I am tired of living like this

Most of you do not have a clue what is happening, which is why I can guarantee you that eventually you will experience what I have gone through the last 13 years.

For those that are willing to try and understand, I recommend that you watch this entire video.

As for me, I’m tired of those that say there are plenty of jobs out there and I’m tired of those that turn their nose up at me and say “Get a job” when I try daily to do just that.

And I am damn tired of trying to put a roof over my head only to lose it to vultures that could help me to keep it, but prefer to profit at my expense.

For those, I hope you go through 13 years of what I have been through because I know without a doubt that you couldn’t handle what I have been through.


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Infosys, we Wish You A Merry Christmas #h1b

Infosys management routinely disparaged Americans, including Mrs. Awasthi, as not having “family values,” and stated that layoffs in America are good because the jobs will be outsourced.

Infosys management ridiculed Mrs. Awasthi for celebrating the American holiday of Thanksgiving, telling her that she should not celebrate Thanksgiving because she is Indian, and that therefore she must work on Thanksgiving Day.

Infosys management ridiculed Mrs. Awasthi’s children for celebrating Thanksgiving, and called them “ABCD” short for “American-Born Confused Desi,” and “IBCD” short for “Indian-Born Confused Desi,” insulting terms used to criticize people of Indian ancestry who are Americanized.

Infosys management ridiculed Mrs. Awasthi for celebrating Christmas, saying that “we” do not celebrate Christmas, and that she should not celebrate Christmas. Infosys management repeatedly discussed the quality of Mrs. Awasthi`s work by explicitly commenting on their expectations for “a woman your age.”





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