The amount of people selling out the people of North Carolina amazes me.

“In terms of the specific legislation in North Carolina, we aren’t aware of other states that have taken this approach,”, an advocacy group backed by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, said in a statement.

The organization, a major supporter of the H-1B program, said highly skilled immigrants provide a boost to the U.S. economy through their spending and by creating jobs for native-born Americans.

“They buy homes and vehicles here, dine at local restaurants and shop at local stores, helping to make our economy stronger and contributing their skills and talents to the American workforce,” the group said, adding: “Areas and industries with higher concentrations of high-skilled immigrants have seen wage growth for native-born Americans that has outpaced the rest of the country.​”

Nimish Bhatt, board vice chair at the Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce, is among those concerned about the move. North Carolina is already grappling with a shortage of skilled tech workers, and Berger’s ban could cause such companies to chose another state for expansions or relocations, he said.

“New companies will not come,” Bhatt said. “We will hurt our own economy and our own employment.”

As for myself, I want to know why Texas has not joined with North Carolina in adapting this law?

After all, Texas fought for our independence and the descendants of the defenders of the Alamo are watching to see if we will stand and fight, or cower down and run.

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  1. Nutella
    May 31, 2018 at 8:57 am

    Funny how it’s always the foreign workers telling us we need more of them as they loot our economy to the ground.

    They don’t spend here – they remit our $ back home where USD are worth a king’s ransom with the view to return there in 6 years and retire young like kings off our $. Our economies continue to collapse due to lack of consumer spending, and they wind up with all our $.

    Remittances – a massive transfer of wealth out of America

    NC, like Silicon Valley has been targeted because of Research Triangle Park.

    Basically anywhere there are high paying jobs to be stolen, India Incs will be there to loot them out.

    India Incs sniff out high paying tech jobs the way a dog sniffs out scraps of meat falling from its master’s table.

    If they were helping our economy or creating jobs for Americans we would not be $22 trillion in debt with 95 million Americans out of work.

    In 1998 before they invaded and took over we had a tax surplus and zero unemployed.

    Not any more.

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