Paul Holland, Foundation Capital General Partner – Are you calling the Americans displaced from the middle class via the H-1B scam, liars?

If so, come out of your ivory tower and talk to us.

Talk to those of disney.

Talk to those of every damn company in America that has forced their American employees to train their non-immigrant guest workers before having their futures destroyed because we don’t have any jobs here in america and we aren’t creating any when we (a) send them to other countries and (b) import non-immigrant guest workers to take the remaining ones.

But you will have to get out of your ivory tower and open your eyes to comprehend how foolish you are when you say crap like this.

The ideas that the H-1B visa program is “limiting American jobs is a fallacy,” Foundation Capital General Partner Paul Holland told CNBC on Tuesday.

President Trump’s call for the review of the H-1B visa program, has many tech companies in Silicon Valley worried about possible limitations on the visas for high skilled immigrant workers.

“The concept behind limiting the H-1B visas we think is a pretty bad idea overall,” said Holland. “I think the notion that somehow…we’re limiting American jobs for these highly trained engineers and highly trained technical people is a fallacy,” he said.

Holland says any drastic changes to the program could have dire consequences for tech innovation in the U.S. “We cannot graduate enough highly trained engineers in this country or in Canada or the UK or other places we draw from,” he said. With the U.S. tech ecosystem creating jobs across the board worldwide he says we are not in a position to hire the best people without access to international talent.

And quit lying to the general public by saying they will take these jobs to other countries because you know for a fact that THE MARKET is America.

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