Ask yourself why The Charles Schwab Corporation would not disclose their annual EEO-1 data.

All nominees for directors were elected, and each nominee received more “for” votes than “against” votes cast for his or her election. The proposals for ratification of the selection of Deloitte & Touche LLP as CSC’s independent auditors, the advisory vote on named executive officer compensation, and the 2013 Stock Incentive Plan, as amended and restated, were approved. The proposal to amend CSC’s Fourth Restated Bylaws to adopt a proxy access bylaw for director nominations by stockholders required the affirmative vote of 80% of total outstanding shares of CSC’s common stock and was not approved. The stockholder proposal requesting annual disclosure of EEO-1 data was not approved. The stockholder proposal requesting disclosure of the company’s political contributions and expenditures, recipients, and related policies and procedures was not approved. The final voting results were as follows:

What are they hiding?

The displacement of American Software Developers?


Realizing that it is NOT just the infosys’s that are displacing Americans in America…

Like everybody, I thought it was just the companies from India that were displacing Americans like myself.

But over time I saw the light.

As an example, many companies hide behind the same street addresses.

So I wrote a very simple query program that would show the 2016 LCA (H-1B) applications sorted by the largest quantity for each address.

As an example, if you click here you will see the report.

employer_address totals
Select 6100 TENNYSON PARKWAY 17349
Select 3039 CORNWALLIS ROAD 8375
Select 1700 MARKET STREET 6245
Select 161 N. CLARK ST. 5155
Select 623 FIFTH AVENUE 4908
Select 211 QUALITY CIRCLE 3604
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

If you click on 3039 Cornwallis Road, you will find IBM and IBM Private Limited.

If you click on 1700 Market Street, you will find many variations of Deloitte.

If you click on 161 N. Clark St, you will find accenture and HDI Global Insurance Company

If you click on 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, you will find Google and Verily Life Science.

Are you beginning to get the picture?

Go to that page, and click through the various companies from the largest to the smallest.

I believe it will open your eyes.

And that was for 2016.

I wonder what the latest data would show for 2017 and 2018?

If I could find an investor to fund my work, you would be able to do your research as a journalist and I believe the results will amaze you.

So next time you think it is only Infosy, Tata, Cognizant, etc..

Thank Again.

Even though it is illegal, age discrimination is alive and well at the VA

Dear Virgil Bierschwale,

Thank you for your interest in Federal employment with the Audie L Murphy Memorial Veterans Hospital.

We regret to inform you that you were not selected for the position of:

  • GS-0343-9 in San Antonio, Texas

Another candidate has been selected. If you have any questions regarding this notice, contact Kevin Anderson at 210-617-5300 or KEVIN.ANDERSON3@VA.GOV.

We appreciate your interest in employment with the Department of Veterans Affairs and encourage you to visit to view and apply for other employment opportunities.

The purpose of the H-1B program is to provide employers cheap foreign labor to replace American workers.

No other statement of purpose is consistent with what Congress has put into law.

The sleazy behavior of the Disney management and the unsuccessful legal challenges to it demonstrate that the H-1B program is not fixable because it is not broken.

The H-1B program is not being abused; the H-1B program itself is abusive and needs to be completely discarded.


Unfortunately, we lost because it’s legal.

“As we have said all along, these lawsuits were completely baseless,” a Disney spokeswoman said in a statement Wednesday.

Blackwell vowed to keep fighting for the issue by advocating and creating public awareness, she told reporters at the news conference.

Under President Donald Trump — whom Blackwell accused of not doing enough to help the Disney workers — immigration and the H-1B visa has generated a hot-button political debate.

A primary avenue for skilled immigrants to enter the United States, the H-1B visa is for specialty workers, and is heavily used in the tech industry. About 85,000 visas are issued annually in a lottery system. Some critics argue they are a way for companies to avoid hiring U.S. citizens. Trump himself has said H-1B recipients shouldn’t even be considered skilled.

An Associated Press investigation in 2017 found that some H-1B workers — particularly in jobs such as computer science — are often paid less than their American counterparts.

Blackwell also voiced frustration with politicians, including Trump, for not doing more to create change.

“We truly believed in him,” said Blackwell, a Republican Sarasota attorney who, according to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, was considering running for a state House seat in 2016 and spoke about the Disney fight at Trump rallies during his campaign. “What has Trump done? Nothing.”