Thank you Robert Casimiro of Bridgton Maine for standing up for Americans in America

The area of Portland, Lewiston, Bath, Bridgton, Fryeburg is one of the nicest areas that I ever lived in.

I used to travel the state fixing scales at the leather factories and seafood places.

I’ve heard that those leather factories and even the paper factories have dried up.

So I’m damned glad to hear the people of Maine standing up for jobs for Mainers in Maine.

Controversy over misuse and fraud of H-1B visas surfaced in 2015 when it was reported Disney was firing American workers and replacing them with H-1B foreign workers (“Pink Slips at Disney. But First, Training Foreign Replacements,” New York Times, June 3, 2015).

Michelle Malkin probes deeper into the subject in her 2015 book “Sold Out,” and describes in shocking detail the extent of the fraud and abuse in the H-1B, as well as other temporary work visa programs.

To make matters worse, there is a bill in the U. S. Senate — the “I-Squared Act of 2015” — that would, among other things, triple the number of H-1B visas granted annually and, most troubling of all, Maine’s U.S. Sen. Angus King is a co-sponsor of the bill, joining Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., among its 13 co-sponsors (

I might ask: Who does Sen. King really represent?

Robert Casimiro, Bridgton

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But American workers don’t benefit. Instead, they lose their jobs. This increases inequality.

“Mercantilism” is an old term, and it describes an old practice. It means that your trading partner uses the full powers of its government to advance its industries. Mercantilism, in its modern form, often exploits the fact that the sole goal of our great American corporations today is to be as profitable as possible. A modern Mercantilist country can provide subsidies and/or cheap labor that make it more profitable for American corporations to manufacture in Asia than in the U.S., and often, to do their research and development there as well. The corporations then import these outsourced goods back into America.

Mercantilism has its impacts. The improved profits of outsourcing go to shareholders, who are predominantly the wealthy, and to top management. But American workers don’t benefit. Instead, they lose their jobs. This increases inequality.

By importing what we used to make here, America now imports far more than it exports. We pay for the difference in dollars. Our annual trade deficit with China alone is hundreds of billions of dollars. These trade deficits have provided the Chinese government with more than $3 trillion, and with $3 trillion available to spend in the U.S., China is now buying up U.S. firms at an unprecedented rate. They are buying small innovative companies as well as large, established corporations. We should think about what it will mean for the firms that are still U.S. owned to have to compete around the world with former U.S. firms that now have Chinese government support and may or may not need to make a profit.

We should also think about what it will mean to our country if firms controlled by a foreign government use funds from their government to participate in the corporate political and lobbying efforts that are now legal for U.S. corporations. These firms will have the freedom to make these efforts not only to advance their profitability, but also to advance the goals of a foreign government.

All this does not have to happen. There is much that we can actually do to avoid these unwelcome outcomes, but the first step is to understand what the impact of free trade in the real world really is.

We should listen to what the American people are telling us. They have it right.

There are two things preventing you from getting a good paying job to provide for your family.

They are joined at the hip.

They are (a) Free Trade Agreements that send your job to other countries and (b) the mass importation of NON IMMIGRANT Guest Workers imported using legally obtained “Hunting Licenses” also known as LCA Applications for non immigrant visas like the H-1B and H-2B.

Both of these work together to deny you the ability to provide for your family, and in a World where we believe all men are created equal, I believe that is wrong and that is why I fight it here at KAAW.


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Why in hell would the OPM award one of its most urgent contracts to a group of 100 employees working from sites around the World?

A little story caught my eye this morning, so I attempted to look at their website and see if this was another one of those Indian Shell companies that is putting more and more Americans out of work.

Only to find their leadership pages, and board of director pages BLANK.

But I did find this:

Based in Arlington, Virginia, IMPERATIS was founded as a small business in 1986, and has since grown into a company of approximately 100 employees working from sites around the world.


Architected and Designed Highly Resilient and Secure Hybrid-Cloud Solution


Appointed Mastin Robeson as President & CEO
Instituted New Board of Directors and Corporate Leadership


Achieved Program Specific ISO 9001 Certification


Broadened Cyber Efforts Supporting Worldwide Mission Critical Networks


Enhanced Intel Efforts, Expanded Overseas Presence


Launched Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Mission Programs


Served as prime contractor for F-14 Tomcat and E-2C Hawkeye Program Office


Awarded FMS Contract
Awarded NAVAIR PMA-259 Air-to-Air Missile Systems Contract

Here is what caught my eye.

The contractor responsible for the hacked Office of Personnel Management’s major IT overhaul is now in financial disarray and no longer working on the project.

OPM awarded the Arlington, Virginia-based Imperatis Corporation a sole-source contract in June 2014 as part of an initial $20 million effort to harden OPM’s cyber defenses, after agency officials discovered an intrusion into the agency’s network.

In the past week, however, Imperatis ceased operations on the contract, citing “financial distress,” an OPM spokesman confirmed toNextgov.

After Imperatis employees failed to show up for work May 9, OPM terminated Imperatis’ contract for nonperformance and defaulting on its contract.

“DHS and OPM are currently assessing the operational effect of the situation and expect there to be very little impact on current OPM operations,” OPM spokesman Sam Schumach said in a statement toNextgov. Schumach said OPM had been planning for performance on the contract to end in June 2016.

Folks, you cannot fix a “hacking” problem when you are doing this:

Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in

If you really want to fix the problem, you must start with “physical” security which means putting Americans that care about the future back to work maintaining our systems that are used here in America.

And to add insult to injury for the Displaced Americans, look what is included at the bottom of that article.

This isn’t the first time Imperatis Corporation has come under scrutiny. Under a previous name, Jorge Scientific, the company held nearly $1 billion in contracts with the Army when employees were recorded in cellphone videos reportedly drinking on the job and injecting drugs.



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We’ll give the good jobs to the foreign workers but save the mundane ones for Americans

American Employers, Listen Up.

When you make it so that Americans cannot provide for their families or work their way up the ladder of Opportunity, you are doing two things:

  1. You are destroying the very opportunity that America was founded on,
  2. You are starting a fire that you will not be able to contain which will ultimately destroy you as the people of our World wake up to the destitution that you are forcing on them.

So a shift of the allocated visas from the Infosyses to the Intels would not make things any fairer, nor would it reduce the harm the visa brings to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. On the contrary, the notion that “We’ll give the good jobs to the foreign workers but save the mundane ones for Americans” is more than a little disturbing.

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Microsoft, I’ve tried to pay you but you won’t take my money, so kiss my ass and shut the ???? up…

In trying to build my H-1B Hunting License site, I found out the hard way that none of the service providers will give you more than 2GB of SQL server space.

Problem is, ten years worth of LCA Applications eats up way more than that.

So I tried Microsoft Azure and I like it.

BUT, when I try to pay for this bill, I get an error message saying that they do NOT accept prepaid debit cards.

Well, hell, after what I’ve been through the last 13 years, that is all that they are going to get from me as my credit has been destroyed.

If that ain’t good enough, ???? them.

Hello Virgil Bierschwale,

We have been unable to charge the credit card for your subscription. If you purchased other Microsoft services with this card, those services may also be affected. To prevent any service interruptions, please update your payment information.

Subscription name(s): Pay-As-You-Go
Subscription ID(s): cc4afaa3-5807-45db-bd9e-8f1b416fba5b
Offer(s) Description: Pay-As-You-Go
Credit card type: VISA

To update your payment method:
1. Sign in at with your Microsoft Azure account and select the subscription you would like to change.
2. Select ‘Change payment method’ and update your payment information.
3. While it may take ten days or more to charge your credit or debit card, your new payment instrument will now be used.
4. If you have multiple subscriptions, you should follow steps 1-3 for each subscription you would like to pay for with this payment method.

Please disregard this notice if you have already resolved this issue.

Thank you!

The Microsoft Azure team

Note: This message was sent from an unmonitored address. Please do not respond to this message.

We provide many technical resources at if you want to learn more about using Microsoft Azure.
Microsoft respects your privacy. We are happy to provide our Privacy Statement at
This email is sent from an unmonitored address. Instead of replying, if you have any feedback for the Azure team, share it with us on our user forums at
If you need help or have questions, you can always contact support

Form: 3
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Why are so few musicians and actors willing to stand up for their fellow American Citizens?

I watched George Clooney on Fox news today saying something like he would not vote for Trump.

I don’t like trump either, but the only reason we are talking about American jobs is because of him.

I’ve always liked George’s movies, but tonight I realized that he doesn’t have a fucking clue what we are dealing with in America.

Why has he not done his part?

George, what have you done for America?

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