Where are the members of the “Misfortune 500” at now?

If anybody has anything on the following, or knows any of the people, I would like to tell their stories here.

As noted above, a reporter in the audience had earlier asked Perrero why tech workers don’t organize. Paul then said “I represent the largest tech workers association in the nation,” an egregiously misleading statement. IEEE-USA has refused to poll its members on the H-1B issue. In 2000, the year Paul started work for the organization, they disbanded their excellent Misfortune 500 Web page, profiling 500 engineers who were having troubling finding work, right in the middle of the Dot Com boom. I believe most of their members don’t even know what IEEE-USA is doing about H-1B. The notion that this organization “represents” its members on H-1B is outrageous.



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