Was David Kennedy singing I will be home for Christmas, Infosys?

Infosys’ General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer David Kennedy has left the company, the latest in a long line of management changes at India’s second-largest IT firm.

Kennedy’s severance of about Rs 6 crore is about a third of what former Infosys chief financial officer Rajiv Bansal received in October 2015. Bansal got over Rs 17 crore in severance – amounting to 24 months’ pay – leading to rumours that Infosys was trying to silence him. The company subsequently said two separate independent investigations into the handling of Bansal’s exit revealed no wrong-doings.


David, Keep America At Work has no money, but we could use your assistance in setting up a legal organization that can ask for donations so that we can do more to Keep America At Work by fighting the Displacement of Americans that companies like Infosys have wrought on America and its citizens.

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