President Trump, will you grab Justin C. Dearborn by the balls and squeeze them in the vice of American Patriot’s?

Tronc, formerly called the newspaper publishing company Tribune, has laid off 144 IT workers.

“IT services are being outsourced to India and Philippines,” said Tronc, in its application for Trade Adjustment Assistance benefits for these displaced workers. The company hired India-based Tata Consultancy Services, an India-based IT services firm.

Reporters, but more likely the editorial writers at Tronc publications, which include Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Orlando Sentinel, may feel reluctant to write editorials or stories about other businesses offshoring their jobs.

I can’t recall Tronc publications writing about their own offshoring of IT jobs. What’s the point of reporting on other businesses offshoring jobs if you aren’t reporting that your own business is doing the same?

Earlier story:…/publisher-of-la-times-and-ch…

We wonder why our newspapers do not tell the stories of Displaced Americans?

Here is a prime example, and as they are silenced one by one, less and less will be told.

Who is our Champion that will tell these stories and work tirelessly to end the destruction of our nation by those willing to send jobs to other countries and import non-immigrant guest workers to take the remaining jobs leaving Americans homeless and destitute?



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Pakistan was part of India, majority of commoner is facing same issues what Indians are facing in India today like poverty, unemployment and corruption etc.

If Temples in India takes care of poor, why do Churches in USA funding poor in India?
There is huge corruption in Temples in India because of government involvements. I noticed this during 1997’98 while working in TTD, Tirupathi AP India on computerization of departments.
Secondly mostly majority of Hindus only fleeing India to Islamic nations and western nations for money, cards and survival still don’t understand why Indians in India afraid of other religions?
Pakistan was part of India, majority of commoner is facing same issues what Indians are facing in India today like poverty, unemployment and corruption etc.
It’s insane to recognize other person by religion plus it’s insane all Indian caste, regional and religions groups started in USA to dismantle America’s EEOC.
American doesn’t know what is caste? The day, they understand it, we have to hang our heads in shame here!. Instead of saying no to caste, people shamelessly saying no to caste reservations or demand caste based reservations. You don’t need to write filthy here, just call your friends and relatives in USA and ask, why don’t they like to return to homeland? If they speak truth, your heart breaks.

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As India Gloats, Displaced Americans and Displaced Europeans feverishly work to permanently ban India from all developed countries.

The world is India’s oyster

In this scenario therefore a majority of the supply to the global labor force will come from India, with 50 % of its population under the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35. Therefore, as much as it was berated in the years gone by, it is India’s young talented population which is now turning out to be her biggest asset.

Currently the employment growth rate in India is estimated to be approx 2.7 percent, while the population growth rate is 1.7 percent. Even though the employment growth seemingly exceeds the population growth, there is a significant backlog of unemployed and unemployable. Hence the current growth of employment is not sufficient to absorb the new entrants as well as the existing unemployed / unemployable labor force.On the flip side, India’s talent shortages are hitting the bottom line of business and are reflected in the increase in attrition rates of skilled manpower and wage inflation in various business verticals. This situation is compounded by the increase in demand for skilled and semi – skilled manpower in various sectors within India alone.

Why should the World let the workers of India work in any country in the World when India will do nothing to provide jobs for the people of India in India?

Think about that.

If a country is not willing to build their own country, why should any other country even be willing to consider having their people in any position of authority?

I have but one question of India.

When will you turn from being a golfer to being a gardener?

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After all, your people need work.

And they are depending on the leaders in India.

Sadly those leaders are only interested in poaching the World’s jobs for their own enrichment, at the expense of their mother country, and their fellow citizens.


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Why have we not completely shut down and permanently barred Marshall High School in San Antonio TX?

At least one teacher and two students are facing discipline over a play entitled “The Assassination of Donald Trump” which was performed at John Marshall High School in San Antonio, Texas last week.
The San Antonio Express-News reports the skit, titled “The Assassination of Donald Trump,” was performed last week at Marshall High School.

One of the boys used a gunfire sound effect from a cellphone; the other boy, playing Trump, fell to the ground.

A spokeperson for the school says that the teacher has apoligized.

If any of us had done that to any of the previous Presidents, we would be ashamed to show our face anywhere in America.

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