So President Trump is just another Washington Crapweasel with no intention of Keeping America At Work

This may be the best evidence yet that the Trump administration has no plans to change the April 1 lottery.

This is an excerpt from Press Sec. Spicer’s briefing Wed. The Q is asked by a reporter.

>Q And then, secondly, does he have any plans to revamp the H-1B visa program by the April 1 deadline?

MR. SPICER: I think we’ve talked before about immigration as a whole. I think there is the legal part of immigration and then the illegal part of immigration. The President’s actions that he’s taken in terms of his executive order and other revamping of immigration policy have focused on our border security, keeping our country safe, our people safe. And then, obviously, whether it’s H-1B visas or the other one — spousal visas — other areas of student visas, I think there is a natural desire to have a full look at — a comprehensive look at that. He discussed the RAYS Act yesterday with Senators Perdue and Cotton. We’ll have more on that coming forward.

But I think as the readout mentioned, he was very supportive of their efforts with respect to how we view legal immigration. He mentioned it in his joint address that we’re one of only a handful of countries that doesn’t use a merit-based system of immigration, and that is something that we need to look at in its totality.

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