President Trump, will you demand that the State of Texas do the same with their Infosys contracts?

As an unemployed Texan with 30 years software experience who has been sidelined because of the H-1B scam, I am pissed as hell that Texas awarded a large contract to a firm like Infosys who does not hire Americans in America.

When I realize that my taxes and your taxes are going to pay these bastards, I am really pissed off.

Finally, at the federal level, it looks like President Trump is going to do something about it.

Four federal agencies will put many U.S. visa worker programs, including the H-1B white-collar outsourcing program, through a “full legal analysis,” a White House official told reporters Monday night.

The review may wreck several of the many programs used to import a population of perhaps 1.8 million foreign temporary workers for a huge variety of U.S.

Those programs are no in jeopardy because critics — including attorney John Miano — say the programs lack a firm legal foundation amid a variety of firmly established laws which bar discrimination against U.S. workers.

Moreover, many of the cheap-labor guest-worker programs have been quietly extended and enlarged by prior administrations, ensuring that many may be sharply rolled back if the regulatory extensions are vulnerable to lawsuits, even if the programs are not eliminated.

For example, critics have long argued that there is no legal foundation for President Barck Obama’s decision to provide work permits to several hundred thousand spouses of H-1B white-collar workers, and there is no legal foundation to President George W. Bush’s decision to provide multi-year work permits to foreign students. In 2016, the universities used that student program, dubbed the Optional Practical Training program, to give work permits to at least 147,000 foreign college students and to persuade many other foreign students to enroll in American universities.

In addition, the federal government has repeatedly expanded the H-1B program, and even allows non-profit groups to bring in an unlimited number of foreign students. In 2015, for example, non-profit employers — including many universities and affiliated hospitals — employed roughly 100,000 foreign white-collar workers.  Several states are also using that regulation to create non-profits which bring in cheap college graduates for use by employers in Massachusetts and other states.

The multi-program, multi-agency review is being ordered by an Executive Order that President Donald Trump will sign in Wisconsin on Tuesday. The agencies involved are departments of justice, labor, homeland security and state. Much of the focus is on the H-1B program and its regulatory expansions.

Bottom line, if you, as a private firm, using your own money, want to hire H-1B’s, that is your choice.

But you better damn well not be using my tax money to do it.

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