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    • May New Home Sales, Sales Price Rockets Higher June 23, 2017
      Last week we received the new home construction data and report.  The article "May New Construction Data, Recovery Continues" detailed how the starts data was at its highest levels since 2008, the under construction data was at the highest levels since 2008 and higher than we saw during 2001, and the completions data was higher […]
    • May Existing Home Sales Rocking, Rolling June 23, 2017
      The Existing Home Sales market is being held back by  an inventory shortage. We have been seeing the level of units sold improve since the bottom of the existing home market during 2009. It took years for the average sales price to return to pre-recession levels. The number of units sold peaked during 2005 while […]
    • First-time Unemployment Claims; Down is Up June 22, 2017
       Thursday is Unemployment Claims Data Day. The data that used to receive headlines barely garners crawler status. It appears the media is bored with winning as it relates to the unemployment claims data. The data that is reported is the seasonally adjusted (SA) first-time unemployment (FTU) claims data and the SA Continuing Claims (CC) data. […]
    • JOLTing Health and Education Jobs Data June 22, 2017
      There are a number of data sets that are released every month: The Jobs Data, New Home Construction Data, New Home Sales Data, Existing Home Sales data, Consumer Price Index data and Retail sales data, to name a few. Some data is very current, such as the weekly unemployment claims data. Other data lags considerably. […]
    • June 17 Week In Review: Adjusted Reality June 17, 2017
      This week we saw the release of a few important reports regarding the economic environment. The data was mostly ignored due to the events that have been happening in and around Washington, D.C. The horrific assassination attempt on a group of Republican Congressmen preparing for an annual charity baseball game garnered a huge amount of […]
    • May New Construction Data: Recovery Continues June 16, 2017
      The monthly new construction data was released this Friday to almost non-existent coverage. Nothing in my news feed at 8:30 AM. I thought I had the wrong date. Watching business news - I haven't heard a thing. I haven't seen a thing. All the news is the "Amazon Effect" and the purchase of Whole Foods, […]
    • Shelter Inlation and Reweighting CPI Reality. June 15, 2017
      Yesterday the monthly retail sales data (MARTS) and the monthly inflation, Consumer Price Index (CPI,) data was released at 8:30 AM. This news was obscured by the more important story regarding the attempted assassination of Republican Congressmen at a baseball practice. The data that is recorded is more important the the report that is reported.Inflation […]
    • Remarkable Weekly Unemployment Claims Data June 15, 2017
      The Unemployment Claims Data isn't Unbelievable - It is Remarkable. The Weekly Unemployment Claims Report used to be "Must See TV" at 8:30 AM on most Thursdays for eight or more years. The data that received attention was the seasonally adjusted (SA) weekly first-time unemployment (FTU) data. If it was over 300,000 claims - it […]
    • Best May Retail Report EVER June 15, 2017
      Yesterday was a big news day with the assassination attempt on the Republican members of Congress preparing for a charity baseball game. This news overshadowed the 8:30 AM release of the monthly and Annual Retail Trades Survey (MARTS) report for May and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) report fpr May. There was also the announcement […]
    • June 10 Week in Review: Solid Jobs Numbers June 10, 2017
       This has been a working vacation. There has been a considerable amount of driving, some cooking, and some writing of columns. The first week of most months is focused on the upcoming and recently released "jobs report." The "jobs" number is actually the Current Employment Statistics (CES) "worker" number, while the number of jobs created […]


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