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Next time somebody tells you that H-1B ‘s are innovative, yada, yada, yada.

Ask them a simple question

Who built our companies and government agencies before the H-1B scam was invented in 1990?

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NBC News, show me where AMMAR CAMPA-NAJJAR works as an employee of the United States Government

Better yet, show me where he has been awarded a contract to speak for the DOL via a bidding contest where others were allowed to compete against him to provide these services for the DOL

I have been unable to find it.

Perhaps AMMAR CAMPA-NAJJAR will post it here or email it to me at

After a life of rejection, I was accepted to serve at the White House. Years of imprisoned tears were finally set free. The pain was given purpose, to live to tell you this story.

Not a single day goes by when I don’t hear from a family member or old friend who is still shocked that someone with my background has been called to serve in this place. It flies in the face of everything my communities think America is. They see what America can be for them. It gives them the audacity of hope.

So, even in our darkest hours as a nation, and there have been many recently, I still believe that there’s nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right with America.

Don’t let anyone tell you our differences are too vast to bridge, or that your individual struggles are too hard to overcome. Chase the American dream, have faith in the alchemy of America, turn your pain into purpose and begin writing your own ultimate comeback story.

Ammar Campa-Najjar is a Mexican-Palestinian American serving in the United States government.

3 years 2 months – Pastor’s Assistant

0 years 5 months – Research Assistant

0 years 5 months – CA At-Large Delegate for Obama

0 years 11 months – Deputy Field Director for Obama

0 years 2 months – Regional Service Lead

0 years 6 months – Intern for Obama

0 years 3 months – Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

1 year 9 months – Director Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

1 year 0 months – Founder ACN startegies

Show me a single American who has ever had their path greased like this guy.

Something is wrong here, and as you can see by his linkedin profile, he is NOT an employee of the Government, BUT his name does appear on a lot of the DOL propaganda.

Show me the contract.

Show me his employment paperwork

Or get him the hell out of our government so that we can start counting the long term unemployed