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    • April 22 Week in Review: Too Much Winning April 22, 2017
      This column produces numerous articles during the course of a week, month, or year. It has been essential to publish weekly, monthly, and annual review columns in order to keep the attention on the data that is being misrepresented and under-reported elsewhere. It often seems that this column is still analyzing the data while others […]
    • Solid, Strong March Existing Home Sales Data April 21, 2017
      This column focuses on the economy. The data that comes out is often fast and furious. The problem is that the mainstream media has an attention span shorter than a gnat. Do you remember the dog from "Up?" Squirrel. The data that is release is almost always seasonally adjusted. The data is almost always advance […]
    • Unemployment Claims Levels Remain Low April 20, 2017
      The weekly unemployment claims report is now, officially, a non-event. The report includes data on the record levels (non-seasonally adjusted) first-time unemployment (FTU) claims and continuing claims (CC) data and the reported seasonally adjusted (SA) FTU and CC data. It was thought that a level of under 300,000 SA FTU claims indicated a healthy jobs […]
    • March Shelter, Energy, and Medical Inflation April 19, 2017
      We are seeing monthly surges and annual surges in Medical Care Costs, with annual inflation exceeding 3%. We have seen health insurance increase at 2.0%, 6.2% and 3.3% the past three March periods. We also have seen an increase in Medical Care Services, Hospital and Related Services, and Medical Care Commodities greater than the core […]
    • March New Construction Improves over 2016 April 19, 2017
      Tuesday we received the new home construction data. The problem is that once the report is released it is forgotten. We hit rock bottom for new home construction during 2009. Anything is better than that. The problem is that we need to look at the starts data, the under construction data, the completion data and […]
    • March Retail Sales Strong, Revisions Mixed April 18, 2017
      Yesterday we saw the release of the March Advance Monthly and Annual Retail Trade Survey Data and Report. Officially the March number was an annual decline of 0.2% and February was revised to an annual rate of -0.3%, seasonally adjusted. The problem is that this snapshot is misleading. There were increases in sales in all […]
    • April 15 Week in Review April 15, 2017
      The week after the release of the Monthly Employment Situation Report is a fairly slow week for Economic Data. The Job Opening and Labor Turnover survey (JOLTS) report for the prior month is released after the Jobs Report for the current month. This week we also saw the release of the Treasury Report for the […]
    • Maundy Thursday Unemployment Claims Report April 13, 2017
       The Monthly Employment Situation report was released this past Friday. The  column "Crazy March Jobs Report" detailed how the non-seasonally adjusted (NSA) unemployment data revealed that  the unemployment level was just over 7.2 million and comparable to the March 2007 level of 6.953 million. The problem is that the workforce participation rate is considerably lower […]
    • Men are STILL Recovering from the Recession April 12, 2017
      There are many ways to examine the monthly data from the Employment Situation Report. The primary ways are the official, seasonally adjusted "Jobs" number, which can be the "non-farm payroll" number or the "private sector" worker number from the Current Employment Statistics (CES) data. Another way to examine the data is the true jobs creation […]
    • Ten Sectors Added Workers Last Month April 11, 2017
      The March Jobs Report was released last Friday. It was reported elsewhere that this was a weak jobs report. The jobs report was weak - the jobs report data, on the other hand, was quite strong. This column has already published the articles "Crazy March Jobs Report," which detailed how we added over 1 million […]


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