The Trump Administration had better take care of Americans in America like they promised, or pack their bags and get out

The Trump administration should reconsider its position on H-1B visas, a senior Congress leader has said, warning that any move to curb these visas could become an “emotional irritant” in the Indo-US ties.

According to reports, President Donald Trump is considering an executive order to clamp down on work visas and flow of skilled manpower, a move that may impact Indian IT companies.

“The US government should reconsider its position on H-1B (visas). There is certain amount of intellectual investment which India has made in the development of tech industry on the US,” Congress party spokesperson Manish Tewari said.

Any such move “has the potential of becoming an emotional irritant in ties between India and the United States,” he warned.

Tewari was speaking to a group of reporters at a media round table at the Atlantic Council, a top American think-tank where he is a senior fellow at its South Asia Center.



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