Today the Dept of Veterans Affairs turned me down for a electrician position

Once again I have been turned down for a electrician position.

Their logic.

I have not worked as a electrician for more than a year.

My explanation.

I did more than that.

I worked as a:

  • Marine Electrician at Bath Iron Works in 1982
  • Scale Technician servicing electronic and mechanical weighing systems from 82 – 84
  • Electronics Technician, QA Engineer from 84 – 88
  • Nuclear Electronics Technician for 2 months in 1988

Before you can work in electronics, you must know the theory of electricity.

I have done MORE than work as a electrician.

I am a Navy Vet.

I have been unemployed for a very long time and I desperately need a decent paying job to rebuild my life with.

I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall and nobody is listening.


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