Investors Business Daily, where are these 1.83 jobs at?

When I was teaching myself about the stock market, I loved the investors business daily.

But this crap is the most uninformed propaganda that I have ever read.

It’s true that if you limit the flow of tech workers coming into the U.S. under the H-1B visa program, you will likely see more native-born Americans being hired in the short run. But it won’t last. And long-term, limiting the flow of highly productive, highly trained workers will hurt our economy — not help it.

We’re not open-border types by a long shot. But letting the world’s smartest, best-educated people come into this country is a win-win. Numerous studies show it will add substantially to our total productivity, thereby adding to the total economic output and making us all, as a nation, better off.

Those who say it “costs” jobs have to define that term. Evidence suggests otherwise. Yes, as we noted, it is a fact that for every foreign person who gets a job, one American doesn’t. But that’s not the whole picture.

A study by economics professor Madeline Zavodny of Agnes Scott College, for instance, found that for every 100 H-1B workers let into the U.S., 183 new jobs were created.

And once here, high-end tech immigrants have an extraordinary record of entrepreneurial success.

Just over half the so-called “unicorns” — startups that are worth more than $1 billion — were started by immigrants, creating tens of thousands of jobs for, yes, Americans. That’s 44 companies, each, on average, employing 760 workers.

44 companies creating 760 jobs each is 33,440 jobs.


In a country where 30 million are unemployed, you tell me that 33,400 jobs have been created.

Am I supposed to jump up and down for joy?

Or fall on the ground laughing my ass off?

As for those jobs that they have created.

Where are they?

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I created this chart in Oct 2016.

The red line shows the high point we hit in 2007 before this depression.

any blue above the red line shows jobs that have actually been created versus those that simply were regained.



IEEE-USA – Green cards will not build your local resources and will deny our citizens the opportunity to compete

Your green card scam is no more than the H-1B scam.

We simply do not create enough jobs in America because (a) we send our jobs to other countries and (b) we import non-immigrant guest workers, whether they be H-1B or Green Card holders to take the remaining jobs and then we deny our local citizens the ability to compete via age discrimination and caste.

Notice how they do not even mention the American workers displaced by this scam?

It will be the same with the green card scam.


The outsourcing companies that place H-1B workers pay them considerably less than U.S. workers in the same positions. Moreover, workers cannot petition for a green card on their own. Their employer, typically the outsourcing company, has to do it for them. And the companies almost never sponsor the workers for green cards, so it’s rare they become American citizens that way.

Alqarqaz’s post equates the H-1B visa with immigration, but that’s not the case. Visa holders are temporary guest workers. And although thousands of IEEE members have successfully received green cards while working in the country on an H-1B visa, it is not, in fact, a path to citizenship. At best, the visa is a waiting room for potential immigrants to sit in until a green card becomes available, if one does.

In many cases, in fact, H-1B visas are used as barriers to citizenship. Some companies, particularly outsourcing companies, use an H-1B visa specifically because it is not an immigration visa. Unlike green cards, the visa belongs to the company and not the worker. Workers can stay in the country exactly as long as their employers let them. But if the company chooses to take the visa back, the worker has to leave unless he can find another employer to sponsor his visa.

That dependency gives employers a tremendous amount of control over their workers—which in turn makes the workers easy to exploit. For some companies, that is the primary advantage of the visa. If a company decides that it doesn’t want a given worker to become a U.S. citizen, there isn’t really much the worker can do about it.


I look at my co-workers, people with advanced degrees, and they are working at the supermarket stocking shelves or driving school buses.

Craig, Glad to see you are not silent because our silence enables this crap.

After being let go from Eversource Energy, Diangelo was unemployed for a while. He lost out on a lot of his pension because he was forced into early retirement. Eventually, he found a new job as an IT consultant. While it doesn’t pay as much as his last gig, Diangelo considers himself lucky. “Last week I got together with six of my former co-workers, and I’m the only one that’s fully employed. After three years there is one guy who is driving a school bus, there is another guy working at the local supermarket stocking shelves, there are other people who are not working at all.” Diangelo tears up a bit when discussing their plight. “I look at my co-workers, people with advanced degrees, and they are working at the supermarket stocking shelves or driving school buses. Really? It does become humiliating.”

For several years, former Eversource employees upheld their NDAs, and didn’t speak with the press. “They are all afraid they will get sued for their severance,” says Diangelo. “A lot of them have gone through most of their savings.” But after finding a new job, Diangelo decided he’d had enough. “I finally said to myself, this is ridiculous, I’m living in the shadows because of a corporation, and I started to speak out.” He is part of a group of tech workers pushing for reform to the H-1B system and speaking out despite the threat of a lawsuit or loss of severance pay. “There has to be a change to the law,” says Diangelo. “I don’t see how you could bring over individuals on visas to take jobs from people that are already doing them. That has to stop.”

Why doesn’t DEANNE FITZMAURICE and KATIE BENNER tell the story of the American Tech Workers whose lives have been destroyed by the H-1B scam?

It never ceases to amaze me.

The new york times will devote page upon page to tell the story of the immigrants, who are not immigrants as they are non-immigrant guest workers who were specifically imported to take the place of the American citizen who formally held that job.

Meet the Foreign Tech Workers Left in Limbo by Trump

They are app makers, they are podcasters, and they are also H-1B visa holders — possibly putting them at risk from the president’s immigration policies.

Why is it that they will not tell the story of the Americans who have seen this done to their future?


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The Indian’s that originally came here in the 90’s get what is happening as they too are now having a hard time finding work.

But you will not hear the new york times tell their story or the story of the Displaced Americans.

It is not like they are hard to find.

They tell their stories on this page:

And on this page:

But don’t waste your time looking to the new york times for their stories.

Because they will not tell them.

Shame, shame, shame as ole Gomer Pyle used to say.

India, why do you not create jobs in India for your people?

You have some sharp people.

Sadly, many are denied opportunity because of your willingness to use caste.

That would be the first thing I would eliminate.

And then I would go after the corrupt.

So that the people of India can build a country like America with opportunity for everybody, regardless of their circumstances of birth.

There is an interesting article today at Quartz.

You should read it by clicking on the following link: