of the tools I ever used were learned on the job while I was getting work done).


I was surprised early on that there wasn’t a national organization for unemployed professionals – even if they accounted for only 20-25% of the 23 million, that’s between 4 and 8 million professional working people.  If they all kicked in just $60 a year ($5 per month), that’s between $240 and $480 million a year, which could buy some hefty legal muscle, some political clout, and some investigative journalism to provide those professionals with some solid information.  In the past 6 years, they could have bought between 1 and 2 billion dollars worth.  But that never happened.


The local EDD (state unemployment office) helped as much as it could (it even got me started with VA medical benefits etc).  The church-based support groups, like Job Connections locally, do help people to keep their morale and spirits up during tough and discouraging times, but nothing does it better than getting a half-way decent job and being able to pay the bills again.

This was part of a conversation I was having this morning.

Folks, we can fight the likes of FWD.us and the very deep pockets of Zuckerberg and Gates.

This fight needs to be taken to the media, both print, and TV, unless of course you want your children and grandchildren to go through what you and your peers have gone through…


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When will ABC news do its homework?

ABC US News | World News

Smoke and Mirrors is what I see.

While they are doing their best to distract you with a video of some idiots blowing off steam, they ignore the real issue.
But first lets deal with the idiots so that you can get past that part.

Were these idiots on their own time?
If so, what business is it of yours?

If they weren’t, they should be fired, and apparently they were, so there is nothing to see here.
Lets move on.

Perhaps you heard that story of ABC and President Lincoln and the Civil War where ABC told President Lincoln that he should fire his general because he drinks too much?

The real story on these hacks is this:

Americans received these pink slips since 1991 forcing them to turn over their knowledge and the passwords to our systems that maintain our medical, and financial data among other things:

Click to zoom in
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Which ultimately led to contractors working from Communist China to log on to our VA systems:

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Click on the link above to view the rest of this report.

IF ABC really wants to fix the problem, the first step is this:

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A prime example of why those so called “hacks” at opm, va, etc. are not really hacks…

According to court records, while working as a computer systems administrator at Soto Cano Air Base in Honduras, Glenn accessed a classified Department of Defense network without authorization and removed classified national defense information from Department of Defense and U.S. Southern Command’s (SOUTHCOM’s) Joint Task Force-Bravo, including intelligence reports and military plans.  Glenn proceeded to encrypt the files and place them on an Internet-accessible network storage device located in his residence in Honduras.

Glenn also conspired with his wife, Khadraa A. Glenn, 28, to commit naturalization fraud for her benefit by fabricating fraudulent documents and submitting false statements and the documents to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  Khadraa A. Glenn previously pleaded guilty to naturalization fraud conspiracy and was sentenced on Oct. 7, 2014.


It is bad enough that it was an American citizen that did this.

Now throw in hundreds of thousands of temporary workers on temporary nonimmigrant visas that are working with your medical and financial data on a daily basis.

Click to zoom in
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Click on the link above to view the entire report.

Folks, these systems are not being hacked.

They are being logged into using the very passwords that we were forced to give them when these organizations gave us this:

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It is way past time to put the Americans back in control of your data so that we can put a stop to this so called “hacking” crap.


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