The amount of people selling out the people of North Carolina amazes me.

“In terms of the specific legislation in North Carolina, we aren’t aware of other states that have taken this approach,”, an advocacy group backed by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, said in a statement.

The organization, a major supporter of the H-1B program, said highly skilled immigrants provide a boost to the U.S. economy through their spending and by creating jobs for native-born Americans.

“They buy homes and vehicles here, dine at local restaurants and shop at local stores, helping to make our economy stronger and contributing their skills and talents to the American workforce,” the group said, adding: “Areas and industries with higher concentrations of high-skilled immigrants have seen wage growth for native-born Americans that has outpaced the rest of the country.​”

Nimish Bhatt, board vice chair at the Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce, is among those concerned about the move. North Carolina is already grappling with a shortage of skilled tech workers, and Berger’s ban could cause such companies to chose another state for expansions or relocations, he said.

“New companies will not come,” Bhatt said. “We will hurt our own economy and our own employment.”

As for myself, I want to know why Texas has not joined with North Carolina in adapting this law?

After all, Texas fought for our independence and the descendants of the defenders of the Alamo are watching to see if we will stand and fight, or cower down and run.

Hey Stuart Anderson, there are many unemployed computer professionals with decades of experience wanting to work.

The premise of the Trump administration’s “Buy American and Hire American” executive order, which has unleashed numerous measures to restrict high-skilled immigration, is that U.S. professionals can’t get jobs because of immigrants. This raises a legitimate question: Has anyone in the administration making U.S. immigration policy checked the government data on unemployment – or do they simply choose to ignore it?

The unemployment rate among people with at least a bachelor’s degree in “computer and math science” occupations was only 2% for the first quarter of 2018, according to estimates from the Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Current Population Survey. (The National Foundation for American Policy made the estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Current Population Survey Basic Monthly Files for January to March 2018.) It’s difficult to get much below 2% because of “frictional unemployment,” which happens, for example, when people go from an old job to a new job (i.e., individuals between jobs).

What you fail to mention here is that our federal government does not count those whose unemployment has expired and who have not found jobs.

Which means we need to look at a different unemployment perspective.

The best one I have found that shows what really is happening is the one that divides our population by the quantity of people working.

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Imagine that.

We have fewer people working now than we did in the year 2000

Many of them are unemployed computer types like myself.

Sure, I don’t have your college degree.

After all, I was busy serving as a Radioman in our United States Navy.

Which is where I learned I was very good with technology.

And in my book, I will take experience, knowledge, and wisdom every single day over somebody who has theoretical knowledge, and no actual experience.

Not one single mention of the word jobs from the Obama babies

Our labor force participation rate is still substantially below where it was in the year 2000.

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More and more of us formerly upper middle class STEM types have gave up on ever getting back to work.

And like these Obama babies, we have joined forces as the H-1B Resistance so that our fellow citizens can once again, earn a living for their families using the skills that they spent decades learning.

And Tom Perez and Ammar Campa-Najaar wonder why I no longer support their work?

“A lot of us Obama babies were inspired by the president’s call to action when he retired,” said Ammar Campa-Najjar, former Obama staffer at the White House and Department of Labor, who is running for Congress in California’s 50th District.

All you need to understand why I will not support them can be found by clicking on the following link:


Maybe the president should rename his executive order “Buy American, Hire Foreign.”

And even those limits were merely a way station; the avowed goal of the corporate/libertarian Right (and the multicultural Left) has always been the unrestricted flow of foreign workers. When President Bush relaunched his immigration push in 2004, after it had been derailed by 9/11, he described his core goal: “If an American employer is offering a job that American citizens are not willing to take, we ought to welcome into our country a person who will fill that job.” Had Bush gotten his way, every one of the employers described above who are raising wages, offering benefits, and scouring the countryside for workers would be attesting that “American citizens are not willing to take” their jobs, and so foreign workers are needed. Under a market-driven immigration policy, instead of signing bonuses and prison work-release, we’d see staffing firms bringing in planeloads of Bulgarian pipefitters, Peruvian dishwashers, Pakistani landscapers, and more. Blue-collar wage increases would be smaller or non-existent, and the growth in non-work would continue uninterrupted.