Why do I ask for donations for Keep America At Work?

Very simply, the story of the STEM shortage is a myth spread by very deep pockets via the mainstream media.

But it has an Achilles heel and that is the stories of the displaced americans saying I have those skills that you say you can’t find.

Kind of like Jennifer Wedel did to Obama on youtube that time, but on a much larger scale.

Here is the strategy that will do it:
1. We send these stories of Americans who have the skills to our political representatives in a weekly digest, first to washington and then eventually to all 50 states.
2. We place an ad similar to this one in the top 100 newspapers in America.

Have you watched as your job was sent to another country?

Have you been forced to train your replacement who was brought in on a non-immigrant work visa like the H-1B before you were REPLACED by them?
Do you have the necessary skills for jobs that are advertised and apply only to watch as non-immigrant guest workers on visas like the H-1B, B-1, L-1, etc. are hired INSTEAD of you?

If so, we need to hear your story.

You can contact us at Keep America At Work at www.KeepAmericaAtWork.com or via email at vbiersch@gmail.com or via phone at (830) 998-3486

Do you understand now why I ask for donations?

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