Perhaps Walter and I should chair the house ethics committee since the GOP doesn’t want to be held accountable for ethics violations?

A little note from Walter that I received today.          The History List                                                                                                                         Conclusion from that Media and their well paid spokespeople.

Facts  .  .  .

50 Republican Primaries were held.    Donald won 41 primaries.

Fifteen Republican candidates conceded,   and two Democrat candidates.    (Actually 17 Republican candidates.     Two withdrew before the first primaries — Governor Scott Walker and Governor Rick Perry.)
Fireworks planned for on the Hudson River within sight of the penthouse at the top of Trump Towers — those celebrations were cancelled by the Democrats on Thursday    four days before Tuesday’s election day.

Needed to win the Presidency are 270 Electoral College Votes.    Donald acquired 309 Electoral votes.    Hillary acquired 232 Electoral votes.   Not even close,  by the brilliant rules laid down by the country’s founders.   The rules of the Electoral College which are found in Article Two the the United States Constitution.     We should not tinker with that document.

Should we re-write the Constitution    and install Hillary into the Office of the President based on her popular vote,   OR   should we “Lock Her Up” based on her crimes and treason with mishandling Classified Information?

Six states FLIPPED, from being prior Presidential Democrat    to Presidential Donald J Trump  (Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa all flipped.)      Political parties  were not trusted by the voters.

In my opinion,  Donald Trump should hold Press Conferences  which specifically exclude the Main Stream Media.     Personna non grata.    Lack of trust.    Bias in extreme.

Who are the MSM Main Stream Media big 6     which need to be pushed off their monopoly pedestals ?     Make MSM go stand out in the hallways during Press Conferences.     Seat the unemployed college graduates and the unemployed skilled machinists.     Seat people who understand truth honesty and ethics.    Anticipate genuine questions.     Seat Americans first.

The 6 . . .

CBS Corporation   (CBS)

Comcast   (NBC,  GE,  Universal)

The Walt Disney Company  (ABC,  ESPN,  Hearst Newspapers)

News Corporation  (Fox, Wall Street Journal)

Time Warner  (CNN)

Viacom  (MTV)

To see much longer complete list of MSM organizations creating bias and pre-selecting all of the news which is fit to be in print .  .  .

Make MSM go stand out in the hallways during Presidential Press Conferences.

Seat the unemployed college graduates    and the unemployed skilled machinists.    People who have a stake in the American economy.
Seat people who understand truth honesty and ethics.     Seat patriotic Americans first.

Another example.    When representatives on the payroll of the NFL disrespect our American flag,   commercial sponsors of those events should refuse to book their advertisements on those MSM networks.
Patriotic audience former customers should tell those sponsors why they are former.     It takes Americans with backbone to teach the MSM that the dollar does not outrank the American flag.    Hit them where it hurts.    In their cash registers.    That, they will understand quickly.

In my opinion,  The
State of the Union Speech  by the President this month should be held    with our President at a podium on the 50 yard line of Met Life Stadium in New Jersey.    I would anticipate a full stadium containing both houses of the Congress and the members of the Supreme Court    all  seated in the lower nearer visiblity seating.     The public can be invited to the higher seats, full circle.    Free and open seating to every American citizen.     Lines of citizens outside the stadium can be extending north to the George Washington Bridge,    and more lines south to the Delaware Memorial Bridge.     With a Rain Date planned.     Lots of overcoats.   January may not cooperate.

January however can be solved.    We do that on Times Square every New Years at 11:59pm.
America’s stolen manufacturing industries can also be solved.     It is already happening.     Prove that statement.     I will.

Democracy as it is supposed to work.    Government of the people.   By the people.    For the people.                      Hip – Hip – Hooorayyy.    For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow . . .

China-U.S. relations have become strained  — after President-elect  Donald Trump proposed tariffs on Chinese goods

House Republicans voted in a private meeting on Monday to strip the powers of the Office of Congressional Ethics.
But    by Tuesday, facing a firestorm of criticism from Democrats    and the public,    as well as a pointed question from President-Elect Donald J. Trump,   they moved to reverse that plan.

President Elect Donald J Trump is  MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN     before he has even taken the Oath of Office.      Imagine what President Trump will accomplish during his first 100 days in office.

Sixty Two million Americans may try to attend that third greatest presidential speech — the coming State of the Union address in late January or early February 2017.     I hope it happens in New Jersey.

It is my opinion,  The first greatest Presidential Speech was what Abe Lincoln composed on the train to Gettysburg Pennsylvania.    The second greatest presidential speech was FDR and “infamy”.

Sixty Two million Americans may try to hear this presidential speech, in person.    MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN .      They want it directly,  without obstructions from the Main Stream Media.


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