The Displaced American Software Developer found a plate in the garbage this morning so life is good #H1B

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Why do I tell these stories?

Millions of Former Middle Class Workers lives have been destroyed by the tech industry in their demand for non-immigrant guest workers that will work very long hours for little money when you figure up the hours versus the pay.

They will yell from the roof tops that they can’t find qualified people.

I am calling them a liar and this is my way of showing what is happening to damned fine Americans across our country.

Trust me, it is NOT just me that this is happening too.

I simply am one that is willing to tell my story because our silence enables this madness.

The following picture will show you the most demanded jobs as documented with the H-1B Hunting License Applications that are filed with the U.S. Government.

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I have most of the skills, knowledge and wisdom to fill ANY of those top 10 computer jobs in the Top 10 Occupations.

Yet I can’t buy an interview.

So I fight my battle here and live like I do because I believe it is time to quit enabling this madness


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