Time for the Tech Industry to put up or shut up on #h1b

Myself, I’ve been unemployed since Aug 24, 2010.

And I haven’t seen steady work since Feb 2003.

The tech industry will tell you that they can’t find qualified people.

So I would like to make this challenge to them.

Hopefully President Trump will chime in and make it official.

I want the tech industry to create something like indeed.com where all unemployed american can post their resume.

And then, when somebody in the tech industry tells the media or President Trump that they can’t find qualified people, I want to give President Trump and the media the ability to pull up all resumes in that specific city for that specific Occupation Code.

Don’t know what I mean?

Put me in charge of that project and give me the resources and you will see.

But hell, the tech industry is the tech industry.

Surely they want to give Americans in America a fair chance to compete for their jobs?

So they should be willing to work together under the umbrella of FWD.us and make it happen.


Rob Atkinson, president of ITIF – You should be ashamed to show your face in America you sorry S.O.B. #h1b

We don’t need any enemies with people like you…

“Trump is skeptical of H-1B visas, so I imagine he’d try to restrict them,” said Rob Atkinson, president of ITIF. One of his strongest supporters, Atkinson pointed out, is Senator Jeff Sessions, who is highly opposed to H-1B visas and the need for high-skilled immigration.

Atkinson doesn’t think Trump could pass a bill against the visas, since so many Republicans still support them. He also said any new policies probably wouldn’t affect any high-skilled workers currently in the US on H-1B visas. Still, Atkinson believes the new administration would likely “work to make it harder for companies to apply for them” by imposing stricter requirements from employers to prove they can’t hire an American for the job, for instance.

There are billboards in Silicon Valley that say, “Have a visa problem? Come on up to Canada,” said Atkinson. “Frankly, companies are going to have to have these plans. Do they want to open up shop in Canada, where they can get visas more easily? Or go to Estonia or expand a footprint in India?”

“It will make it harder for US tech companies to thrive and for tech companies to grow,” said Atkinson. “It’s not going to make America great again.”


Some Damn fine American families are being absolutely destroyed because of scumbags like you.

I think it is time for America to find a way to reverse your financial condition so that you can experience what you have put us through.


You academics and economists don’t have a clue what Americans can do because you won’t talk to them #h1b

Trump’s opposition to H-1B visas has experts concerned about filling high-skilled jobs

Economists and academics weigh in on the impact US President-elect Donald Trump could have on H-1B visas, which pave a route for skilled labor to fill tech jobs in America.


I am so sick of people like this saying there are no skilled Americans when they write from the security of a steady paycheck and the sanctuary of a office.

I’ve got more tech skills in my middle finger than they do, but they will not let Displaced Americans prove them wrong because it might jeopardize their steady paycheck and everybody knows that our tech industry will pay them more for saying that there are no qualified Americans and they will pay them less if they stand up for Americans and America.

One question I would like to ask of Adams Nager, economic policy analyst at ITIF.

Are you an American or not?

Why do you not stand up for your fellow citizens?

Why doesn’t Todd Schulte and FWD.us stand up for the American citizens that they have displaced in favor of #h1b ?

That is a question that I would love to ask them with millions of American software Developers who have been displaced by the companies that FWD.us represents.

Yet it’s clear FWD.us is concerned. President Todd Schulte followed up the initial statement with a second plea to “stand up for your beliefs, stand with the communities who need you right now, stand for those who can’t stand for themselves and remember that a lot of people don’t have the option to walk away from this fight.” It’s not just the lobbying groups, but investors as well that fear a Trump presidency may adversely affect the industry. Technology stocks are down across the boardthis week for some of the biggest companies on the planet, including Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

The urgency comes from the uncertainties of a Trump administration, but also the personal stakes. The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, is an immigrant. As are Google co-founder Sergey Brin and Microsoft chief Satya Nadella. The entire Silicon Valley philosophy rests on the idea of rewarding individuals for hard work, talent, and ingenuity — regardless of race, class, or country of origin. Trump’s vague immigration policy proposals threaten this worldview. In a very material way, they also threaten the workforces of both the juggernauts and startups of the tech industry that use the H-1B and other visa programs to expand talent searches around the globe.



Is President Trump already hiring a wolf to guard the flock?

For some time I have wondered why the EEOC has not gone after those companies who are using caste to discriminate against Americans in America.

I believe I now know why they have been asleep at the wheel.

In the rumored short list for cabinet picks, the sole name mentioned for Sec. of Labor is Victoria Lipnic, currently EEOC Commissioner. At first glance, it would seem nice of the Trump team to consider an Obama appointee. However, her bio says, “Immediately before coming to the EEOC, Commissioner Lipnic was of counsel to the law firm of Seyfarth Shaw LLP in its Washington, DC, office.” Well, who is that?

Seyfarth Shaw is a large law firm specializing on employment issues — from the employers’ point of view. In particular, one of their areas of practice is business immigration, and one of their partners in that area is Angelo Paparelli, one of the most prominent immigration lawyers in the nation. He frequently writes and speaks in favor of H-1B.