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    • October Existing Home Sales Best Since October 2006 November 21, 2017
      This week is a light week for economic data.  The weekly unemployment claims data will be released tomorrow, Wednesday, instead of its traditional Thursday release day. Today we received the Existing Home Sales Data. Last week this column produced an article titled "October Real Estate Forecast: Silver Linings" that projected strong new home construction - […]
    • Nov. 18 Week in Review: End of the Year Kick November 18, 2017
      This week was a good week for economic data, although you would not know this based on the coverage of the House of Representative's Tax Reform and Jobs Act, the sexual assault claims against Judge Roy Moore, the admission of inappropriate behavior of Minnesota Senator Al Franken, and other items that probably are not as […]
    • Nov. 11 Week in Review: More on Jobs November 17, 2017
      The week after the release of the Monthly Employment Situation Report, or Jobs Report, tends to be a slow week for economic data. This slack time allows for a more detailed examination of the Jobs Report Data. This column has a tradition of writing articles regarding how the current President is doing compared to his […]
    • October New Construction Hammering Ahead November 17, 2017
      The October New Construction data was released this morning. I must be stepping out of the room when the newscasters are discussing the data. This column had projected solid gains from October 2016 to October 2017 for the same month data (Starts, Under Construction, and Completions.) There was some thought that there could be month […]
    • Unemployment Claims Data: Ignore at Your Own Risk November 16, 2017
       The The Weekly unemployment claims data receives no respect. The non-seasonally adjusted (NSA) first-time unemployment (FTU) claims data are at historic lows for this time of year. The continuing claims data (CC) is in a similar situation. The main thing that is being missed is that we have over 80 million more workers who are […]
    • Inflation Stays Steady This October November 15, 2017
      The October Consumer Price Index (CPI) was released today at 8:30 AM EST at the same time as the MARTS retail report. Retail sales have increased year to date by over 4%. We have seen inflation in Shelter costs and medical costs more months and years. The unadjusted CPI_U data shows that all-items less food […]
    • Strong, Strengthening October Retail Sales Data November 15, 2017
      Two reports were released at 8:30 AM this Wednesday, November 15, 2017: The Consumer Price Index (CPI) Report and the Monthly and Annual Retail Trade Survey (MARTS) report. The inflation number was solid, and another column will dig into that data. The MARTS data was beyond solid. We are on pace for a record retail […]
    • October Real Estate Forecast: Silver Linings November 13, 2017
      Real estate sales drive other types of sales. Real estate sales drive hiring in multiple job sectors. The data for the New Home Construction for September, New Home Sales for September, and Existing Home Sales for September all showed strength. New home construction showed that the non-seasonally adjusted (NSA) starts data was the best for […]
    • October's Aging Workers: Pop and Pow November 10, 2017
      Last Friday we received a strong October Jobs Report - the Second strongest September to October private Sector worker growth since 1980. Unemployment fell, as expected, part-time jobs edged higher and full-time jobs dropped, as expected. If you heard that this past Friday you probably did not hear any more after Saturday. This column spends […]
    • More Strong Weekly Unemployment Claims Data November 10, 2017
      The weekly unemployment claims report, and the accompanying unemployment claims data, was released this Thursday. This is not breaking news. The weekly report is released on non-holiday Thursdays every week of the year. What is breaking news is that the unemployment claims data was reported higher than it could have been reported. The non-seasonally adjusted […]


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