So Reliant Tech, Inc. does not want to hire Americans to work in America?

Looking OPT/H1B/GC/H4EAD Consultant

Reliant Tech, Inc. – Holmdel, NJ

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$115,000/ year

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Hope you are doing great,

we are in IT Staffing from last 33 Years,

We have good client and vendor relationship

we can get the client interview and placement in a month.

if you are interested work with us so please call me on 732-984-7102

Thank you

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Looking consultant who can come to our payroll after the confirmation

Dear John, you are too damn old at 60 for us to hire you

Department of the Air Force
Air Education and Training Command
Total Force Service Center

Dear Virgil Bierschwale,

This refers to the application you recently submitted to this office for the position identified below:

Position: IT SPECIALIST (APPSW), GS-2210-9
Announcement: 8Z-AFPC-1014606-122038-JP

  • Lackland AFB, Texas

Results regarding your recent referral to the Hiring Official are as follows:

We regret to inform you that you were not selected for the position of:

  • GS-2210-9 in Lackland AFB, Texas

Thank you for your interest in Federal employment with the Department of the Air Force.


Where are the DHS strategic and policy office voices to insist that something be done and provide the leadership and direction needed?

My colleague David North wrote recently about a civil suit against Infosys, a large corporation that provides a cheap and plentiful supply of foreign labor to U.S. client businesses. As North documented, the company seems to excel at violating federal discrimination laws in favor of sourcing young Indian workers to its clientele, a propensity that has gotten it into hot water previously.

Most recently, things took a different twist when the New York State attorney general filed suit, alleging that Infosys was giving specific advice to its Indian worker referrals on how to avoid getting ensnared by U.S. consular and border officials, even though the conditions of their visas and entry precluded the right to work lawfully in the United States.

Shockingly the advice was even reduced to writing, including a “Do’s and Don’ts” memorandum among other things. The suit was settled for a million bucks — cheap at the price, as North also noted.

Citing the settlement, North posed this question: “Is not this evidence, given the repeated nature of the company’s infractions, sufficient for either the Department of Labor to put Infosys on the debarred list or for the Department of Homeland Security [DHS] to take similar action?”


The U.S. firms are better at hiding it, that’s all.

Age discrimination has been spotted in China as well.

I guess one could expect it there, but here in America?

Why that is against our EEOC laws that our own government runs on.

And yes, as an employee of the dept of Veterans Affairs who is 60, I can guarantee that they practice it too.

From Mr. Matloff’s Blog.

An alert reader pointed me to this Bloomberg article on ageism in the Chinese tech sector. I’ve observed it myself, in the experience of a relative and her husband.

But the article incorrect in saying that the problem is even worse in China than in the U.S. Wrong! It’s just as bad in the U.S.; note that they even set 35 as the cutoff point (though some lower numbers are mentioned too), just like I do for the U.S. The U.S. firms are better at hiding it, that’s all.

One difference is that in the U.S. the primary motivation is cost savings, while in China it is a misguided notion that only young new graduates know the Latest and Greatest technologies. (U.S. companies make statements like that too, but it is mainly an excuse.)


You too can be an indentured servant for firms like Cloudwick Technologies of Newark

Just think, you can do highly skilled work and get paid the grand sum of $800.00 per month.

And just think, even with that masters diploma, you too can be trained to work as an indentured servant.

A dozen Indian workers at an East Bay technology firm were promised salaries of up to $8,300 a  month, but after the company brought them in under the controversial H-1B visa, they found themselves netting as little as $800 per month, the federal government alleged Tuesday.

Cloudwick Technologies of Newark has been ordered to pay about $175,000 to 12 employees for back wages after violating H-1B rules, the U.S. Department of Labor said. The company disputed some of the government’s claims.

“Investigators found that the company paid impacted employees well below the wage levels required under the H-1B program based on job skill level, and also made illegal deductions from workers’ salaries,” the department said in a news release. “As a result, some of the H-1B employees that Cloudwick brought from India with promised salaries of up to $8,300 per month instead received as little as $800 net per month.”

Cloudwick founder and CEO Mani Chhabra said Tuesday that the labor department “misrepresented” some facts about the company’s use of H-1B workers.

“Cloudwick has never brought resources from India,” Chhabra said. “All the resources are Master’s students that have educated in U.S. and then we hired and trained them.”


H-1B Tips: Ardent technologies inc

From time to time we get tips.

We post them here so that you can see what really is happening.

Hi sir,good morning, 

I need help, Ardent technologies inc is provided H1b for me and got visa.In 
march2016 I travelled to USA, in the port of entry officers called 
to employer but employer is not responded then port of entry officers told 
to me go back to India then I came back to India. Once I reached India I 
called to employer(Vas appalaneni-0019373121345) he told me don’t call 
me because us immigration people are tracking my number and he suggested we 
have branch in Hyderabad. I asked to Vas appalaneni before H1b 
processing you told me don’t have any branches in India then again he told 
me I don’t have time to talk to you plz call to Srinivas jasti(0019376810548)from 
USA and Ancha Subbarao(91-7702840596)from India.I called to srinivas jasti 
he told me pay the money so that we can help you otherwise we can’t help 
and also if you have any queries call to India person(Ancha Subbarao). I 
called to ancha Subbarao he told me when your paying the money? then I 
given answer why I have to pay the money and also you people are taken 
interview and provided offer letter then I resigned my current job and 
travelled to USA now I lost of my current job,now your demanding money, again he threatening if your not pay the money we are not helping .and also what 
ever employer provided projects those are also not running. 

I am requesting to you please take action against ARDENT TECHNOLOGIES 
INC and also Jasti srinivas rao(0019376810548), Ancha 
subbarao(917702840596),Vas appalaneni. In below am providing USA address 
and India address. 

USA address: Ardent technologies inc, 6234 Far hills ave, Dayton, 
OH-45459, Us. PH: 0019373121345. 

India address: Ardent technologies, Plot-286, Hafeezpet, Hyderabad-50049. 
Ph : 04065746777. 

American Citizens need NOT apply…!

Software Engineer / Developer (H1B Transfer /OPT-EAD/H4-EAD/ GC Sponsorship / Any issue with visa…

O2 Technologies Irvine, CA

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O2 Technologies


Irvine, CA
92614 USA

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Even the Indian Consulting Firms know there are problems with people getting paid

From: Paul <>
Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2018 1:48:53 PM
To: Paul
Subject: OPT/GC/H1B Job Placements/H1B Transfers

Hi Consultant,
Hope you are doing great.
I am Paul from K7 Staffing and Solutions Inc, looking for OPT/GC/H1B Transfer candidates for the job roles that we currently have with us 
Pleas do reach out to us if you are also facing any problems with payroll with your current employer and want to move to a new project or would like to transfer with the existing project to us.
If you need a job and want us to market you with our clients send me your latest updated resume and we will reach out to you with in 24 hours..
Please feel free to email  me back for any questions that you have in your mind to start of the process.
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