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    • May 27 Week in Review: Housing Matters May 27, 2017
      This week was a fairly good week for economic data. The new home sales data was released. Even though the month of May was a little disappointing the current year data reveals improvement over the past year and that we may be on track for over 600,000 units sold this year. The existing home sales […]
    • First Quarter GDP: Top Three of Past Decade May 26, 2017
      Last month we received the Advance values for the First Quarter 2017 GDP (Gross Domestic Product.)  The media were expressing concern with an advance value of 0.7% Where was this concern during the past eight years. The good news is that the relatively weak 2017Q1 advance values was revised higher. That is the end of […]
    • Unemployment Claims Still Matter May 25, 2017
      Last week we hit "generational lows" for the weekly first-time unemployment (FTU) claims level for the month of May as well as the may continuing claims (CC) level. This column published the article "Generational Lows for May Unemployment Claims."  The problem is that the rest of the world reports the seasonally adjusted (SA) data instead […]
    • Lowest April Existing Home Inventory Since April 2009 May 24, 2017
      One of the key economic indicators, other than the jobs report and the Consumer Price Index (CPI,) and the monthly and annual retail trade survey (MARTS) report is the existing home sales report. We received the new construction data last week and the new home sales data yesterday. The existing home sales data has some […]
    • Disappointing April New Home Sales May 23, 2017
      There was some good news in this disappointing New Home Sales Report for the month of April. We are still recovering from the new construction crash and hangover of 2006-2010. We have been seeing regular improvement to the new construction starts, under construction, and completions data. This column projected a low value of 58,000 units […]
    • New, Existing Homes SHould Continue to Boom May 22, 2017
      The most important bits of economic data that are released during the course of a month are the Jobs data, the New home Sales data, and the Existing Home Sales Data. We have had a solid run of Jobs Reports during the first three months of President Trump's Presidency. People who have jobs, full-time jobs, […]
    • May 20 Week in Review - Trucking Down Expansion Road May 20, 2017
      This was a relatively slow week for economic data. When the data is slow the analysis can go deep - or the media can focus on rumors and innuendos.  Remember, we have had three solid months of jobs data. The reports have not been as strong as they could have been. The housing markets, new […]
    • April Automobile Sales Trucking Along May 19, 2017
       The US economy is "driven" by vehicle sales. The monthly MARTS retail report has shown that as the economy faltered, so did car sales. This month we saw parts and dealer sales lead the way. Why are business people discussing a slowdown in the auto sector? There has been a shift in buyer preferences from […]
    • Genrational Low for May Unemployment Claims Levels May 18, 2017
      There is a classic episode of M*A*S*H where Trapper John is in the middle of a minefield and Radar is giving him directions from a map to negotiate the minefield to rescue a local child. At the end of his journey Radar says something like "Go left 5 feet and you should be in Toledo." […]
    • April's Aging Workforce, Working Longer May 17, 2017
      The monthly jobs report is one of the most anticipated reports during the month. The headline number is the seasonally adjusted (SA) Non-farm payroll number or the seasonally adjusted Private Sector number. These numbers are based on the Current Employment Statistics (CES) data. The other headline number tends to be the unemployment rate. This number, […]


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