We destroy opportunity for Americans when we hire Non IMMIGRANT Guest Workers on H-1B ‘s instead of Americans

It does not matter if we hire students on non immigrant visas or subcontractors from staffing agencies.

This is America.

We believe in the opportunity for all to compete for jobs.

And Americans are no longer being given the opportunity to compete for the best jobs in America and this is wrong no matter how you look at it.

And Darin Wedel seems to have made an even better choice with Jennifer as his spouse. As the article reminds us, Mrs. Wedel thrilled many of us in 2012 by asking President Obama point blank why he supported H-1B when many qualified engineers such as her husband had trouble finding tech work. The look on Obama’s face when she told him that her husband was a semiconductor engineer was priceless, as was his reply, “We’re told that people like your husband should be able to find work right away.”

Judging from Obama’s expression, I’m sure that he really believes it. And why shouldn’t he? That’s what people keep saying. Texas Instruments, which also hires foreign students from American campuses, is one of the “good” employers of H-1Bs, the claim goes, and even many critics of H-1B believe it. The fact that TI laid Darin Wedel off, but hired H-1Bs (including some whose jobs he could have done), should cause some cognitive dissonance. But no, this artificial distinction between the foreign student H-1Bs and the directly imported H-1Bs is so entrenched that they just don’t see that TI is equally culpable as the Infosyses.

The Computerworld article falls into that trap too:

Although Darin Wedel didn’t train a foreign replacement and was laid off with other workers, Jennifer Wedel says Texas Instruments was lobbying for increasing visa use prior to the layoffs, and she sees a connection.

Of course there is a connection. Wedel was laid off by a company that hires H-1Bs, some of whose jobs I am sure Wedel could have done. So what if he didn’t have to train them? Wedel is just as much a victim as are those laid off by Disney, SCE etc.

Again, there is no way to straighten out the H-1B mess unless people truly understand the nature of the problem.

By the way, in 2012 Computerworld thought that the Wedel incident would become an election campaign issue, which of course it did not. It did briefly become an issue this year, thanks to Trump, but it quickly faded. It never arose once during the Democratic debates, even though Sanders and Clinton disagree on H-1B.


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Why does the government continue to issue and extend H-1b visas when there are tons of Americans just like my husband with no job?

“If I just sit on that information, then what kind of American does that make me?” said Wedel. “That doesn’t make me a good American at all.”

Wedel is now working with activists, in an ongoing effort to increase the H-1B visa’s visibility.

Darin Wedel got a new job in 2012 and works today as a senior quality engineer in the medical industry. Obama offered, during the town hall, to review his resume and help him. But Wedel said the offer was a dodge to deflect the topic away from the H-1B issue. The White House offered very little help, she said.

Jennifer Wedel credits Donald Trump, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination, for giving the H-1B issue visibility in the election. But Wedel is undecided about whom to support for president.

Wedel has reservations about Trump over broader issues and sees him as a little reckless with the things he says. And while she initially supported Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who is also seeking the nomination, she’s concerned about his corporate connections.

Wedel describes herself as a “conservative” and not a Republican, because she feels the party itself is too aligned with corporate interests.

Although Darin Wedel didn’t train a foreign replacement and was laid off with other workers, Jennifer Wedel says Texas Instruments was lobbying for increasing visa use prior to the layoffs, and she sees a connection.


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So Lying Ted Cruz is living up to his reputation when it comes to Americans being Displaced by Non Immigrant Guest workers on H-1B visas?

Imagine that.

I guess it is true that a snake will always be a snake, which means Carly hasn’t changed a damn thing either.

In 2013, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) emerged as one of the Senate’s top H-1B visa supporters, and argued for a 500% H-1B visa cap increase. But during his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, Cruz had a conversion.

Cruz’s presidential platform proposed a $110,000 minimum wage for visa workers, among other restrictions, as a way ending their use as low-cost labor. The move marked a complete turnabout on the H-1B issue.

Cruz’s decision Wednesday to add former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina (and one-time GOP presidential candidate herself) as his running mate if he wins the nomination, may make his newly found H-1B beliefs a hard sell.

At HP, Fiorina was a prominent supporter of the offshore outsourcing model, said Ron Hira, an associate professor of public policy at Howard University, who wrote about Fiorina’s approaches in his book, Outsourcing America.


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You too can make 20 million dollars by purchasing Hunting Licenses from the Dept of Labor to displace Americans in America

Imagine that.

Preying on the people of India.

Destroying the lives of Americans that lost their jobs because of Vultures like these that are using legally purchased Hunting Licenses to Hunt American Jobs in America.


Investigators said Raju Kosuri, 44, and Smriti Jharia, 45, fraudulently applied for more than 800 illegal immigration benefits under the H-1B visa program. Starting in 2008, and at a greater scale since 2011, Kosuri built a staffing business that amounted to a visa-for-sale system, in violation of federal law, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

The indictment alleges that Kosuri has set up a network of shell companies that he presents to immigration authorities as independent businesses in need of Indian workers. Kosuri and his co-conspirators used companies to file petitions for non-existent job vacancies at Kosuri’s data center in Danville.

Kosuri is alleged to require workers to pay their own visa processing fees, in violation of H-1B program rules; and to have treated the beneficiaries as hourly contractors, also in violation of H-1B visa program rules.

The visa fraud scheme involved the forgery of numerous individuals’ signatures on visa petitions and exhibits without their knowledge. The indictment alleges that Kosuri has generated gross proceeds of at least $20 million over the life of the scheme.

Separately, the indictment alleges that Kosuri and Jharia conspired with Raimondo Piluso, a consultant, to defraud the Small Business Administration, by submitting fraudulent HUBZone applications.

Kosuri, Jharia, and Piluso are alleged to have concealed the true location, ownership, and employees of a business called EcomNets Federal Solutions to obtain federal loan and contract preferences through the HUBZone program, resulting in $150,000 in loans and five contract awards.

Kosuri, Jharia, and Piluso face a maximum sentence of 30 years in federal prison. The other co-conspirators face a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.


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Cruz tells American Software Developers to kiss their future goodbye with his pick of the H-1B Displacement Queen Carly Fiorina…

What a sorry pair of Crapweasels.

She made her fortune destroying the future of American Tech Workers.

He will do his best to displace even more.

Just goes to show what Lying Ted Cruz thinks about Americans in America.

(CNN)Ted Cruz formally named Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential running mate Wednesday — a last-ditch move to regain momentum after being mathematically eliminated from winning the GOP presidential nomination outright.

“After a great deal of consideration and prayer, I have come to the conclusion that if I am nominated to be president of the United States that I will run on a ticket with my vice presidential nominee Carly Fiorina,” Cruz said during a rally in Indianapolis.
Fiorina joined the Texas senator on stage, and Cruz’s staff changed the podium in between Cruz and Fiorina’s remarks to display a new logo featuring both their names.
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We need voices in the courtroom and we need voices in the classroom

That is the whole purpose of Keep America At Work.

We needed a newspaper devoted exclusively to this subject of Americans being Displaced and I sought to fill that void.

Blackwell acknowledged the efforts of the elected officials, but remained pessimistic about the possibility of real reform coming from Congress.

“They are bought and paid for,” she said of the Congress as a whole.

Malkin urged people involved in the fight against H-1B abuse to spread the word.

“We need voices in the courtroom and we need voices in the classroom,” she said.

And she told those affected by the program not to lose hope.

“You are not alone,” she said.


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Several other laid-off Abbott employees declined to go on the record, saying they needed their severance pay and feared retaliation.

Employees ousted by H-1B program speak out

Marco Pena is one of those Abbott employees who finds himself out of work due to the company deciding to use employees from Wipro, an Indian firm specializing in providing tech workers to American firms.

Pena refused to take or sign a severance agreement offered by Abbott because it came with strings attached, among them agreeing not to sue the company or publicly criticize it.

“I did not sign the agreement so I’d have the ability to speak out,” he said.

He noted that many of his coworkers were afraid to lose their severance packages, but stressed that being single and leading a frugal lifestyle, he didn’t have the same pressure.

“I can survive,” he said.

Several other laid-off Abbott employees declined to go on the record, saying they needed their severance pay and feared retaliation.

“A lot of them are afraid to come tonight,” Sara Blackwell, an attorney active in the fight against H-1B abuse, said.

Indeed, one woman asked not to be photographed or identified by name, traveled from the East Coast to relate how she’d been outsourced by a prominent insurance company, and had to suffer the indignity of training her replacement.

“If we didn’t train them, we won’t get our severance,” she said. “We’re worried about our pensions. This is happening across America.”

Jennifer Wedel spoke of her husband being outsourced by Texas Instruments in 2009, saying “my husband was tossed into the street like trash,” while urging American people to wake up to the realities of how the visa was being abused.

“It’s time we held the corporate world accountable,” she said.


This next one is so obvious, but nobody asks the question.

Abbott responds

In an email exchange, Abbott spokesperson Scott Stoffel responded that in order to remain globally competitive, “work being done by fewer than 150 Abbott U.S. employees would move to Wipro as part of a global restructuring of IT.”

Stoffel stressed that only 20 percent of Wipro workers would be H-1B visa holders, with the other 80 percent remaining U.S. workers.(Other media reports had the number laid-off as 180 or 200)

U.S. Workers, or green card holders or Indian Immigrants who have become citizens?

I have heard of very few Americans working for Wipro.

If you’re out there,  let us know that you exist.


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The h1b work visa policies are designed to keep the market competitive by pitting one class of worker against the other.

Nothing but Hunting Licenses that are used to displace Americans and drive down wages for all.

Does a rise in the H1B Visa applications mean that there is a lack of skilled talent in the US?

No, An H1b work visa is employer dependant. In other words, an employer is required to petition for a work authorization for a citizen from abroad. Here the term employer is ambiguous as staffing agencies can sponsor for work visas, and have equal sanctions as a employer. Rise in H1B applications at a time when the visa fees have increased is not only because of lack of skills available locally, rather large number of body shops petitioning for work visas.


What are body shops? How do they play a role in misleading potential job seekers in the US Tech Industry?

American staffing agencies fill a critical gap in the process of staff augmentation. These agencies, often appointed as vendors of companies bring flexibility towards labor recruitment allowing their client companies to focus on R&D. client companies outsource staffing and recruitment services to local vendors to bring flexibility to their labor recruitment process.

But these staffing agencies can also file a work visa petition in behalf of their clients, and as a result spawned a staffing grey market wherein staffing firms petition for citizens from abroad and in turn source them to out place them at client sites locally. Because the staffing firms charge a commission for every hour worked by their work visa sponsored employee, foreign workers often work at lower wages as compared to their American colleagues.

Often body shops poach Indian work visa seekers by advertising for jobs on Indian career portals. Job ads are often placed with the promise of a green card. Job ads are placed a year in advance to solicit applicants. Visa filing fees plus attorney fees required to file a work visa petition are often solicited from the job seeker in India. This is illegal, as the employer must pay for the visa fees. Often, body shops take the visa fees but do not file for the visa and abscond, leaving the job seeker in the lurch.


Are Indian workers a threat to the American job seekers?

Indian workers, unlike American workers are largely involved in “dual employment”. viz – their work visa is owned by one company, and they work at another company.The company that petitions the work visa earns a brokerage fee of every hour worked by their employee. Thus working at lower wages as compared to American workers.The h1b work visa policies are designed to keep the market competitive by pitting one class of worker against the other. Hence, guest workers are seen as a threat by American workers and are accused of driving down the wages.


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The cancer that is destroying jobs in America for Americans…

TCS & H1B is a cancer to America or IT industry in USA.
TCS hire h1b contractors locally but do not pay after insert illegal layers. Wipro too do not give h1b extension letters to h1b contractors. All these bunch of outsourcing companies might generate jobs in India and provide onsite opportunities to fellow Indian buddies in USA etc but they are violating all USCIS rules. Neither their employees come forward unless they ask them to go back to India or DOL can help it.
Universities in USA needing funds from Indian students hence they admit but Americans argue that there is no demand for STEM students. Recently I met MS or Masters students here doing double MS or Masters for the sake of H1B which is not picked up in the lottery systems. They say maximum h1bs are looted by top 10 Indian companies.
As you know a boy from Canada too wrote earlier that TCS did not hire locals(Indians on PR/Canadian Citizens) to bring their guys from India to Canada. It is so sad that Indians only enemies to Indians in a foreign land and becoming enemies to locals too.
An ex.colleague from Italy working in a client location told how horrible to work with them and left the job and moved to USA client FT job.
Bottom line is, if you are on OPT/CPT/H1B from Indian Incs, you must get USA client FT job otherwise Indians just rip you here for extra dollars and give maximum mental torture for 16 hours a day for 8 hours pay. You will never ever complain to any one by saying it’s common here and bring an argument that it is better than undocumented illegal workers than to legally stay here and do illegal part time jobs to fake resume to felony etc.
Some are writing, we know  that we choose fake universities and do illegal part time jobs or illegal jobs, it’s common here.
Finally the thin line between education, higher education, training, training and placement, forward resume and resume supplier company, outsourcing company, immigration agent, visa agent, visa frauds, fake universities, fake companies, fake PO, fake MSA etc  all these erasing and becoming one single package to enter USA or enter onsite job.

New Data Show How Firms Like Infosys and Tata Abuse the H-1B Program

Outsourcing by the thousands The outsourcing companies involved in the Southern California Edison (SCE) scandal …
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