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    • Stronger than reported Dec. Worker Sector Growth January 15, 2018
      The December Employment Situation Report, or Jobs Report, was released at 8:30 A.M. EST on Friday January 5th. The report was largely ignored by 7:00 that night, and all but forgotten within the first 24 hours after its release. Where other news sources were reporting on the report, this website was reporting on the data. […]
    • Dec. Real Estate Forecast: Up January 15, 2018
      The data for new construction feeds into the data for new sales. The data for existing home sales stands alone. The data can be analyzed from a rolling year standpoint which tells us where we have been. The data can also be examined from the current year trends. When the current year data is greater […]
    • January 13 Week in Review: Record Retail Year January 13, 2018
      The mainstream media is fascinated by anything that keeps them from reporting the successes of the Trump Economy. President Trump has added more workers during his first eleven months in office than President Reagan, Clinton, George W Bush, or Obama did during their first eleven months. There are more full-time jobs and fewer full-time jobs […]
    • Inflation and Deflation in Dec. CPI January 12, 2018
      There were two economic reports released today. Instead of talking about an awesome Retail Sales Report and good CPI data we are hearing about alleged comments by President Trump in a private meeting on immigration and Nancy Pelosi's sexist and racist "Five White Guys" comment. The first report was the remarkable Retail Report that showed […]
    • Record Annual Retail Sales: This is a Big Effing Deal January 12, 2018
      Last month's November Monthly and Annual Retail Trade Survey (MARTS) .report was very strong. We saw November to November, current month only, growth of  6.35%. The same article reported that there was an annual growth rate for the rolling year at 4.51%. The indications then were that this year would be the best year ever […]
    • Top Ten Articles of December 2017 January 11, 2018
      The readers of this column check in on Saturday mornings to catch up on the week in data.  Five of the top ten articles of this month were Week in review articles. One article was from 2016. Two examined the weekly unemployment claims data.(Dec. 5) The article "What to expect from Nov. ADP" projected year […]
    • Top Ten Articles of 2017 January 11, 2018
      There are a number of ways to look at the top columns of the year on this website, and its sister site "Reclaiming Common Sense." The most read articles, the top ten for the year, or the top twelve articles, one for each month of the year.(Nov. 24) The article written during Thanksgiving weekend often […]
    • Dec. Jobs Forecast: Up is Up January 11, 2018
      The monthly employment situation report, or jobs report, will be released Friday January 5th. This jobs report covers through December 12th. We have seen increases in retail sales and in on-line sales. Will these surges in sales spur more seasonal hiring? Are we going to seasonally adjusted Current Population Survey gains even with a potentially […]
    • Expect Strong Dec. ADP Report January 11, 2018
      The ADP payroll report precedes the release of the monthly Employment Situation report, or Federal Jobs Report. The ADP report is released the Wednesday before the Friday Jobs Report date. The two reports should reconcile with each other. They normally are at least pointing in the right direction. When the Jobs report said the Private […]
    • Worker Growth Rate Going Underreported January 11, 2018
      This column has already published two articles in advance of the December Jobs Report, "Dec. Jobs Forecast: Up is Really Up" and "Expect Strong Dec. ADP Report." Both data sets point to a potentially strong December Jobs situation. Last December's Jobs Report article "Deceptive December Jobs Report" looked at the slowing economy and asked if […]