So Attorney General Sessions and President Trump will do nothing for those software developers who are long term unemployed because of the #H1B?

As you see below, the Indian press already understands the POTENTIAL significance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. We need his help — and he needs ours, with specific cases that fit the OSC’s mission. The Department of Justice has told us the law is on our side; we have the Attorney General on our side — so now it’s up to us to find and file complaints: US citizens (or legal permanent residents) who have lost their jobs to H-1B contractors WITHIN 6 MONTHS.

Attorney General Sessions, why have you and President Trump not talked to the long term displaced Americans like myself.

What is being proposed here will do NOTHING for the American people and will simply shift the displacement from H-1B to Green Card Holders.

Either way, Americans lose, and the last time I looked, this is the United States of America, NOT the H-1B Capital or the Green Card Capital that these two folks have worked to create here in America.

for those who have not seen this video, watch the suit with 3 cups in the middle of the video to see what is really happening

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