H-1b and L-1b foreign guestworkers REPLACING well educated American workers


Presidentail Debate Question:

H-1b and L-1b foreign guestworkers REPLACING well educated American workers


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So I tell the stories of Displaced Americans and Displaced Naturalized Americans and endure the ridicule of those who turn their nose up at me because the only way we are going to end this nightmare is to tell our stories so that the people of America will realize that it eventually will be them if we continue on this path.

Yesterday somebody who was obviously from India hiding behind an anonymous name of “Red Pill” tried to shame me as a dalit, or beggar in the street on one of the many comments that I make.

A few seconds looking at his other comments on disqus showed me his true colors so I ignored him as I am better than him.

After nearly 6 years of continuous unemployment and very little employment since 2003 when I was forced out of technology at the young age of 45 (I will be 59 on 27 Dec), to say i am in bad shape financially would be an understatement.

Today I received a donation of $50.00 from somebody else that was from India who I am now proud to call an American because he, or she is facing what I have gone through and realizes that the writing is on the wall if we don’t stop this flood of “freshers”.

Virgil, Hats off to you for all your efforts to keep American jobs in USA. I immigrated to USA from India 20 years back and in my 50s finding it a challenge to hold on to the IT job. Hopefully all your efforts will start paying off this year finally. We are a silent majority standing with you. RS
 To which I replied.
I have had the great fortune to work with people from all countries and I supported that for decades because I thought as long as my skills were the best I would always have work.

I still believe my skills are the best when it comes to analyzing systems and managing projects.
But I had never heard of caste or age discrimination back then.
Now I fight it because it is all I have left to do and yes, you are right.
With a flood of “freshers”, we older guys and gals are getting displaced and finding it impossible to find work.
I will be 59 on 27 Dec.
You are in your 50s.
This is the time that our kids are depending on us to help them build their career and I can’t even put a roof over my head.
So I tell the stories of Displaced Americans and Displaced Naturalized Americans and endure the ridicule of those who turn their nose up at me because the only way we are going to end this nightmare is to tell our stories so that the people of America will realize that it eventually will be them if we continue on this path.
Folks, we are in this together IF we consider ourselves to be an American citizen.
United We Stand
Divided We Fall
As for those that come here simply to displace us from our jobs so that they can live rich compared to their homeland and deny us jobs because we are not the right caste, or simply because we are Americans in America.
May you rot in hell
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Will Charlotte’s business sector be forced once again to hire the Americans that built their industries in the first place? End #h1b

That is the first thought that crossed my mind.

I for one hope Trump can find a way to trump their hole cards.

“I personally am terrified for what the Trump administration could mean for H-1B visas and access to them,” said Charlotte-based immigration attorney Onyema Ezeh. He said some local CEOs of small companies have already contacted him fretting over what might happen to the visas.

“They’re really worried,” Ezeh said. “The threat of the H-1B visas … being limited is a real one, and one that would hurt companies. And that’s why they’re having sleepless nights at this point.”

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/article117104648.html#storylink=cpy
Bastards don’t know what sleepless nights are.
Try having this done to your future so that these companies can be more profitable so that they can pay their executives bonuses that they don’t deserve.
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Yep, that is pretty much everything I have left.

I hope they are proud of themselves for what they did to Americans in America.


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It will be the Focus of Displaced Americans who want to end the #h1b yesterday.

If you haven’t read this crap, you ought too.

Future of New Rule Under Trump

Since the rule will take effect prior to the end of the Obama administration, the rule will be difficult to rescind, Storch said. “The Trump administration would need to engage in full notice-and-comment rulemaking to do so, an effort that would take time and may not be a focus of the new administration given the president-elect’s other immigration priorities.”


If you have been displaced by non-immigrant guest workers on visas like the H-1B, you really need to read this by clicking on the link above.


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Americans need not apply in America for our best paying software jobs

Onsite Ongoing Projects For Valid H1B Visa Holders Only
Organisation : Confidential     Posted Date: 24/11/2016
Job Location: United States (US)   |   Experience: (4 – 9) Years.   |   Salary: Rs. 75000 – 90000 (P.A.)


I wonder.

Should President Trump drain the swamp at our EEOC.gov?

Of do they just need him to light their fire and give them more resources?

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