And, as is common among the former foreign students now working in the U.S., we see an unwarranted sense of entitlement.

On the one hand, I can sympathize. I’ve long stated that those waiting for a green card are de facto indentured servants — and that many employers like it that way. But I must say that these foreign workers, in complaining about their woes, seem to have no inkling of the woes they cause many Americans, when employers hire them over equally-qualified Americans. And, as is common among the former foreign students now working in the U.S., we see an unwarranted sense of entitlement.

What is also interesting about the article is that it shows, once again, how the H-1Bs hired as foreign students at U.S. universities are mostly ordinary people doing ordinary work — NOT “the best and the brightest,” as claimed by the industry lobbyists.

The foreign worker highlighted in the lead paragraph, Haifeng Xiao, attended a non-elite university in China, and a non-elite university in the U.S. She is doing work that many Americans could do. As I said, ordinary people doing ordinary work.

The other main profile in the article is Srikanth Peddireddy. He has an MBA from a top school, but his job title is Performance Excellence Manager. Really, are there no qualified Americans available for that position?

What gets me is we are not talking about immigration in the majority of cases.

We are talking about NON IMMIGRANT visa holders brought in to take American jobs from Americans in America in a manner very similar to how “scabs” were brought in to break union picket lines in generations past.


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The temporary workers and the jobs went back to India.

At Cengage Learning, an educational publisher, about 30 accountants in Ohio and Kentucky were laid off on September 11, after they spent five months training Indian workers from Cognizant, another outsourcing giant. The temporary workers and the jobs went back to India.

Here’s the irony: many of the workers at these American corporations who are getting laid off through these ‘knowledge transfer’ system are immigrants themselves, including from India, who came on F1 student visa, H-1B and L1 work visas, and became permanent residents.

Indian tech companies, it seems, have found a way around the annual limit of 85,000 H-1B visas and its tricky lottery system, to entrench themselves in corporate America.

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Lynden Melmed, what about the Displacement of Americans in America? Why are you not helping them?

In early September, the State Department gave exciting news to tens of thousands of highly skilled legal immigrants in the United States who had been stuck for years in visa backlogs, waiting for green cards. On Oct. 1, they would take a big step forward along the path to their documents, a department bulletin said.

Then, just as suddenly and with no explanation, the department reversed course Sept. 25, sending most of the immigrants — including many people from India and China with advanced degrees and professional careers in the United States — back to where they had been in slow-moving visa lines, dashing their hopes and disrupting their lives.

The problem was that immigration officials realized belatedly that they did not have enough green card visas, which are limited by yearly quotas, for all the immigrants they had allowed to apply for them, Obama administration officials said.

“It was a devastating blow for the workers and their families with skills we are trying to retain in the United States,” said Lynden Melmed, a lawyer at Berry, Appleman & Leiden in Washington, who was formerly general counsel of the Department of Homeland Security agency that administers immigration with the State Department. Immigrants who were affected filed a federal lawsuit in Seattle, accusing the administration of “arbitrary and capricious action” that cost them millions of dollars.

The bait-and-switch was also a new setback for President Obama’s efforts to make fixes to immigration through executive actions he announced last November. His actions to protect immigrants in the country illegally have been held up by federal courts. New guidelines to speed up green card applications for highly skilled workers were another part of his programs.

The turnabout resulted, officials said, from communication failures between the State Department and Homeland Security. After the State Department published its monthly visa bulletin on Sept. 9 under the new guidelines allowing many thousands of immigrants to apply early for green cards, officials did further hurried calculations and saw that under annual limits, not enough visas were immediately available.

Why do I not hear anybody speaking up for the American People?

They are citizens.

And the people that Lynden is speaking up for here are here on on NON IMMIGRANT ViSAS.

That means they did not come here to immigrate.

They were brought here by businesses, government, media and academia specifically to Displace Americans in America from the American Workforce in a manner similar to how “scabs” were brought in to break union picket lines in decades past.

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This practice of replacing U.S. workers with foreign workers constitutes national origin discrimination

The Disney IT workers “were terminated because they were American citizens and all their replacements were foreign-born Indians,” said Sara Blackwell, a Florida attorney, who is representing seven of the Disney workers at its parks and resort division. She has set up an organizationto challenge the practice. Other discrimination claims, including age and disability, will be made as well. Those complaints are being filed with the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission, which sees if a settlement is possible prior to any lawsuit.

Disney did not respond immediately for comment.

“We need to protect American workers,” said James Otto, a California attorney who is representing a Disney ABC Television Group employee in that state. This complaint is being filed in California under the state’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, which Otto said is similar to the federal process, but with more protections.

Otto’s client still works at Disney and had been targeted for an earlier layoff, but Disney rescinded those layoffs. Nonetheless, the complaints being made include a hostile workforce and national origin discrimination.

The IEEE-USA is trying to encourage the U.S. Department of Justice to take action and launch an independent investigation.

The engineering association held a forum this week at the U.S. Capitol and invited former DOJ officials, including John Trasviña, special counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices at the Department of Justice during the Clinton Administration, and William Sanchez, who led the same Office of Special Counsel as Trasviña during the George W. Bush Administration. Both agreed, according to a tape of the session, that the U.S. is in a good position to investigate.

May God be with you and may you squash the Benedict Arnold’s in our government, businesses, academia and media that are destroying America and the lives of its people from within.

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Earth to OPM Hack Investigators…

An Indian ex-employee of Bristol-Myers-Squibb, who admitted stealing trade secrets from the drug manufacturer for his planned business venture in India, was awarded a year in jail today, a sentence he has already served.

Shalin Jhaveri, 30 is expected to be deported to India soon.

US District Judge Norman Mordue sentenced Jhaveri to his time served in a New York jail.

Mordue also imposed a USD 5,000 fine and ordered Jhaveri to forfeit the computer equipment he used to steal the formulas.

Federal immigration agents took Jhaveri into custody and would transport him to a detention centre where he will face deportation proceedings in 10 days.

Jhaveri sobbed in court as he apologised for betraying the trust of the company and his family, the Syracuse Post-Standard reported that

“I have failed in my most significant purpose of being on this earth, and I am ashamed,” Jhaveri said.

Come on folks, connect the dots and put Americans back in charge of this data.

Click to zoom in
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Click on the link above to read the full document.


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India brags about winning battle while losing the war…

WASHINGTON: In a breather for Indian IT firms, the “discriminatory” USD 2,000 H-1B fee mostly imposed on them has now lapsed in a Republican-majority US Congress.

The charges, often called outsourcing fee, had forced Indian IT companies in the last few years to pay millions of dollars towards protecting the US-Mexican border from illegal immigration.

Indian firms had described the fee on highly-qualified IT professionals coming to the US on a H-1B visa as “discriminatory.”

The legislation with regard to a USD 2,000 fee on H-1B visas for companies having more than 50 per cent of its employees oversees was adopted by the US Congress in 2010 mainly at the instance of a group of lawmakers led by Senator Charles Schumer.

Passed on August 10, the law contains provision to hike H-1B and L-1 Visa fee per application by USD 2,000 and USD 2,250 respectively for qualifying firm; which mainly targeted Indian IT companies.

The duration of law was extended  ..

Imagine that.
It is illegal for us to stop India from hunting American jobs without a license.
Since when does India make our laws?
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The individuals who were not selected were 55, 42, 56 and 58 years old.

Way to go

I have a feeling the navy did the same thing to me but I have no way to prove it.






This letter provides the status of the below position and the outcome of your referral for selection consideration.

Position Title:   IT Specialist (APPSW/SYSANALYSIS)

Pay Plan:         GS



Vacancy ID:       1408199

Announcement Number:      NE52210-12-1408199NW109409

Hiring Office:    65886 FRC Southeast Jacksonville Phl

Anyway, back to the EEOC finding its balls.

The EEOC this week filed a lawsuit alleging age discrimination in hiring against a Silicon Valley, CA, employer.

No, the EEOC didn’t sue Google or Microsoft. The EEOC sued  the city of Milpitas for violating the Age Discrimination in Employment Act by choosing a younger candidate over older applicants with greater qualifications for the position of executive secretary to the city manager. The city allegedly failed to hire four qualified applicants who scored higher than the person selected in a three-person panel review of the candidates.  The individuals who were not selected were 55, 42, 56 and 58 years old. Instead, EEOC alleges the city hired a younger applicant (age 39) who was less qualified than these people, without a valid justification for disregarding the panel rankings.

EEOCAge discrimination in hiring is particularly blatant in Silicon Valley, where the high-tech industry is notorious for hiring only young workers.  Some Silicon Valley employers unabashedly advertise for job applicants who are “digital natives” and “recent graduates.”

A  60-year-old software engineer who was not hired by Google in 2011 filed a class action age discrimination lawsuit against Google earlier this year. The lawsuit  alleges the company’s workforce is “grossly disproportionate” with respect to age. The lawsuit asserts the median age of the 28,000 employees who worked for Google in 2013 was 29.  The U.S. Department of Labor reports the median age for computer programmers in the United States is 42.8 and the median age for software developers is 40.6.

EEOC Senior Counsel Cathy Ventrell-Monsees, in a speech last summer, singled out open and flagrantage discrimination in the high-tech industry, adding, “Some of our officers have made it a priority in looking at age discrimination in the tech industry.”


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How funny is it that Walmart is eating its own?

Walmart rose to prominence by destroying the mom and pops of the World.

And now?

The cuts will make up a small portion of the more than 18,000 people employed at the Bentonville, Arkansas office but fit in with a streamlining effort that has been flagged by Chief Executive Doug McMillon in recent months.

“There are no cash registers in the office,” McMillon told analysts after the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting in June to emphasize his focus on stores as the earnings driver for the company.

Walmart, here is your sign in a video format…

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