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    • Sep. 23 Week in Review: Winning September 23, 2017
      This week we received some good news regarding the housing market. Not much effort was made to report it elsewhere. We also received seriously good news regarding the weekly unemployment claims data, even in the aftermath of three Hurricanes, Harvey, Irma, and Maria.(Sep. 18) The week started with a forecast column for three upcoming reports […]
    • Economic Hurricane Yet to Hit Texas Jobs Data September 22, 2017
      Hurricane Harvey Hit Texas on August 17, 2017. The data for the August Jobs Report, or Employment Situation Report data collection date was August 12th. This means that the data for unemployment and jobs will not be reflected in the monthly employment situation report until the September Employment Situation Report is released this October. What […]
    • Shockingly Good Unemployment Claims Data September 21, 2017
      The Weekly Unemployment Claims Report was released for the week ending September 16 for the first-time claims and for the week ending September 9 for Continuing Claims. The authors of the report are still pushing the FACT (False Assertion Considered to be True) that Hurricane Harvey AND Hurricane Irma are impacting the data. Hurricane Irma […]
    • August Existing Homes: On-Track for 5.6 Million Units This Year September 20, 2017
      This column on Monday wrote an article with an optimistic out look for the new home construction data, the new home sales data, and the existing home sales data. Yesterday the new home construction data was released, and it showed strengthening New Construction Activity. Starts, under construction, and completions were all up from last year, […]
    • Strengthening August New Construction Data - Winning September 19, 2017
      The article "August Real Estate Forecast for Strength" projected the possibility that we could see improvement in the Starts data, the under construction data, and the completions data. The release of the report was muted by the coverage of President Trump's speech to the United Nation, the "Strong Sovereign Nations" speech. Single Family Starts Soared […]
    • August Real Estate Forecast for Strength September 18, 2017
      The monthly reports on new home construction and new home sales, as well as the report on existing home sales, are important for "everybody" even if you are no in the home purchase market. The volume of real estate sales has impacts on other sectors, especially the retail sector. The July New Home Construction Report […]
    • September 16 Week in Review: Data Matters September 16, 2017
      This week was a relatively good week with regard to economic data. We received some information on first-time unemployment claims, retail sales, and inflation. It was also a week to complete some analysis on the August Jobs Report. It was also a busy week with regard to Hurricane Irma.(Sep. 12) There are a number of […]
    • August Retail: A $6 Trillion Economy September 15, 2017
      The monthly retail report for the month of August was reported as being down, using seasonally adjusted data. The problem is that the seasonally adjusted data does not tell the proper story. The data indicates that we are still on track for our best year ever. Nine Sectors had their best August, EVER. Three Sectors, […]
    • August CPI: Inflation and Deflation Combined September 15, 2017
      The August Monthly Consumer Price Index Report was released yesterday, September 14th, to very little fanfare. The only report that received less attention was the weekly unemployment claims report. We are seeing some inflation and some deflation, depending on the category of spending. The thing that is being ignored is that what was allocated for […]
    • Multiple Job Workers Near a Ten Year High September 14, 2017
      The monthly Employment Situation Report for August was released last week. The report revealed that it was better than the Jobs report for August of 2015 and August of 2016. We also saw more non-seasonally adjusted (NSA) Current Employment Statistics (CES) private sector workers added during President Trump's first seven months than Presidents Reagan, Clinton, […]


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