Displacing Qualified Americans using fake resumes is a favorite tool of non-immigrant guest workers on #h1b

I post many of Kumar’s articles and videos here because I want to understand both sides.

And kumar receives many complaints about his writing from people like this guy.

Anybody know where he is working?

I would like to ask that employer why they threw an American under the bus so that they could hire somebody not qualified.

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Michael Barone, The Displaced American will make the argument that it is time to end high skilled immigration immediately #h1b

Mr. Trump obviously would not approve the immediate legalization provisions that vote-hungry Democrats want and that Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg’s fwd.us lobby backs. And Mr. Ryan, after lunch with Mr. Trump last week, insisted that enforcement must come first.

Mr. Ryan also backed the little-noticed 10th of Mr. Trump’s 10 points in his Phoenix speech: shifting legal immigration from extended-family reunification, mostly of low-skill immigrants, and setting aside many more places for high-skill immigrants “based on merit, skill, and proficiency.”

That resembles the point systems of Canada and Australia. As law professor F. H. Buckley points out, Canada, with one-tenth the U.S. population, admits about 160,000 immigrants y early under economic categories — more than the United States’ 140,000. As a result, immigrants in Canada, unlike here, have incomes above, not below, the national average.

Some serious Democrats agree with Mr. Trump. “Our immigration laws should be reoriented to favor immigrants with higher skills,” wrote Clinton administration policymaker William Galston in the Wall Street Journal on Nov. 2. Clinton treasury secretary and Obama economic adviser Lawrence Summers called for more high-skill immigration in an American Enterprise Institute talk Nov. 4.

It’s possible that almost all Republicans and some Democrats, especially senators facing re-election in 2018 in Trump states, might support a bill with tougher enforcement, deferred decisions on deporting or legalizing noncriminal illegals, and a shift toward high-skill immigration.

Who wants to argue for a lower-skill future population or against enforcement measures technologically less challenging than transactions Visa and MasterCard process every day?

Who wants to argue that criminal illegal aliens should not be deported and that “sanctuary cities” should not be able to block enforcement of federal immigration laws?

Democrats won’t be happy to abandon their goal of immediate legalization of what they hope will be millions more Democratic voters, and Mr. Zuckerberg’s tech buddies won’t be happy to abandon the H-1B visas that enable them to hire low-cost indentured servants and to have to pay market salaries to high-skill immigrants. But Mr. Trump and the GOP, if they play it right, might force that.


As you well know, the so called high-skilled immigration is NOT immigration at all.

These are non-immigrant guest workers whose future employer, in a premeditated manner, have purchased H-1B Hunting Licenses to hunt American jobs using the non-immigrant guest workers as ammunition.

They do this in the majority of cases to import workers who do not understand our laws, who will work extremely long hours for what seems like a reasonable salary, yet when you divide the salary by the hours, they are barely making a few dollars per hour.

In other words, they are cheap, compliant, indentured aka slave labor.

I for one thought we were better than this, yet the greed of our employers like zuckerberg and Janet Napolitiano amazes me.

But it is even worse than that.

When we deny our best paying jobs at our universities to our American Citizens, we are denying them the ability to work their way up the ladder beyond the old “Do you want paper or plastic with that?” type jobs.

Exactly how are we America the land of opportunity when we deny opportunity to our own citizens in favor of non-immigrant guest workers and crapweasel employers who will sell their own mother down the river of ???? without a paddle?

Coming Soon – American Made Software – End the #h1b scam now and hire Americans in America to build the best damn software available

Next time somebody tells you that H-1B ‘s are innovative, yada, yada, yada.

Ask them a simple question

Who built our companies and government agencies before the H-1B scam was invented in 1990?

If you are an American and you want to get your resume out there, send a copy to vbiersch@gmail.com

If you are unemployed and have been so for more than 1 year, you will go to the front of the line.

If you are heading up a business or government organization and you want to help these folks get back to work, send me a note to vbiersch@gmail.com

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NBC News, show me where AMMAR CAMPA-NAJJAR works as an employee of the United States Government

Better yet, show me where he has been awarded a contract to speak for the DOL via a bidding contest where others were allowed to compete against him to provide these services for the DOL

I have been unable to find it.

Perhaps AMMAR CAMPA-NAJJAR will post it here or email it to me at vbiersch@gmail.com

After a life of rejection, I was accepted to serve at the White House. Years of imprisoned tears were finally set free. The pain was given purpose, to live to tell you this story.

Not a single day goes by when I don’t hear from a family member or old friend who is still shocked that someone with my background has been called to serve in this place. It flies in the face of everything my communities think America is. They see what America can be for them. It gives them the audacity of hope.

So, even in our darkest hours as a nation, and there have been many recently, I still believe that there’s nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right with America.

Don’t let anyone tell you our differences are too vast to bridge, or that your individual struggles are too hard to overcome. Chase the American dream, have faith in the alchemy of America, turn your pain into purpose and begin writing your own ultimate comeback story.

Ammar Campa-Najjar is a Mexican-Palestinian American serving in the United States government.


3 years 2 months – Pastor’s Assistant

0 years 5 months – Research Assistant

0 years 5 months – CA At-Large Delegate for Obama

0 years 11 months – Deputy Field Director for Obama

0 years 2 months – Regional Service Lead

0 years 6 months – Intern for Obama

0 years 3 months – Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

1 year 9 months – Director Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

1 year 0 months – Founder ACN startegies


Show me a single American who has ever had their path greased like this guy.

Something is wrong here, and as you can see by his linkedin profile, he is NOT an employee of the Government, BUT his name does appear on a lot of the DOL propaganda.

Show me the contract.

Show me his employment paperwork

Or get him the hell out of our government so that we can start counting the long term unemployed