Folks, if you're not willing to help me fight for our jobs, please support my efforts with as little as a dollar each so that I can focus on fighting this battle for your job - If you are a professional and you don't think your job is in jeopardy, you really need to look at the maps on this site because trust me, there are millions of college educated people from India that want your job and they are willing to exclude you from the workforce entirely as long as they get the jobs.

What An Honest Guy

Useful, and keenly interesting:

“Chinese company’s Washington-built plane makes its first flight”

  • On the top end, Chinese [Communist Party] -owned Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, better known as Comac, is developing an aircraft called the C919, intended to directly challenge Boeing’s 737.

“Johnson Controls inks deal creating Chinese auto interiors joint venture”

  • Under the terms of the agreement, [state (Chinese Communist Party) -owned] Yanfeng will hold a 70 percent share in the joint venture.  Johnson controls will hold a 30 percent share.

“China Q1 foreign trade dips 6 pct”

[Xinhua link — April 13, 2015]

  • Exports rose by 4.9 percent from a year earlier to 3.15 trillion yuan, while imports shrank by 17.3 percent to 2.39 trillion yuan, according to data from the General Administration of Customs (GAC).  Trade surplus exploded 6.1 times to 755.3 billion yuan in the first three months.

“Beijing blocks Taiwan from becoming founding member of China-led AIIB”

[SCMP link — April 13, 2015]

  • However, there had been uncertainty over Taiwan’s bid because the other applicant[s] are all nation states, while the mainland regards the island as a renegade province since the end of the civil war in 1949.

“Shenzhen citizen’s entry to Hong Kong restricted”

[Beijing Times link — April 13, 2015]

  • The decision was made by the central government after huge numbers of tourists from the mainland put a strain on Hong Kong’s accommodation capacity, the circular said.

“Outlawing public opinion in Spain”

  • These punitive measures are especially handy, of course, in an era of brutal austerity measures, home evictions, and other government efforts in Spain that have triggered collective action on a mass scale.

“The Making of Hillary Clinton”

  • First in a three-part series.

“Student Loans Owned and Securitized, Outstanding”

  • 2014, Q4: $1,325,308,500,000

“Total Consumer Loans Owned by Federal Government, Outstanding”

  • 2015-02: $876,133,200,000

“Here’s the powerful essay that got a high school senior into all 8 Ivy League schools”

  • The 17-year-old plans to become a neurosurgeon after he finishes college and medical school, eventually going into public policy.  To this end, Agbafe said he was looking for a school with strong government, economics, and science programs.

I once wrote a similarly powerful essay, and my high school English teacher handed it back to me with no grade, just a little red-ink drawing of a shovel.  I’ll never forget that.  What a great guy.  Yale-educated, too.  That was a long time ago.


E-mail: for We Avoid Risk By Sacrificing Children Chronicles & Comments June 2008 [#1] to Date [#1347]

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I have a feeling this report would shed some light on why I can’t get hired at the Veterans Administration in Austin, TX

Title: Administrative Investigation, Improper Access to the VA Network by VA Contractors from Foreign Countries, Office of Information and Technology, Austin, TX
Report Number: 13-01730-159
Issue Date: 4/13/2015
VA Office: Office of Information and Technology (OIT)
Report Author: Office of Investigations
Report Type: Administrative Investigation
Release Type: Restricted
Summary: VA OIG Administrative Investigations Division issued a report titled: Administrative Investigation, Improper Access to the VA Network by VA Contractors from Foreign Countries, Office of Information and Technology, Austin, TX

Too bad this report is restricted as I have a feeling it would shed some light on the offshoring of our jobs by government administrators.

I have applied numerous times at the Austin TX Veterans Administration, and I have the skills, and even if they rate me as having those skills, I have never been contacted or called.

Which makes me wonder, have these VA contractors from Foreign Countries also been vetting the resumes?

And that explains why even though the Department of Labor and the Veterans Administration stated in writing that they would offer “Employment Assistance”, none has been forthcoming.


Imagine that.

I’ve suspected for sometime now that something was wrong with the hiring process at our Government Jobs, and now this.

As Gomer Pyle would say.

Shame, Shame, Shame.

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Why does the population continue to rise while total working has been flat since 2007?

Click to zoom in

Click to zoom in

Notice how our population continues to rise in an almost perfect trend line?

Yet the total people working has leveled off, and if you compare 2015 against the high in 2007, it has only increased by 375,000 more people working than we had in 2007 (If you doubt this, the facts can be found in the left hand sidebar where it says Part 1 and Part 2)

The chart is hard to read that way, isn’t it?

So lets divide the population number in half so that the two numbers are similar in size so that the chart will be easier to view.

Click to zoom in

Click to zoom in

Imagine that.

We have always had more population until around 1990 when we began to bring in temporary workers on temporary visas to displace American workers in America.

But that is not the only thing that is causing what you are seeing here.

We also began sending our jobs offshore around the mid to late 70’s via free trade agreements.

As you can see, the total people employed in America is decreasing to compensate for the amount of jobs that have been sent offshore.

That is the reason that there are so many people unemployed in America, and if our government at the state and federal level would count everybody that is unemployed, maybe we could put an end to sending our jobs offshore and importing temporary workers on temporary visas to force Americans like myself out of the labor market…!


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How can the American Immigration Council be so wrong on what the H-1B program is doing to American Workers?

Don’t get me wrong, they did a tremendous job putting together this primer that came across my desk today.

Addressing the Myths about H-1B Visas, and Understanding the Important Role that H-1B Workers Play in Our Economy

In today’s labor market, foreign workers fill a critical need—particularly in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. Many opponents of the H-1B visa seek to pit native-born workers against their foreign-born colleagues. But, in fact, workers do not compete against each other for a fixed number of jobs. The United States has created a dynamic and powerful economy, and immigrants of all types and skills, from every corner of the globe, have worked with native-born workers to build it. Skilled immigrants’ contributions to the U.S. economy help create new jobs and new opportunities for economic expansion. Indeed, H-1B workers positively impact our economy and employment opportunities of native-born workers.

How do H-1B visas impact wages?

Despite suggestions to the contrary, the overwhelming evidence shows that H-1B visas do not drive down wages of native-born workers, with some studies showing a positive impact on wages overall.  

  • From 1990 (the start of the H-1B program) to 2010, H-1B-driven increases in STEM workers were associated with a significant increase in wages for college-educated, U.S.-born workers in 219 U.S. cities. H-1B-driven increases in STEM workers in a city were associated with increases in wages of 7 to 8 percentage points paid to both STEM and non-STEM college-educated natives, while non-college educated workers saw an increase of 3 to 4 percentage points.
  • From 2009 to 2011, wage growth for U.S.-born workers with at least a bachelor’s degree was nominal, but wage growth for workers in occupations with large numbers of H-1B petitions was substantially higher. For example, in the Computer Systems Design and Related Services category, there has been a 5.5 percent wage growth since 1990 and 7.0 percent wage growth since 2009. In comparison, wage growth across all industries has been 0.8 percent since 1990 and 1.6 percent since 2009.
  • On average, H-1B workers earn higher wages than employed U.S.-born workers with bachelor’s degrees: $76,356 compared to $67,301, including in areas like computer and information technology, engineering, healthcare, and post-secondary education. When comparing workers of the same age cohort and occupation, H-1B workers earn higher wages than their native-born counterparts. Specifically, in 17 out of 20 age cohort and occupation groups, wages for H-1B workers are higher than non-H-1B workers.
  • Factors such as gender, marital status, and ethnicity play a larger role than citizenship or immigration status for wages in the tech and finance industries—industries that use a large number of H-1B visas. A worker’s geographic region also accounts for significant differences in wages. 

How do H-1B visas impact U.S. employment rates?

Research shows that H-1B workers complement U.S. workers, fill employment gaps in many STEM occupations, and expand job opportunities for all. The United States faces challenges in meeting the growing needs of an expanding knowledge-based innovation economy. Arguments that immigrants are freezing out native-born workers are rebutted by the best available empirical evidence.

  • Unemployment rates are low for occupations that use large numbers of H-1B visas (Figure 2). For example, many STEM occupations have very low unemployment compared to the overall national unemployment rate. These low unemployment rates signal a demand for labor that exceeds the supply.

Point one, we do have a finite amount of jobs, and we have created only 375,000 jobs since our high in 2007 and you can verify this by following the steps that I used to create this article that you can view by clicking here.

Point two, unemployment for Americans that have decades of experience in the computer field is off the chart, but hidden simply because our government does not count the long term unemployed and has not since 1994 when ole Wild Bill Clinton was grinning from ear to ear with that stogie.

Point three, for every job that went to a temporary worker brought in on a temporary visa, an American was displaced just like I was, and Art, and Gary, and Denise and Joe was, and many, many more.

I could go on and on, but what is the use.

If you, as an American are not willing to stand up and say that you want to Keep America At Work by hiring Americans in America, then your children will pay the price for your silence, just as all of our children will do for our silence.

It really is that simple…

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Why would I as an American student have to pay taxes while a foreign student doesn’t?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) runs the foreign student program. Many years ago it created the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program, which allows recent alien college graduates to work for a period of 12 months after graduation. The Bush (43) administration created a still larger loophole by extending the 12 months by17 more months for those F-1 visa holders working in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and the Obama administration further expanded the program, with no congressional input in either case. Since these foreign college grads are defined by ICE as “students”, neither the employer nor the alien has to pay payroll taxes, which are mandated on resident workers and their employers. Thus the United States pays a bonus of as much as $11,600 to employers when they hire an alien graduate rather than a U.S. graduate with the same qualifications and paid the same salary. That is both unfair and absurd!

The program that converts foreign college graduates back to foreign students by a wave of a bureaucratic wand had these negative impacts on residents of the United States:

  • It denied American workers more than430,000 jobs during the years 2009-2013; and
  • It removed $4 billion (with a B) from the Social Security and Medicare trust funds.

The evidence showing that Americans have been displaced by temporary workers or temporary students grows daily.

Just think, you could send your child to the best schools that you could afford, or into military colleges or trade schools and they could grow up and start building a future for themselves and then suddenly at some point in their lives, find themselves unemployable like millions of us and have them left holding the bag for mortgages, student loans, whatever life twists and turns that they pursued to build a better future for their children, with no way to pay the debt that they owe simply because nobody will hire them.

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