If the work I am doing here helps you, please consider donating as this is my only source of income

Ask yourselves why there is a divergence between the blue line to the right and the grey and red lines that our government says unemployment is at. Could it be because our government no longer counts those that are unemployed for any length of time?

There are good people in India

I’ve worked with some, and I’m meeting more and more via the work I do here at Keep America At Work.

The current situation where we pit citizens against immigrants is NOT SUSTAINABLE for either party.

Sadly, this is the path that our corporations and our politicians have chosen.

Which leaves it to people like myself and this guy to try and develop solutions on our own.

So, If you have a solution, whether it be written, or in a video format, I’m more than willing to do my part to help you present it here at Keep America At Work.

If I agree with it, it will be posted in the category “There are good people in India” for the world to see because trust me, Displacing Americans in America is not a solution and neither is having no work for Indians in India either.

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Nothing works when you need it too

It would boggle the mind of the average person if they knew the scope of everything I am trying to put together, and yes, that includes jobs as well.

On days like this when I am stressed beyond belief, I remember what the bartender used to tell me at Marte-L’s Lounge in Salisbury, Ma.

You can’t win when you need too…

If memory serves me correct, we were discussing somebody that was playing the lottery scratch tickets like crazy.

In another week I will be:

  • 3 months behind on my land @ $470 per month
  • 3 months behind on my cabin @ $325 per month
  • 3 months behind on my storage shed @ $105 per month
  • Only owe about $79 on electricity but the deadline is fast approaching
  • 2 months behind on cell phone @ $225 total and it is off
  • and that doesn’t even count the $130,000 to IRS, Child Support, and Student Loans

Usually I can deaden the stress with beer, but I’ve been out of that too

Lord I never ask you for anything, but I need some help as it is apparent to me that the Calvary is NOT coming in the form of a job.

At least not in the time frame that I need it too.


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Smart Kids, More Real Wealth, Less Real Trouble

If you hang out with Americans, most every person you know is some kind of self-absorbed prima donna.

If you hang out with communist Chinese, most every person you know is not.

“The Secret to Raising Smart Kids”


  • Don’t tell your kids that they are.
  • Our society worships talent, and many young people assume that possessing superior intelligence or ability — along with confidence in that ability — is a recipe for success.  In fact, however, more than 35 years of scientific investigation suggests that an overemphasis on intellect or talent leaves people vulnerable to failure, fearful of challenges and unwilling to remedy their shortcomings.
  • Animal experiments . . . had shown that after repeated failures, most animals conclude that a situation is hopeless and beyond their control.  After such an experience, the researchers found, an animal often remains passive even when it can effect change — a state they called learned helplessness.  People can learn to be helpless, too, but not everyone reacts to setbacks this way.
  • As we had predicted, the students with a growth mind-set felt that learning was a more important goal in school than getting good grades.  In addition, they held hard work in high regard, believing that the more you labored at something, the better you would become at it.
  • The students who held a fixed mind-set, however, were concerned about looking smart with less regard for learning.  They had negative views of effort, believing that having to work hard at something was a sign of low ability.
  • How do we transmit a growth mind-set to our children?  One way is by telling stories about achievements that result from hard work.
  • Such lessons apply to almost every human endeavor.  For instance, many young athletes value talent more than hard work and have consequently become unteachable.  Similarly, many people accomplish little in their jobs without constant praise and encouragement to maintain their motivation.  If we foster a growth mind-set in our homes and schools, however, we will give our children the tools to succeed in their pursuits and to become productive workers and citizens.

The future of productive workers and citizens is real productivity — of tangible goods.

More product making.  Less trouble making

We can buckle down and learn.

Again and again.
E-mail: DollarToTheGiant@Gmail.com for We Avoid Risk By Sacrificing Children Chronicles & Comments June 2008 [#1] to Date [#1270]

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I’m looking for a google maps person that wants to contribute to Keep America At Work

The goal is to modify the wordpress user table by adding the necessary fields for google maps to function so that when a person registers as a subscriber, they can then select whether they are unemployed, and enter their birth date so that we can show if they are #Over50AndOutOfWork or any other criteria that we deem necessary.


If you go to the link above, and click on “Ships Map” you will see a map I did a long time ago.

I don’t really care about the names on the right hand side bar, but at the bottom of the map, you will see “Officer”, “Chief”, and “Enlisted” check boxes.

I would like to have that on the right hand side with the following job categories.

Major Occupational Groups (Note–clicking a link will scroll the page to the occupational group):

This way if we want to see a list of all accountants that are unemployed, we can immediately see that we have one in Peoria if an employer says that they can’t find a qualified accountant in Peoria.

See where I am going with this.


The link above is where I found the code to develop that map.

Sure I could develop it myself given time, but time is something I don’t have as everything is turned off, and I’m worried sick about losing my land and my shed and then on top of that, I worry daily about being arrested for the deadhorse of child support, irs, and student loans.

Bottom line, if you are looking to make a name for yourself in google maps and wordpress, this might be your ticket as the database should have around 26 million users registered once word gets out.


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What kind of person sells out their country?

Does a technical recruiter qualify to be sponsored for an H1b visa?

Click to zoom in

Click to zoom in


In a nutshell, Paul says why the computer jobs are not increasing like they were before 2000.

Folks, if America is the only country that has opportunity, and we destroy that opportunity here in America.

Where will we find the opportunity to rise to the level that our skills are capable of taking us too.

When I first started researching this back in 2007, I wanted to know why I couldn’t get back to work.

After all, I still had the skills, but I couldn’t buy an interview, let alone a job.

So I dug, and dug some more, and nine years later I still continue to dig and I can tell you this for a fact after all of those years.

When I first started this journey, every dark alley led to somebody named Paul Craig Roberts that I had never heard about.

He had already done the research that I was doing, and he had published the very numbers that I am publishing now.

And on his website, he describes his background and all of the high up positions that he had held and he states that he can’t get published anywhere anymore and I used to wonder and think that makes no sense.

But after all of these years researching it, it makes perfect sense.

Our media, owned by our corporations, is slowly but surely silencing those who would disagree with the viewpoint that they want to promote.

And I now realize that with a single stroke of the pen, the Dept of Labor made it possible for all of these corporations to ignore those of us who have been in the software industry for decades simply because we have seen too many people with impeccable degrees, or certifications that could not carry their weight in the market place, so we never obtained the degrees or the certifications because to us they are not a good indicator of whether you can do the job, or not.

Would it help if we went back to school and got our degree?

I used to think it would until I read Norm Matloff’s stories about highly skilled individuals with impeccable credentials that can’t get hired because of their age.

Case in point would be the Dropbox example.

Here’s a personal example.  Some years ago I gave a talk in a public debate on H-1B, and after the talk a man came up to me, introducing himself as the CEO of a Silicon Valley firm.  He said, “You’re wrong about our hiring H-1Bs as cheap labor.  There really is a tech labor shortage, and my company is having real trouble finding software engineers.”  I replied, “Well, my wife is a software engineer.  I’ll have her apply for a position in your company, and we’ll see what happens.  Her surname is different from mine, so you won’t know it’s her.”  He immediately backtracked, protesting, “No, that’s not fair, she’s probably making too much money!”  Indeed. Clearly this CEO had cheap labor as his first priority; quality didn’t even enter into the conversation.

I’ve seen this happen countless times.  In a recent posting, for instance, I described my encounter with a Dropbox VP:

A few months ago I was invited to participate in an industry panel whose featured speaker was a Dropbox Vice President. Actually, an over-35 friend of mine had just applied to Dropbox the week before — and had been summarily rejected the next day, with the firm not even bothering with a phone interview. My friend has a Harvard degree, 20 years of software development experience, and most important, specific modern skills that Dropbox wants. When I mentioned this, the Dropbox VP, who is in charge of recruiting, admitted that he doesn’t have time to even glance at the tons of CVs his firm receives.

Clearly Dropbox’s summary rejection of my friend shows that quality isn’t Dropbox’s priority filter either.  Instead, he too was perceived as “making too much money.”   And remember, Dropbox was one of the major founders of Fwd.us.


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Does the new Attorney General and Governor of Texas realize that this is illegal?

And it is happening on their watch.


Click on the link above to read the original


Click on the link above to see how I humbled myself begging them for help getting a job because I don’t want to be arrested for not paying my child support.

No response yet, but my instinct tells me this is a government contract so they’re probably too busy hiring temporary workers on H-1B visas rather than Texans displaced in Texas.

Please find the below Job Description and share me your interest
and  the updated profile(s) to rajend...@ttssolutionsusa.com

*Job Description :*

*Job Details: Title       : Sharepoint Developer*

*Location: Austin, TX*

*Duration: 6+ Months*

****H1B Copy req***  *

 *Strong knowledge and understanding in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
2007 - 2- 3 years*

- Sharepoint Customization experience
1. Custom Field Development

2. Custome template , event receiver , site definition and webpart

3. Sharepoint Timer job development

4. Trouble shooting sharepoint issues

5. Sharepoint environment setup and installation

- Exposure in Sharepoint 2010

- Microsoft SharePoint Workflow development  - 2 years.

- Microsoft InfoPath - 2 years.

- ASP. Net Web parts - 5 years.

- Microsoft . Net Framework 2. 0/3. 0/3. 5  - 5 years.

- Experience in developing and maintaining WCF service

I’ll be looking forward to hear from your end.
Have a great day ahead.

Thanks & Regards


Talent Acquisition Group
Direct: (512) 308 3789 | Desk: (512) 237 7820 x 102
*rajend...@ttssolutionsusa.com* <rajend...@ttssolutionsusa.com>  |

13809 Research Blvd, Suite 279
Austin, TX 78750

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Daniel Sepulveda, State Department Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy.

During the two-day meeting of the US-India Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Working Group, the Indian delegation led by RS Sharma, Information Technology Secretary, raised its concerns over H-1B visa and rejection of large number of visas of Indian skilled workers.

They also discussed issues relating to international mobility of Indian skilled professionals. Indian officials expressed concerns with regard to mobility of skilled Indian professionals, and agreed that the US government will continue to engage on visa issues for skilled professionals. The Indian side also noted the US concerns relating to equipment testing and certification, it said.


I don’t appreciate you destroying my future any more than you have already done.

Bottom line, with representatives like you selling the American Software worker down the river of ???? without a paddle, we don’t need any damned enemies.


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#H1BTechWorkers needed to tell their story at Keep America At Work

Realizing that the only way #DisplacedAmericanTechWorkers and #H1BTechWorkers are going to have the ability to pursue their career choices in tech is for us to work together to expose the fraud, and the vultures that are preying on citizen and immigrant alike, I have decided to add this category here at Keep America At Work.

Kumar seems to have a lot of knowledge to share so I will be adding his videos slowly.

If you too have knowledge to share, I will make the space available on this site.

If you have been scammed by these vultures, please let us know so that we can work together to identify them and turn them over to the proper authorities.

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Will #H1BTechWorkers and #DisplacedAmericanTechWorkers work together to solve tech industry hiring problems?

It took a long time for all of the pieces to come together in the big picture of tech hiring.

Slowly but surely, #DisplacedAmericanTechWorkers and #H1BTechWorkers have been connecting the dots and realizing that both sides are being played against each other so that companies, both large and small, can deprive the workers of more and more wages and the ability to provide for their families in an unending quest for profit no matter who gets hurt.

As of yesterday I have started a conversation with #H1BTechWorkers who are aware of what is happening and looking for answers of their own.

And I have started up #DisplacedAmericanTechWorkers.

And I am looking for an attorney that is willing to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of both the #H1BTechWorkers and the #DisplacedAmericanTechWorkers, many who have been displaced because their age is near, or over 50.

Yes, this should be the job of our government, but it would appear that for the most part, they have sold their soul to the Tech Industry because they have Billions that they are willing to spend.

Which means it is up to us.

Many who frequent the Over50AndOutOfWork site are #DisplacedAmericanTechWorkers.

I would like to urge all of you that make a living, or have made a living in the tech industry in the past to consider joining with us.

United We Stand.

Divided We Fall.

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Well Hell, Out of Propane Now

What’s next?

already out of beer.

Electricity is due in a week or so.

Phone is off.

Surprised internet hasn’t been shut off yet.

Surprised they haven’t repo’ed my sheds I live out of.

Got food, and almost a quarter tank of gas, so I guess all is not bad.

Lord, send me another oil boom Computer Boom, I promise not to piss it all away this time.

That comes from a bumper sticker I remember seeing in the 70’s when I worked in the oil field.


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Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition will have egg on their face with EEO-1 Data Request

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m all for what he is trying to do, but whoever is supplying him with his facts is not doing their homework.

In every case I have looked at so far, and this includes tech jobs, and manufacturing jobs, it is the “White” people who are getting forced out of these jobs.

Case in point, this is for all companies, all industries, that have filed an EEO-1 report

Want to view the manufacturing ones?

Click on the links above to view them.

I’ve tried to write the Rainbow Coalition before with zero response, and I’m going to send them a copy of this now.

If you have their ear, perhaps you will forward this to them as well as ALL OF US need to do more to Keep America At Work and trust me, Americans need us desperately.

Americans of every race and background.


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If We Buy Their Stories, We’ll Buy Their Goods and Services

Have you ever noticed that the people who explain the bad things and the people who do the bad things are almost always the same people?  Their smokescreen keeps us on the sidelines and makes it difficult to see who’s picking our pockets.

If we buy their stories, we’ll buy their goods and services if it kills us.

“Are All Terrorists Muslims?  It’s Not Even Close”


  • But our media simply do not cover the non-Muslim terror attacks with same gusto.  Why?  It’s a business decision.

“Why Wages Won’t Rise”


  • [Let me guess.  Because of shameless frauds with credentials, Robert Reich?]

“Mentions of Jobs as Top U.S. Problem at Six-Year Low”


  • Unemployment ranks well down the list this month, with government dissatisfaction and the economy in general at the top.  In addition to those three issues, at least 6% of Americans mentioned immigration, the federal debt and a decline in moral values as top problems.  Mentions of racism and race relations fell back to 5% this month, after rising sharply to 13% in December 2014 amid controversy over relations between blacks and white police officers.

“Wenzhou Police Purchase Trojan Horse”


  • Censorship instructions: “All websites nationwide must not repost the article ‘Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Public Security Bureau Spends 100,000 on Cellphone Trojan Horse.’  If already posted, immediately delete.”

If we buy their stories, we’ll buy their goods and services until we can’t.

E-mail: DollarToTheGiant@Gmail.com for We Avoid Risk By Sacrificing Children Chronicles & Comments June 2008 [#1] to Date [#1269]

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Attorney Wanted – Sue U.S. Government – Citizens Displaced by H-1B Visa Holders

I’m willing to go first.

I believe at least a million will join a class action lawsuit if you will take the case.

You better bring you A team as there is BIG BUCKS on the opposing side.

BUT, that also means they have the ability to pay when they lose, and trust me, when Americans in America realize that it is but a matter of time before it happens to them, they will lose.

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I’ve never been to India, but perhaps I need to go visit them to understand this better…

Found an interesting video this morning, but first I wanted to show you what Ii saw on the about page.

Dear All/Student,

HIGHEST AMBITION FOR ANY INDIAN: I know it may not be possible for all. At least those who want India to be changed must visit USA. You must see and experience how drastically they changed over decades. They have driven out inequality, poverty & discrimination from the face of their nation. I think every Indian should have the experience of working abroad for a while to see the progress that Western nations have made(better living, best work culture, better minds and better hearts). I do hope that one day you are able to come back home, and I also hope that you are able to contribute something to the society that gave you birth. I think that is the highest ambition for any Indian.

Notice how he says we have driven out inequality, poverty and discrimination?

To be fair to him, we had until around 2000, but now it is back with a vengeance.

Because of what he says above, this makes me think that it is very bad over there, and I get that.

I have always got it.

But what I don’t get is why can’t those coming here on H-1B’s that will supposedly create jobs, create jobs over there?

Is it because opportunity does not exist over there?

If so, how do we create opportunity over there?



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Opportunity is such a powerful word

When I was a young kid the navy gave me the opportunity to prove that I was very good with technology and I did

For decades after that some of our largest corporations gave that same opportunity and I climbed the ladder to a point where I would be considered in the top ten percent of wage earners

But suddenly around 2003 our corporations decided to shift that opportunity to the cheapest countries and to import those who would work for little and live life in fear of deportation

So I began to study using my skills in 2007 until I knew exactly what was happening

Now that I am 57 I simply want the opportunity to make enough that will allow me to keep my land, pay my bills, pursue my technology hobby and associate with my fellow vets

Pretty simple right?

Problem is, opportunity is nowhere to be found

That is why I do what I do at keep America at work

You may not realize how important opportunity is but your children will if it no longer exists in their time to be all that they could be

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Heal Thyself

Back when I was in the ergonomics business, I used to tell people my job was to protect them from the evils of technology.  Some of my best customers were cell phone manufacturers who knew damned well that “those things give you brain cancer.”

“Why children absorb more microwave radiation than adults: The consequences”


  • Because the average latency time between first exposure and diagnosis of a tumor can be decades, tumors induced in children may not be diagnosed until well into adulthood.  The fetus is particularly vulnerable to MWR.  MWR exposure can result in degeneration of the protective myelin sheath that surrounds brain neurons.  MWR-emitting toys are being sold for use by young infants and toddlers.  Digital dementia has been reported in school age children.  A case study has shown when cellphones are placed in teenage girls’ bras multiple primary breast cancer develop beneath where the phones are placed.  MWR exposure limits have remained unchanged for 19 years.
  • MWR is a Class 2B (possible) carcinogen as is carbon black, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, DDT, lead, nickel, phenobarbital, styrene, diesel fuel, and gasoline.  It seems clear that we would not expose children to these other agents, so why would we expose children to microwave radiation?

Indeed, why sacrifice children at all?

We demand the right to publish truth.

We exercise the right to publish everything else.


E-mail: DollarToTheGiant@Gmail.com for We Avoid Risk By Sacrificing Children Chronicles & Comments June 2008 [#1] to Date [#1268]

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