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Todd Schulte – Why does do nothing to hire Displaced American Software Workers?

Notice how no mention is made of Displaced American Tech Workers that have these skills?

People like Art, and myself.

Why is that Fox News does not provide balance to this discussion by telling the stories of those Displaced by Illegal Immigration and Temporary Workers brought in on Temporary Visas as scabs to break the wages of the STEM jobs just as scabs were brought back in during decade past?

What is my solution?

  1. Illegal stands for Illegal – End of discussion on that one.
  2. End the temporary worker visas like the H-1B immediately as it is used only to displace Americans in America.
  3. Encourage immigration where they become an American Citizen because they want to be an American citizen so that the can do their part to build the American Dream and once they are an American Citizen, they can compete with their fellow citizens for American Jobs just like my ancestors that immigrated from Germany did.
  4. Implement employee protection where in the case of displaced Americans like the Southern California Edison incident, the ones that are forced to sign severance agreements can testify against the employer and receive the full protection of our legal system

The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, a set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility for the family and children, achieved through hard work in a society with few barriers. In the definition of the American Dream by James Truslow Adams in 1931, “life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement” regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.[1]

The American Dream is rooted in the Declaration of Independence, which proclaims that “all men are created equal” with the right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”[2]

As for Todd Schulte and

I have seen them do NOTHING for Americans in America and it is very important that you realize that simply because when these people that he is advocating for become American citizens, will he stand up for them or will he throw them under the bus like he has done to displaced Americans like art and myself and many, many others?

Time to give him the ole Gomer Pyle



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Millions of jobs destroyed – Tens of thousands of jobs created

That is the thought that crosses my mind as I listen to the so called jobs creators that the organizations like are using to try and sway public opinion on temporary visas like the H-1B.

Click to zoom in

Click to zoom in

Do you understand what you are seeing here?

This is a chart that shows both nonfarm and government jobs from 1970 to 2015 (All jobs)

That red line is a trend line that I used to show how the trend continued from 1970 to 2000.

For 30 years, we had a continuous, repeatable jobs increase, year over year.

And then in 2000 it started to level off.

In 2007 we hit the highest level we have ever been at.

And then the economy crashed.

Finally in 2014 we created 375,000 more jobs than we had in 2007.

And now in 2015 we have less jobs than we had in 2014?

My theory is the difference between the red line and the blue line in 2015 is the amount of jobs that were sent offshore.

Now think about that.

Our population continues to grow.

The only reason we would have less jobs that broke that trend line is because we have sent the jobs to other countries.

Job 1 is to fix that by bringing our jobs home.

That will take a real President, not a fake one.

A President that is willing to stand up for Americans in America, not corporations masquerading as citizens.

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No mention of the software developers who are being discriminated against because of Age and H-1B Displacement?

I don’t have a lot of time today as our benefit for Wounded Warriors is tomorrow, but I’m betting that anybody that wants to look at this list can find the majority of these companies have filed numerous applications for LCA’s (H-1B, H-1B1, E-3).

All you have to do is look for maps in the menu items and there are numerous ways to see if these companies are guilty.

Today, at the White House Upskill Summit, the Administration is announcing new steps to help realize the full potential of America’s workforce by empowering workers with the education and training they need to develop new skills and earn higher wages.  Over 100 leading employers, who employ more than 5 million workers, are making concrete commitments to empower front-line workers across their businesses, in partnership with 30 national labor unions, and accelerated by new innovative data and tools. During his State of the Union address earlier this year, the President launched a new Upskill Initiative, calling on businesses to help workers of all ages earn a shot at better, higher-paying jobs, even if they do not have a higher education. The commitments being announced today already represent significant action and progress since the President’s January call to action.

As part of this Summit, the companies, unions and tech innovators are announcing that new tools and opportunities that will be made available to millions of front-line workers to get ahead in their careers:

  • 100 leading employers are answering the President’s call to action and announcing new commitments to provide opportunities for their front-line workers to get ahead by expanding access to apprenticeships and on-the-job training; increasing uptake of training opportunities by making them cheaper, easier, and faster; and clarifying what skills workers need to get ahead within their companies. The President and Vice President are challenging other employers to follow their lead.
  • 30 national and local labor unions and major foundations are also working with employers to expand access to best-practice training strategies like apprenticeships, and by targeting small businesses and industries like retail and hospitality where there is an opportunity to help millions of low wage workers earn a reward for better skills.
  • New data tools for workers and employers: To accelerate these efforts, the private sector and tech leaders are inspiring innovation and developing efficient tools that disseminate best practices for employers and workers, so that more can follow those who are leading the way.

When all Americans have the opportunity to master new skills, contribute their full talents to our economy, and be rewarded for it, our businesses, our families and our communities thrive. The President has laid out an agenda designed to increase wages for workers across the country, through steps that range from providing tax relief to working families, increasing the minimum wage, improving access to higher education and investing in areas that support well-paying jobs like infrastructure, research and clean energy. The Upskill Initiative is a public-private effort that is a critical part of that agenda, meant to create clear pathways for the over 20 million workers in front-line jobs who may too often lack the opportunity to progress into higher-paying jobs.

Developing the skills and abilities of these workers, and empowering them to contribute more at work, presents a significant opportunity to improve their wages and to increase the productivity and competitiveness of employers. Front-line workers are too often stuck because of three primary challenges: lack of access to training, which is often focused on workers who are already highly skilled; low uptake of training where it is available, due to limited awareness as well as difficulties in finding the time and money needed to take advantage of it; and a lack of clear information on pathways to promotions, which makes it hard for low wage workers to take the steps needed to advance.

Like many other software developers who are unable to find work because they have been displaced by temporary workers on temporary visas like the H-1B, I can’t buy an interview and I still have the skills simply because skills are not the tools such as development languages, etc.

Skills in software are the understanding of the “Logic” that is necessary to make the systems work together.

And Analysis skills.

And mine are stronger than ever.

And yes, even though I have 30 years experience with these skills in the hottest demanded jobs, and even though I attended re-training similar to what is being announced here, I still can’t buy an interview, not even in the United States Civil Service.


Which makes me worry that we are setting these people up for failure simply because we continue to:

  • Send our jobs offshore which decreases available jobs
  • Allow in illegal immigrants which decreases available jobs
  • Import temporary workers on temporary visas which decreases available jobs
  • Population continues to increase which increases the need for available jobs.


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Thank You Kumar

For the most part, I have been able to keep this site running but every once in awhile it goes down simply because I can find no work no matter how many times I apply to jobs that I have found on

Mitch paid to keep it running for a year several years ago simply because all of us feel that it is important that we do more to Keep America At Work by hiring Americans in America that have families that are depending on them to bring home the bacon.

Sadly, last night our site went down again and I had no money to pay it as I am still unemployed after nearly 5 years of being that way.

Kumar stepped up to the plate today to help us keep going for another month and my hat is off to him as many, many Americans would not have done the same

I have heard stories in the past that our Senators can move somebody to the head of the line when it comes to making them an American citizen and if the opportunity ever comes up for me to make that happen, you can bet that I will return the favor as he is more American than most Americans are.

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