President Trump, THE Displaced American Software Developer and Navy Veteran would appreciate you doing what you said you would.

If I had the money to build me a eight foot by eight foot deck and some walls like the mash hospital outdoor showers used to show, I could have a shower, shitter and a way to wash my dishes.

Oh yes, I need a propane regulator to see if it would all work.

While you are closing bathrooms to transgenders, I’m praying for a working one.

But hell, you wouldn’t know about that would you President Trump.

After all, you only said you were going to make America Great Again so that you could get elected.

This is how I currently wash my dishes.

Somebody donated a 30 gallon barrel the other day so now I have water.

And I bought this dc pump a few years ago but I lost my cabin so I never got to use it.

Same thing for this hot water heater.

No idea if it works or not, but if I had about $40 for a bottle of propane and a regulator, I could try it out.

The plan is to build me a 8 x 8 deck outside and use that shower nozzle to wash dishes on the table and hang it on the wall for a shower.

After all, Americans innovate don’t they when faced with adversity.

We just never knew our own government would be the ones creating that adversity for Americans in America.

I should put it in this cabin, but if I can’t find a way to make an extra $305 every month, I will lose it.

Click to zoom in

Just like I lost the last one.

Yes, I know.

If I would just get a job, I wouldn’t have these problems.

Funny thing about being a ex software developer is you are deemed overqualified.

That is the kiss of death.

Hell, I can’t get hired at walmart.

And even though I have file an age discrimination complaint against the Dept of Veterans Affairs and we have mediation next week, I won’t be able to make it as I have no money and just like you promised to make America great again, they have also promised to end veteran homelessness.

Problem is, you have to totally lose everything before they will do their part.

Is that how you work too?


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