You would think that Fortune Magazine and Alan H. Fleischmann would know that there has been very little growth since the $h1b was implemented in 1990…

So here’s a first step: reform the H-1B visa program to allow American companies to hire the high-skilled workers they need to grow and remain competitive. While the broader immigration debate will be heated and highly partisan, reforming the H-1B immigration program enjoys strong bipartisan support. President-Elect Trump’s stance on this issue is not yet defined. This creates a further opportunity to properly address this policy issue.

America’s H-1B visa program is designed to permit U.S. companies to recruit workers from abroad to fill highly specialized jobs here in America. Far different from the more wide-ranging worker visa program, H-1Bs are specifically used to fill specific jobs that companies can’t find enough American workers to fill. Particularly for technology firms, H-1B visas are a lifeline to the global talent pool of engineers, who can build products and create economic growth here in America, rather than in other countries.

Evidence shows that jobs for Americans would increase and wages would rise under the visa program. According to a 2012 report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce studying foreign students with a STEM degree hired by American companies, each H-1B employee creates 2.62 additional jobs for American workers. According to another report from McKinsey in 2011, “in recent years, the supply of [STEM] graduates has been sluggish at a time when demand for them has been rising…the shortage of deep analytical talent will be a global phenomenon…either through immigration or through companies offshoring to meet their needs.”

all we have to do is look at total nonfarm payroll data from 1939 till now to realize that there has been very little growth like Alan stated in the propaganda above.

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As for wages growing, just ask any of the Displaced American Software developers like myself who have seen their wages plummet if they have seen any wage growth.

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And ask the American citizens if they got any of the jobs.

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When it is very obvious that the non-immigrant guest workers that Alan wants to import more of were given all of the jobs that were created even though we didn’t create enough jobs for our own citizens.

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The vast majority of people I know like this voted for Trump.

No truer words have been spoken.

Put yourself in my shoes.

Try and take care of your family when NOBODY will give you the time of day.

I have a Chinese-immigrant friend in that situation. She is thoroughly assimilated into American life, and has even held local political office. But Wednesday morning, she said that she was “grieving” over Trump’s election, and asked how people could possibly vote for such an evil man. I replied:

You should to try to understand why many of those who voted for Trump have been grieving for a long time. You have a job that you love and are very dedicated to. On top of that, you are a single mother, and need a job. Suppose one day your school informs you that you are being terminated, replaced by a cheaper foreign national on an H-1B work visa. (In fact, there are many H-1B teachers.) Moreover, you discover after losing your job that, in spite of the fact that you have much valuable experience, good recommendations from employers and so on, no one wants to hire you. In fact, very few employers even grant you interviews.

I know many people who have had exactly that experience. They are mad and frustrated, and feel that neither major political party cares about them one whit. Then someone like Trump comes along who has a written platform that promises to tighten up H-1B policy, and who even invites a displaced programmer to speak at one of his rallies, while Hillary has basically said she would make H-1B policy even more liberal, rather than tightening it. The vast majority of people I know like this voted for Trump. And by the way, they are a diverse, educated group, not the white males without college degrees that the media has portrayed them to be.

We are seeing first hand that the civilized ones living in our city are not so civilized after all when they do not get their way…

I now realize the caliber of people that were willing to destroy my future by sending my job to other countries or importing non-immigrant guest workers to take my job.

They were fine with that just as long as they got theirs.

And to think that they called us the Deplorables…

Numerous disgruntled Americans have taken to Twitter to encourage the murder of Donald Trump, echoing the reaction to Barack Obama’s 2008 election victory, albeit from a different side of the political spectrum.