So Jeff Bezos is using the Washington Post to displace even more Americans?

Funny thing about what they are saying here:

The editors write:

PRESIDENT TRUMP makes no secret of his distaste for immigrants, nor of his support for measures to slash both legal and illegal immigration. Even as his crusade to close borders intensifies, however, American employers in an array of industries — manufacturing, agriculture, trucking, home building, energy, food service, retail and others — are warning that a long-brewing labor shortage is reaching crisis proportions. [Emphasis added]

The editors also say Trump’s tight labor market “deprives businesses of oxygen in the form of labor,” though the economic nationalist agenda of the White House has brought historic wage gains and job opportunities for not only working-class Americans but also for disenfranchized citizens.

Three very simple observations requiring about a half second of the editors time would make them realize that we have an abundance of labor, much of it highly skilled, desperately seeking work.
Observation 1: The Labor Participation Rate
Observation 2: Dividing our population by our working population <Note how we have fewer people working now than we did in 2000?>
Observation 3: The many tent cities growing, and growing across a country that is NOT providing enough jobs for our population and that is using our media to mask these 3 items by sweeping them under the carpet via Tokyo Rose Globablization Propaganda tools such as the U-3 that does not count the long term unemployed whose benefits have expired and have not found work.
Now, if President Trump really wants to claim fake news, he should start with the U-3 unemployment fake news.
After all, people like myself, working as a janitor, would like to get back to work so that we could at least afford a storage shed to live in before we die.
Note: This is how I used to live before I lost even this.

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