4 thoughts on “Some more on the proxy interviews and dubbing artists

  1. https://microinfoinc.com/?page_id=40

    This company does the same exact thing! It takes in immigrant OPT students, promises them with jobs, trains them in random technology for a mere month, cook up a fake resume of 8 years and sends them to clients to fake the job! They charge the clients with 70-100$/hr for this fraudulent labor! Look them up, visit their offices, check their H1B applications, workers and their resumes! The truth is out there for you to see and save the jobs! This particular company owner is making millions by cheating the American companies as we speak!

    • Millions of real skilled Americans who built great companies and created great products are losing their livlihoods just to entertain millions of these faking fraud looters who are nickle-sniffers. Americans build, the nickle-sniffers move in, take over, and loot US companies out. That’s how the 2002 and 2008 US collapses happended! These looters are plundering US jobs blind via fake workers @ $100/hr! All it takes is fake interview, India Inc protection, and putting on a pair of fake plastic glass and going in for the job. This is happening in MILLIONS of jobs in the USA. MILLIONS! Where is the govt? Where is Sessions? What the hell is he doing about these frauds?

  2. We also need a full criminal investigation of Vivek Wadhwa, where his $ is coming from, and whom he works for. Most likely he takes NASSCOM and pumps their propaganda through US news outlets. That’s subversion and is illegal in America. He should be investigated at the least.

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