Tom Still, why do you throw displaced american software developers under the bus?

So many of us who have decades of hardware and software experience can’t buy an interview.

We have traced it to three things:

  1. As our population increases, we need more jobs so that all who want to work can work.
  2. Problem is, Free Trade Agreements send jobs to other countries which DECREASES the jobs available here in America.
  3. And the mass tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers also DECREASES the jobs available here in America.

This is very obvious when you look at the labor force participation rate.

And it is painfully obvious that we have fewer people working in April 2018 than we did in the year 2000.

For some reason, our federal government does NOT want to count those whose unemployment has expired and have not found jobs.

Which makes it very easy for the Wisconsin State Journal to publish articles like this one:

Consider this statement: “… Even if we are able to retrain Wisconsin’s entire unemployed population and match them with available jobs, we will still fall well short of filling the projected 925,000 jobs created or replaced between 2008 and 2018. This is because our working age population already peaked in 2010 and is projected to continue declining through at least 2035.”

That’s from a 2014 report to Gov. Scott Walker from a working group headed by Tim Sullivan, the former Bucyrus-Erie chief executive officer who was asked to study Wisconsin’s workforce needs. The conclusion: Legal immigration is good for the U.S. economy, and Wisconsin shouldn’t miss the chance to attract talent it needs to remain competitive.

The H-1B program has its flaws because of “visa mills” in some part of the world that have rigged the system, but they’ve been exposed and fixes are proposed. Comprehensive reform is needed, of course, and it remains to be seen if Congress would consider such a bill in an election year.–b-immigrants-at-home-will/article_bb0ccd37-93ca-5224-b00e-7e41eebaf4d0.html

No Tom, they have not been exposed, but we are working on it and if the Wisconsin State Journal would give us the same space they give to you, and other states would be the same, you could be hiring Americans in America.

Americans who desperately need jobs and are damn tired of the minimum wage jobs they endure so that they can stay one step ahead of homelessness that the 3 steps listed above cause.

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