USAA, Rackspace, Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Attorney General – I want a job ahead of the non-immigrant guest workers

As an American and as a Texan in Texas who has the majority of the skills on this shopping list (software skills), I am demanding that you hire Americans that have these skills ahead of non-immigrant guest workers.

And if you are using the money tax payers paid in to hire non-immigrant guest workers or those companies who only hire non-immigrant guest workers, you should be ashamed to show your face in public.

It is time for you to Keep America At Work by hiring Americans in America.

The people of America spoke last night and they were talking to you.

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India thinks Donald Trump is bluffing regarding the #h1b – Myself, I believe it is time for India to create jobs in India for the people of India

3) Cutting Down Immigration: Trump has at been at his radical worst while talking about immigration. His attacks have been directed towards the Mexicans, with Trump advocating building a wall along the border and making the Mexicans pay for it. He has also called for making Americans being prioritised for open jobs and restricting skilled visas to make more jobs available to Americans. That would be bad news for top Indian IT companies that make their billions by using the H1B visa programme that allows low cost skilled Indians to work in the U.S. In 2015, the US issued 1,72,748 H1B visas, many of which were issued to Indians employed by companies like TCS, Infosys and Wipro. In 2014, Infosys alone filed more than 24000 Labour Condition Applications (LCA) required to obtain these visas. Many US companies operating in like Cognizant also send their Indian staff to U.S on these visas since Indians are cheaper to employ as compared to American workers. Trump had earlier termed the H1B visa regime unfair. And later in a bid to earn the support of the Indian-American community, he softened his stand. But Indians companies know that every American presidential opposes the H1B visa programme while pitching himself to be elected and never follows through with the promise of curtailing them once in office.

As for the parasites like Infosys and HCL that threw the American citizen under the bus

Why do we not hear Mark Cuban crowing tonight? #h1B

I like to watch cnbc.

But in the evening when shark tank or whatever it is called comes on, I change the channel because I can’t stand those guys and gals advocating that we (a) send jobs to other countries and (b) import non-immigrant guest workers to take the remaining jobs.

Maybe it is because I hate living like this.


Whatever the reason, I have to wonder where his highness is at tonight and where his arrogance is at, and I’ll bet you my last penny that he will not help me to save my land even though the policies of Hillary, etc. have put me in this position.