President Obama, I have tried to tell you my story, but you refuse to listen.

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Virgil —

I grew up loving comic books. Back in the day, I was pretty into Conan the Barbarian and Spiderman.

Anyone who reads comics can tell you, every main character has an origin story — the fateful and usually unexpected sequence of events that made them who they are.

The same goes for grassroots organizers.

For me, it was a “help wanted” ad I saw in a newsletter at the New York Public Library. The job was organizing communities and churches on the South Side of Chicago. It paid $10,000 a year.

I packed up everything and drove across the country in a beat-up Honda to take the job. Those three years changed my life. It’s where I found out how hard this work is — and why it’s worth doing.

Looking back, it was the best education I ever had.

OFA is collecting origin stories, and you should join in, Virgil.

Share the moment that inspired you to get involved in this work — when you do, you’ll be automatically entered for the chance to meet me in D.C. next month.

I’ll tell you why this is special for me. Knowing that folks like you are out there fighting alongside me, that we’re building something better together — that’s the same reason I drove across the country to become a community organizer.

I hope you’ll share your story of why you do what you do.

OFA could fly you and a guest out to Washington to meet me backstage.

Go for it:

Thank you,

Barack Obama

No purchase, payment, pledge, story, or contribution necessary to enter to win. Void where prohibited. Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on March 31, 2015. You may enter by sharing a story of what inspired you to join the progressive movement here. Alternatively, visit here to enter without sharing a story. Two winners will each receive the following prize package: round trip tickets for winner and one guest from within the fifty United States or Puerto Rico to the District of Columbia; hotel accommodations for winner and one guest; admission for winner and winner’s guest to the OFA Organizing Summit on April 23, 2015 (approximate combined retail value of all prizes $1,700.00). Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. Promotion open to all U.S. citizens, or lawful permanent U.S. residents who are legal residents of the 50 United States and District of Columbia and 18 or older (or of majority under applicable law). Promotion subject to Official Rules and additional restrictions on eligibility. Sponsor: Organizing for Action, P.O. Box 618120, Chicago, IL 60661.

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One more time President Obama.

This is happening on your watch to Americans in America.

Problem is, neither you, nor my Texas Representatives will listen.

It’s going to be hard for the Republicans to field a presidential candidate as enthusiastic about the H-1B visa as U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

Cruz, who is announce his presidential bid this morning, once proposed an immediate increase in the base H-1B cap from 65,000 to 325,000. Cruz offered the H-1B increase as an amendment in 2013 to the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill.


Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said it was a “myth that the H-1B visa program takes jobs away from Americans,” a sentiment echoed by the majority of Democrats and Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), who argued during the hearing for an increase in immigration while praising the “I-Squared” high-tech visa bill (properly known as the Immigration Innovation bill).

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All of them are turncoats to the American Dream

What a shame.

Just once I would like to find an American that will speak up for Americans in America.

Problem is, that would mean they would need to quit spit shining corporate america’s shoes.

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Former Secretaries of Commerce Urge Congress to Pass Trade Promotion Authority

03/25/2015 10:09 AM EDT


Bipartisan group underscores importance of new trade partnerships to economic growth and job creation in America

A bipartisan group of former Secretaries of Commerce, whose tenures spanned from 1973 to 2012, today released an open letter urging Congress to pass Trade Promotion Authority, a tool that is essential to the completion and implementation of new trade partnerships. Representing past Administrations dating back to Richard Nixon, the former Secretaries of Commerce noted that giving American businesses better access to the 95 percent of consumers living outside the United States is critical to American competitiveness, economic growth, and job creation.

U.S. exports hit a record-high for the fifth straight year in 2014, reaching $2.34 trillion and supporting 11.7 million American jobs. Expanding opportunities for U.S. firms to sell their goods and services abroad through new trade agreements, particularly in the world’s fastest-growing region, will allow us to build on that momentum and add to the strength of the American economy.

The letter from the former Secretaries of Commerce is included below:

As former Secretaries of Commerce, we strongly support Trade Promotion Authority for President Obama. From our experience, it is critically important for American businesses to access new customer markets while staying competitive in the world economy. American companies grow and succeed in the global market place through high-quality high-standard trade agreements that help our firms gain access to new overseas markets. With 95 percent of the world’s consumers living outside the United States, we must not allow opportunities to pass us by.

Last year, the U.S. exported $2.34 trillion dollars of goods and services. Those exports support a total of 11.7 million American jobs at over 300,000 companies – 98 percent of which are small and medium sized businesses. These numbers are especially important as export-related jobs pay up to 18 percent more on average than non-export-related jobs.

New U.S. trade agreements will generate more export opportunities for American companies, boost our economy, create jobs, and yield overall prosperity for our country. Currently the U.S. government is working on two key trade agreements that have the potential to open overseas markets for U.S. companies. Once completed, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) will give the United States free trade arrangements with 65 percent of global GDP and give our businesses preferential access to a large base of new potential customers.

But before we can finalize those agreements and our businesses can benefit from the new markets, Congress must pass trade promotion legislation. For the past 40 years, Congress has enacted Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) type laws to set high-standard objectives and priorities for U.S. trade negotiators and establish a process for consulting with Congress and the public. In so doing, Congress has guided both Democratic and Republican administrations in pursuing trade agreements that support U.S. jobs, eliminate barriers to U.S. exports, and set rules to level the playing field for U.S. companies and workers. Enacting TPA now also strengthens the hands of our negotiators to bring back the best possible deal for Congress to consider.

Additionally, we understand that some have proposed including currency provisions in the trade promotion legislation. While we recognize the negative impact that the undervaluation of foreign currency has on American businesses, we believe that currency issues would be more effectively addressed by the Department of Treasury through continued intensive dialogue and bilateral engagement, not by providing the Commerce Department additional authority under Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duty law or through currency-related obligations in trade agreements.

We strongly support TPA legislation to help provide American companies the tools to grow and succeed in the global market place.


Secretary John Bryson (2011-2012)
Secretary Gary Locke (2009-2011)
Secretary Carlos Gutierrez (2005-2009)
Secretary Donald Evans (2001-2005)
Secretary Norman Mineta (2000-2001)
Secretary William Daley (1997-2000)
Secretary Mickey Kantor (1996-1997)
Secretary Barbara Franklin (1992-1993)
Secretary Frederick Dent (1973-1975)
Secretary Pete Peterson (1972-1973)

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What Happens When We Run Out Of Slaves?

This “AP Investigation” is almost silly.

We already know that slaves and exploited workers supply most of America’s consumer goods.

“AP Investigation: Slavery taints global supply of seafood”

  • The slaves interviewed by the AP described 20- to 22-hour shifts and unclean drinking water.  Almost all said they were kicked, beaten or whipped with toxic stingray tails if they complained or tried to rest.  They were paid little or nothing.
  • Runaway Hlaing Min said many died at sea. “If Americans and Europeans are eating this fish, they should remember us.  There must be a mountain of bones under the sea,” he said.  “The bones of the people could be an island, it’s that many.”
  • The major corporations identified by AP declined interviews but issued statements that strongly condemned labor abuses; many described their work with human rights groups to hold subcontractors responsible.

See also

E-mail: for We Avoid Risk By Sacrificing Children Chronicles & Comments June 2008 [#1] to Date [#1326]

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Comparing the Current Employment Statistics against the Occupational Employment Statistics

Click to zoom in

Click to zoom in

The chart above shows all jobs as of December of each year (Feb 2015 for most recent year) for the Current Employment Statistics.

As you can see, we are barely above the high point we reached in 2007 and 2015 has lost about 2 million jobs from the high we reached in 2014.

Bottom line, the current employment statistics proves without a doubt that no jobs have been created since 2007.


The chart above shows the Occupational Employment Statistics (basically the historical data as compared to the current data shown above).

As you can see, the high was in 2008 using this set of data and 2014 is barely above that if you call 403,560 jobs a gain over a 24 year period.

Now that we have shown you without a doubt that there have been no jobs created since the 2007/2008 time period, let me show you where the jobs that have been regained from that time period went too.

Click to zoom in

Click to zoom in

You want to look at the two middle charts.

The one on the left is for immigrants, and the one on the right is for Americans.

If you don’t know how to read charts, in a nutshell the one on the left shows a substantial gain over the high in 2007 and the one on the right shows a loss compared to the high it reached in 2007.

Next time you hear a Senator or a Corporate Executive tell you that we need more temporary workers on visa like the H-1B, you show them this and tell them to go straight to hell with the rest of the turncoats that we sent there in 1776.



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