Who will tell the story of those millions of Americans who have:

  1. Watched as their job was sent to another country leaving them with no way to provide for their family.
  2. Been forced to train their non-immigrant guest worker before they were fired or laid off.
  3. Watched as the jobs that they did for decades were given to non-immigrant guest workers because of a belief in “caste” that should not even exist in a country like America that believes all men are created equal.

That was the question I’ve been asking myself these last few days when Keep America At Work died a painful death because I couldn’t afford a lousy 20 bucks to keep it running.

Somebody needs to tell their stories so that we will wake up as a nation and do the right thing for America and its citizens.

As an example, are any of you gardeners, or proud of your lawns, or even your car?

What happens when you water the yard in India or China and neglect your yard in America?

Yes, it dies.

That is what we are doing when we send our jobs to other countries.

And when we import non-immigrant guest workers to take the remaining jobs here in America, we deny our children who are studying to be all that they can be, the opportunity to compete for those jobs.

And we deny the American citizen that has decades of experience, the ability to work in their field simply because we have more people when we add in non-immigrant guest workers than we do jobs.

Leaving the American citizen, young and old, fighting over cake crumbs.

Which creates a simmering volcano that is slowly growing hotter and hotter.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, who has been through what I have been through, we are now back online to tell those stories.

Will you help us to do that?

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