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    • The New Home Paradox - Which Comes first the Starts or the Sales? February 24, 2017
      There are a number of "key economic indicators." The "Jobs Report" is released normally on the first Friday of the month. Two weeks later we receive the data on the consumer price index (CPI) and retail spending as well as the new home construction data. The next key indicators are new home sales and existing […]
    • Weekly Unemployment Claims Number Misleads, Again February 23, 2017
      The media used to make a big deal regarding the First-time Unemployment Claims report. The problem is that the longer they ignore it the bigger the surprise will be when things turn south. The weekly report includes data on the level of first-time unemployment claims (FTU,) continuing Claims (CC,) and the Insured unemployment rate. There […]
    • January Existing Home Sales Solid, Disconcerting February 22, 2017
      Last week we received information regarding New Home Construction for the month of January. Today we received information regarding existing home sales data a Friday we will receive information on the New Home Sales data. Last month's existing home sales data revealed a spartan inventory level. We need new inventory for the existing home sales […]
    • Feb 18 Week in Review: Inflation, Retail, New Homes February 18, 2017
      If you are watching the news or reading the paper then you know that there is a new President in the White House. You may not realize that that the government is still running and producing reports on the economy. The authors of these reports live in a seasonally adjusted, advance data, preliminary data, final […]
    • Weak January New Construction Data February 17, 2017
      The N There are many "important" reports that are released during the course of the month: The Jobs Report, The Retail (MARTS) report, The Consumer Price Index (CPI) Report, and the Housing Data, new and existing homes, are the "most" important. Jobs beget sales, retail or housing. This column has addressed the housing data on […]
    • January Retail Report's Mixed Message February 17, 2017
      There was a little chatter yesterday regarding the January Retail Sales (MARTS) Report. The consensus was that it was a Goldilocks report - not too hot, not too cold.The release of the MARTS data coincided with the release of the consumer price index (CPI) report. Yesterday, this column published an article of the CPI report […]
    • Unemployment Claims Misleading Us, Again February 16, 2017
      The weekly Unemployment Claims report garners very little attention elsewhere. Every week the Labor Department records non-seasonally adjusted (NSA) data regarding first-time unemployment (FTU) claims and continuing (CC) unemployment claims. The press reports the seasonally adjusted (SA) FTU number as gospel and occasionally mentions the SA CC number as a side note. The seasonal factors […]
    • January Inflation Spikes, Shelter, Medicine, Energy February 16, 2017
      The January Inflation number, the Consumer Price Index, was released with little fanfare. The data that was released showed the largest spike in month to month, seasonally adjusted, inflation during the past 13 months with a reported value of 0.6%. The official annual rate of inflation was reported at  2.5% for "all items." That rate […]
    • January Federal Debt at $19.975 Trillion February 14, 2017
      The Treasury Department releases a monthly statement regarding our revenue and spending. The report produces data for the current spending period, the fiscal year to date information, and a comparison to the same point in the fiscal year from last year's data. The report released yesterday was the January 2017 report. The Federal Debt stands […]
    • Feb 11 Week in Review: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs February 11, 2017
      President Obama's final Jobs Report was released Friday February 3rd. The rest of the media was claiming this was President Trumps first jobs report. The data used for the January Jobs report was collected through January 12, 2017. The inauguration was January 20th. If you thought that there must be more to the Jobs report […]


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