Thomas E. Perez, Does Ammar Campa-Najjar work for the department of labor or not?

Ammar Campa-Najjar works in the Office of Public Affairs at the U.S. Department of Labor.

If he is not an employee, where are the details of his company being awarded a contract where Americans were invited to bid to provide the services that you are receiving from him?

American citizens want to know.

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Pay attention to the start and end dates for each position and ask yourself how he was able to climb so high so fast with very little working experience that I can see in his resume.

Then, read this email from wikileaks

Fwd: FW: Asian American Candidates, Muslim American Candidates

Americans need not apply in Keene, New Hampshire

I am so sick of our government not stomping down hard on discrimination against Americans in America.

Will they grow a set of balls when Obama finally leaves office, or have they already been neutered?

  • Location: USA, California, Los Angeles
  • Salary: US$110000 – US$123000 per annum + Benefits
  • Technology: Other ERP Jobs
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Date Posted: 27th Oct, 2016
  • Reference: csarch100316

IT Architect(OPT and H1b encouraged) – Keene, New Hampshire – $123k

Our top notch client is the largest grocery supply company in the US. They are also the industry leader in supply chain innovation. They are the leaders in grocery distribution, and are currently seeking an experienced IT Architect to come bring the company to the next level. This is a fantastic opportunity for a candidate who wants to join a family oriented environment that offers excellent internal growth opportunities. If you have are passionate individual with a strong knowledge in designing and developing big data solutions. Sponsorship for OPT EAD and H1b are available

Job Responsibilities:
* Route application tests
* Hands on engineering and development on high complex and scalable applications
* Provide knowledgeable technical insight for Principal Engineers/ Sr. Engineers including Proof of Concepts, coaching and reviewing work products
* Hands on development in Apache Spark, Scala, Cassandra data modeling, administration and other technologies in the Big Data landscape
* Maintain and monitor Cassandra Bid Data landscape
* Performing standard configuration, management, and maintenance tasks
* Resolve all data relationship problems

Required Experience:
* 10+ years of hands on experience with J2EE and JAVA
* 10+ years of architect experience
* 3 years’ experience in Cassandra Big data development with Apache Spark, SCALA and KAFKA
* 3 years’ experience with Oracle PLSQL, Parquet, and Oozie Workflow

Interviews are currently taking place so apply for immediate consideration
Contact Parth Patel to schedule an interview for this position today
Phone: 646-576-7670 EXT: 3113

50-year-old Narsimha Rao Bhogavalli, founder of Tekdynamics settled in Dallas, Texas #h1b

HYDERABAD: A 50-year-old Narsimha Rao Bhogavalli, founder of Tekdynamics firm and IT entrepreneur settled in Dallas, Texas in the USA, allegedly duped a number of US citizens by swindling `500 crore deposited by them for paying taxes.
Narsimha Rao, who hails from Hyderabad, quit his job at IBM  in 2004 to set up Tekdynamics, an IT consultancy firm in Dallas.
Tekdynamics had filed 104 labour condition applications for H1B visa and two labour certifications for green card from fiscal year 2013 to 2015. The firm was ranked 2,309 among all visa sponsors in USA in an attempt to recruit employees.

Narsimha accepted applications from various people from Pakistan and other countries to work in his firm.
“Tekdynamics company is based in Greenway Drive – Suite 290 Irving, Dallas, USA and Narsimha has recruited hundreds of people by providing green cards. Narsimha indulged in illegal activities by duping American people on the pretext of tax dues and collected huge amounts of money from victims,” sources said.
It was also revealed that Narsimha and his staff had collected around 242 deposits of cash and money orders worth `100 crore. The businessman also collected money orders worth `60 crore through his bank account in Bank of America. During the investigation, it came to light that he had recruited Americans to work in the firm in US.


Displacing Americans one #h1b at a time – Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society

Sorry bastards

OALJ on H-1B Repayment Agreement: Matter of Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society

Matter of Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society, Oct. 26, 2016– “The rub is whether the actual wage is what Woodmen Life paid Garcia ($92,880.77) or whether it should be based on what it paid five other non H-1B System Test Engineers who had similar qualification and experience as Garcia ($79,094, on average). Complicating the analysis is the fact that some (or perhaps even all) of the $4,575 deducted pursuant to the Employee Repayment Agreement came from Garcia’s unused vacation time. The parties do not agree on where the $4,575 deduction came from; however, given that his gross pay for the nine days he worked totaled $3,214.78, that sum is insufficient to cover the $4,575 deduction. JX-10. His unused gross vacation pay was $9,644.33, which clearly could have covered the entire deduction. JX-10 & 12. For purposes of my analysis, I find that the entire deduction was taken from Garcia’s unused vacation pay and address the Administrator’s arguments under section 655.731(c)(3) and (c)(9). Because that is dispositive, I need not enter the thicket of whether Garcia was paid the required wage because there was no deduction from his actual wage of $92,880.77. … I find that Woodmen Life did not violate § 655.731(a)(3) because Garcia’s benefits were offered on the same basis and in accordance with the same criteria as offered U.S. workers. To give Garcia full payment for his unused vacation time and not allow a deduction pursuant to the terms of his repayment agreement places Garcia in a better position than Woodmen’s other U.S. employees with repayment agreements and unused vacation time. … Because $4,575 deduction for H-1B attorney fees came from the benefits side of the equation and not Garcia’s required wage, this section is inapplicable to the case at bench. The Administrator’s reading of the regulation as prohibiting any deduction of H-1B attorney fees and costs from an employees pay or benefits is far too broad and not supported by the plain language of the regulation. … Woodmen Life’s Cross Motion for Summary Decision is GRANTED and the Administrator’s Motion for Summary Decision is DENIED. Woodmen Life paid Garcia his required wage and no back wage assessment is required.”


Help me to set Wikipedia straight about the #h1b

What a load of horse crap.

Reliability of the U.S. economy on high-skilled employees[edit]

Between 1996 and 2000 foreign-born workers constituted nearly half of the net increase in the U.S. labor force. Without highly skilled workers and diverse ideas the Unites States can lose its status of being the largest country for business services. Economic growth of the country is visible via economic growth of different countries. For example, United States, Australia, and Singapore have an open inflow of foreign talent and the economy of these countries is booming comparing to Germany, Korea, and Russia.

H-1B visa status[edit]

If a student is planning to stay within the country for more than 12 months, they require an extended visa, a H-1B visa. An employer has to sponsor the employee, which leads to international students causing more paperwork and cost on the employer. During Optional Practical Training (OPT) international students can receive a job offer from a sponsoring company, but for some companies’ reject visa dependency. Many international students leave the United States because of unfriendly immigration laws. Each April employers apply for H-1B visas for their employees which will allow them to continue working in the country. In 2015, on the 7th of April, U.S. Citizens and Immigration Services stopped accepting applications when they received 172,500 requests the first week.[2]

Innovation and job creation in the U.S.[edit]

•In 2008 a study was conducted by Harvard University proving that foreigners who have a doctorate comprise around half of all scientists and engineers in the United States.

•H-1B visas play an important role in innovation growth of the United States. It is a fact that numbers of inventions measured by patents increase when number of H-1B visas rise.[3]

•The shortage of H-1B and green-card limitations in 2003-2007, foreign graduates could contribute to the Gross Domestic Product by $13.6 billion in 2008, and even more in taxes.[4]

•The National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP), found that there is a positive relationship between the number of H-1B positions requested by employees and the total percentage change in the total employment one year later.[5]

•Bill Gates claimed in 2008 that “Microsoft has found that for every H-1B we hire, we add on average four additional employees to support them in various capacities.”[6]

•For every H-1B position requested, US technology companies increase their employment by 5 workers meaning that U.S. labor market have an increased demand for highly skilled foreign workers.

H-1B workers and labor force[edit]

The U.S. department of Labor ensures that H-1B workers do not displace or adversely affect wages or working conditions of U.S. workers. They file the Labor Condition Application, in which the employer ensures that the firm will pay the nonimmigrant more than actual compensation paid other employees in the same job or the prevailing compensation for that occupation; the firm will provide working conditions for the nonimmigrant that do not affect other employees; and that there is no applicable strike or lockout.

The Displaced American would respectfully state that he and millions of others have been displaced because of the mass importation of non-immigrant guest workers.

As an example, I need to come up with $625.00 today to make my land payment.

The only thing I have on that land is my kitchen that you can see in the following picture, and folks, in 2002 I was making $12,000 per month.

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So you tell me, are we really doing anything good for the economy of the American people?

Or is it all going to India?